Romans 9:1-3

Romans 9:1–3 (ASV)

I say the truth in Christ, I lie not, my conscience bearing witness with me in the Holy Spirit, 2that I have great sorrow and unceasing pain in my heart. 3For I could wish that I myself were anathema from Christ for my brethren’s sake, my kinsmen according to the flesh:

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

In a most passionate and animated appeal, that reveal the extent of his burden for the unsaved, a young missionary pioneer to Inland China, writes believers in his home country, challenging them to pray, to offer their resources, and most importantly, to offer themselves that these millions, may get to know the only Name by which men must be saved!
Even as he battled for his life, Jim Talbot's one concern was for lost souls; the very cause for which he had burned out his young life. And even on his death-bed, his last prayer to God was for his death to show his unbelieving father—for whom he desperately wanted to be well again—his need for the Savior.
With great passion, Hudson Taylor burned for China and the many unsaved souls there. Not only did he offer himself to be used by God for the Chinese, but with illustrative stories and a zeal that was unwearied, he appealed to fellow believers with the need to also burn for these unsaved souls.
Consumed by a fiery desire for souls, missionary David Brainerd embarks on a day of fasting and prayer. His heart overflows with anguish, sweating through tears despite the cool wind, as he wrestles with God for the salvation of multitudes.
During a difficult time in the mission to Tahiti, the London Missionary Society considered giving up due to lack of converts. However, Dr. Haweis and Matthew Wilks advocated strongly for continuing the mission, leading to a special season of prayer that resulted in significant success, with news of a powerful work of God reaching the missionaries from both London and Tahiti in a remarkable coincidence. Prayer and faith were rewarded with the conversion of the people and the overthrow of idolatry in Tahiti, proving that perseverance and trust in God's promise can bring about miraculous outcomes.
A theological student took charge of a Bible class of young ladies, determined to seek the conversion of every member. Through personal conversations and special prayer for each student, he saw all but one member - Harriet J - converted. Twenty-seven years later, when the student was preaching in Brooklyn, a middle-aged woman approached him and revealed herself to be Harriet J-, and said she loved the Lord Jesus Christ, showing that the student's prayers had been answered even after all those years.
The one constant feature of Dr. Andrew Stirret's life was his burden for the Hausas. Without fail, day after day, with special days for fasting, he travailed in the place of prayer that the gospel may prevail among the Hausas.
Hans Egede, a village pastor from Vaagen, felt a calling to bring the gospel to Greenland, despite his wife Elizabeth's initial reluctance. They eventually answered the call together after receiving signs from God and Elizabeth's realization of her own mission to spread the teachings of Jesus to the poor unbelievers across the sea.
Robert Morrison, a missionary to China who learned the Chinese language through sheer determination and hard work, was dedicated to translating the Bible into Chinese. He faced challenges such as Chinese hostility and restrictions on preaching, but through his perseverance and collaboration with Richard Milne, he completed the translation of the entire Bible within fourteen years of arriving in China.
Christina took the bold step to share the gospel with a village despite the opposition from witch doctors. The village Captain gave his life to Christ on the very first day.
A woman who was bedridden for several years was used by God to save the lives of hundreds of people who were in a train that was fast approaching a collapsed bridge.
Six years prior, Mr. McLellan was in Australia and two young girls collected his card promising to pray daily for him, his family and the five tribes among whom he was labouring in Ethiopia. And having returned to their church, it was his pleasure to learn that these girls had prayed faithfully for six years, and what was more? God had answered their prayers too!