Luke 22:43

Luke 22:43 (ASV)

43And there appeared unto him an angel from heaven, strengthening him.

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

A young Silas Told and his sister were miraculously delivered and helped out of the woods by a dog. When they strayed back and got lost yet again, the same dog was there to guide them to safety.
Mrs. Cheng, the faithful nurse for the Goforth’s children, was also a lifelong friend and ministry partner. Her relationship with the family clearly demonstrated the love that followers of Jesus have for one another. In one life-threatening situation, in which she refused to leave the Goforths, God delivered them by sending a man “evidently one of some influence” to disperse the mob.
During a massacre of Armenians in Baku, mobs moved house to house, burning them and their occupants to ashes. Patwakan Tarajantz, Dr. Baedeker’s ministry companion and interpreter, was at home with his wife and ten children. Faced with what seemed like inevitable death, Patwakan turned to God in prayer. Just as the mob reached his home God sent an unexpected deliverer, and the family was spared.
In his old age, Jonathan Goforth’s eyesight was growing dim. One time when they were traveling on a ship, he opened a door that he thought led across the passageway, but actually was at the top of a staircase. An invisible hand pushed him back against the now closed door, preventing him from stepping to empty space and falling down the stairs.
Robert and his little sister were lost after a snowstorm fell and blurred out every landmark they would have used to find their way home. Remembering the Lord's prayer, the two children knelt and prayed it out and just after their prayer, an angel was there to lead them home.
Simon was the chief driver for a ministry, after suffering from diabetes for years his left foot developed a sore that threatened his whole body system. He was told by doctors at a hospital that the foot would have to be amputated. During morning service, the staff of the ministry prayed for Simon's foot. Later in day he encountered a strange man who prayed for him anointing his legs with oil, and then the strange man vanished. That night he was healed completely.
Ruthie was leading a life of sin until one day after work, an encounter with an angel led her to a place of brokenness where she finally was able to say, "God, if you can't fix me, then I can't be fixed!” She found Christ there, and He totally transformed her life.
For being a Christian, a boy faced fierce persecution from his family. But nothing they did was enough to break his will; utterly, he scorned all of their schemes.
A stranger helps Sarah escape thirteen men who had been trailing her in Romania.
The sun was already setting, when Sadhu Sundar Singh, who was given wrong directions by a group of Christian-hating villagers, found himself in the middle of nowhere with a river before him that he could not cross. But in his moment of despair, a man came and helped him cross over. It was only after they has crossed that he realized that he had been helped—not by a man—but by an angel of the Lord.
Corrie ten Boom was travelling to Russia with a suitcase full of Bibles and needed help avoiding the customs officer who was checking suitcases. In her moment of fear she prayed to God for help and just then saw with her own eyes, angels surrounding her suitcase. Not only did she escape without getting searched but was helped to carry her luggage by the very officer assigned to search it.
An Angel appeared to Vanya creating a presence of pure joy and reassuring him saying “Do not be afraid. Go. I am with you.”