Acts 14:22-23

Acts 14:22–23 (ASV)

22confirming the souls of the disciples, exhorting them to continue in the faith, and that through many tribulations we must enter into the kingdom of God. 23And when they had appointed for them elders in every church, and had prayed with fasting, they commended them to the Lord, on whom they had believed.

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

Trevor leads a discipleship program where disciples are nurtured and guided to also make disciples. A significant addition of souls to the Kingdom of God has been the fruit of this labor.
Though he had on his own quietly become a Christian, Fuchida still needed help and direction on what was expected of him to formally identify as one, and after writing to Timothy Pietsch seeking guidance, they met and he was so encouraged and directed on the way to go.
Clay Trumbull made it a duty of his to strengthen and encourage young believers in Christ with his godly counsel and life experiences. He helped them grow in faith and trust God more for themselves.
On the night Ned and his wife became Christians, they received a very timely visitor in a Christian man who did his best encourage, direct and strengthen them in their newfound faith.
When Colin Jee heard about the 'hopelessness' of a certain Martin Goldsmith, he made it a point of prayer to make contact and when an opportunity finally presented itself, Collin took it. With great enthusiasm, he explained the rudiments of the Christian faith to Martin, bringing Martin a much needed clarity on matters of the faith.
Upon hearing about the discipleship needs of young believers in Ikpe, Mary Slessor, notwithstanding her body weakness determined to go help out even if it meant not earning any salary for her labours.
When she heard that the new converts she helped lead to Christ were gathered together to pray, Avis Goodhart happily joined them. There she encouraged them; took a 12 hour bus trip to get everyone a Bible, studied the Bible with them; eventually birthing the Las Palmeras Bible study, which later became a church.
Pastor Hsi travelled long hours over mountainous roads from Hung-tung to Hoh-chau, to encourage the dispirited young missionaries who were abandoned when the Refuge home for opium-smokers got closed. By ministering strength to them, his faith also, was strengthened.
Brother Yun invested his time and energy in strengthening and encouraging the new believers he helped lead to Christ in a Burmese prison. Seizing every opportunity that presented itself, he taught these believers the truth of God's word, through which God changed their lives.
The Five Brothers, who are influential leaders of the church in China, came up with the Cassette Bible School idea that entailed recording sermons for teaching and encouraging their brethren. With the same aim in mind, they later started a radio broadcast by and for the House Churches.
Watchman Nee was a young believer who wanted to preach and lead others to Christ, yet try as much as he did, he was not successful. When he met an older believer, Miss Groves, she not only probed him to ensure he was standing right with God, but she taught him to witness and encouraged him to persevere. Eventually there was a harvest of souls for him to reap!