Luke 6:28

Luke 6:28 (ASV)

28bless them that curse you, pray for them that despitefully use you.

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Prayer was the only thing Vories's young Christian students had, to give in response to the verbal and physical abuse they were suffering. But as stupid as their plan seemed, it was the best weapon they had and soon enough, time proved how wise they were to have used it!
Having abandoned heathenism for Christianity, Guanamoottoo's unbelieving relations gathered to punish him and another Christian for breaking their caste. But as the two Christian men cried to the Lord for help, and for forgiveness of their persecutors. Even before their prayer was over, the Lord delivered them.
Christian preachers amongst the Karens were persecuted and beaten almost to death, rather than retaliate with anger, they prayed for their persecutors.
Captain Tarmak tried to break Vanya and make him renounce his faith by confining him without food for five days. The officer returned hoping to find a broken man. But Vanya was unbroken since the Lord had blessed and sustained him.