2 Thessalonians 3:1-3

2 Thessalonians 3:1–3 (ASV)

Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may run and be glorified, even as also it is with you; 2and that we may be delivered from unreasonable and evil men; for all have not faith. 3But the Lord is faithful, who shall establish you, and guard you from the evil one.

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When asked if her husband carried a weapon for protection given the places he went and the kinds of people he encountered in the course of his ministry, Mrs. Baedeker simply replied that he would never dream of arming himself. She was then asked, “Do you mean to say he went forth absolutely defenseless?” to which she replied, “By no means. God was his defense!”
Dr. Baedeker was told of a certain district where the men were wild, desperate and murderous; killing and robbing people of their possessions. His remarkable response to this forewarning was, “Tell me all about them, I mean to go there. Those people terribly need the gospel!” Baedeker went in spite of the risk and accomplished his mission unharmed.
Dr. Baedeker forgot about a vicious guard dog about which he had been warned. In trying to run away, he stumbled and fell hard, while the dog came rushing up, growling angrily. Dr. Baedeker's heart went to heaven in a prayer for protection. Just as God shut the mouths of the lions for Daniel, to everyone's surprise, the dog merely sniffed, then went back to his kennel.
Within a short period, the Lord had healed Rosalind and Jonathan Goforth and had delivered them from fire, a train wreck, and plague. This made them marvel at the graciousness of God upon them!
As a young student in London, Hudson Taylor was learning great lessons of faith, and in hearing the voice of God. First, he was suddenly out of money, with no supply other than “simple naked faith.” Then, compounding his troubles, he contracted a potentially fatal disease from someone that had just perished. Taylor was ill for weeks, with his life hanging in the balance. But he believed that God had called him to be a missionary in China, and received an inner assurance that he would recover. While still weak, he received another “impulse” to walk two miles to an office where he had the impression he would receive funds, and he did. All these things were a powerful witness to a skeptical physician, who with tears said, "I would give all the world for a faith like yours."
Having trained as a doctor in England, Saeed returned home to Iran to practice and soon became famous for his methods which included praying for his patients. Several attempts were made on his life but each time, he enjoyed God's own protection.
Willis shares a very brief but utterly profound conversation between two missionary children on the power of God to keep his children safe from danger.
A Christian farmer in Rhode Island experienced a miraculous incident while on his way to the mill to grind his rye. His horse unexpectedly backed up on a bridge, causing the grain to fall into a stream, but this initially sad incident later saved his family from consuming the tiny pieces of glass that was mixed with the grain.