Mark 11:24

Mark 11:24 (ASV)

24Therefore I say unto you, All things whatsoever ye pray and ask for, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

Having prayed for so long a time without any result, George's sister had become despondent about her brother; she just didn't think he would ever be converted. As she shared this concern with a brother, his advice was simple: "You must believe he will be converted, else all your prayers for his conversion are mockery." And she went away determined to believe even as she prayed. What happened afterwards was nothing short of a miracle!
After struggling in vain to fight his addiction to liquor, a young man met a joyful Christian who told him that he trusts Jesus to keep him from drinking. Empowered by these words, the young man returned to his house and cast himself upon the Lord. And when he arose, a completely new man was born!
George Müller is famous for giving thanks for what has already been given, even though the actual answer is still yet to come. A life of daily provision from God alone gave Müller unwavering confidence in His faithfulness to His promises.
William Quarrier needed a sign from God to ascertain if he was to expand his work and go ahead to build a home for orphan boys. Thirteen days after his prayer, he received an unmistakable answer from the Lord.
The doctor had given up on a girl suffering from acute peritonitis, but when the Rev. Horton was called upon to pray for her, the result was remarkable!
Rev. Charles G. Finney shared the story of a man who kept a list of people to pray for. He would pray for them with a passion, even calling on others to help him pray for certain cases. A tavern owner who was a violent and outrageous opposer to Christianity was one such person, but through the man's persistent prayers, this tavern owner was converted and his bar room became a place of prayer meetings.
The doctor had declared that death was certain given Mr. Meyrick's illness, but John Wesley joined with a few others and knelt before the Lord on his behalf. Even before they were done praying their prayers were answered. Then when Mr. Meyrick suffered a relapse, Mr. Wesley went back to God in prayer and again the man was healed.
George Muller learned very early in ministry to rely on God. Through trial, God sharpened him to rest permanently in Him, and so even after his orphanage grew to need money in hundreds of thousands, his faith in God to provide all their needs was unshakable.