Romans 12:15

Romans 12:15 (ASV)

15Rejoice with them that rejoice; weep with them that weep.

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

In a hugely comforting and reassuring tone, the Rev. G. E. Hicks writes to console Martha Newell and to share in her grief over the call to glory of her son William.
In her moment of grief and uncertainty, Pier was comforted by the reassuring presence of Louis Talbot who stayed and prayed with her as she waited upon her nephew who was undergoing a life-threatening surgery.
After Dr. Goforth went blind, he received many letters expressing sympathy, including one from his son in-law displaying Christlike empathy and assuring Dr. Goforth that "... I rejoice in your triumphs and grieve with you in your sorrows..."
With amazing warmth and love, the Bergers wrote from England to comfort Hudson Taylor in China after news of his wife's sad demise reached them. And with great empathy, they shared in the sorrows of their brother, reminding him that, "Jehovah wounds and He heals... but never takes away to leave us poor".
After the terrible killing of missionaries, especially those of the China Inland Mission in 1898, believers and fellow missionaries wrote heartwarming letters to encourage, comfort, and share in the sorrows of the CIM.
Heather and Dayna went to visit the grieving family of a young woman who worked at the ICRC hospital. They took food to this poor family, comforted them in their grief, prayed for them and Heather even used her own experience with grief to encourage the deceased's younger sister—who was contemplating suicide—she told her of the love of Jesus and his power to comfort the grieving.
After the Rudlands lost a child, Mrs. Taylor, in a beautiful display of the kind empathy that is characteristic of every true believer, wrote to share in the loss and to bring comfort to the bereaved mother.