Galatians 6:15

Galatians 6:15 (ASV)

15For neither is circumcision anything, nor uncircumcision, but a new creature.

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

After his conversion, Kamal, now an ex Jihadist, received and lived a new mandate: he became an ambassador of Christ, loving his enemies, even as he enjoyed the freedom becoming a Christian brought to his life.
Mr. Irvine was quite surprised when one day, Bunchdas—a known persecutor of Christians at the Mission Home for Lepers—asked to be baptized. But Bunchdas was now truly changed, and Mr. Irvine confirmed this as he quizzed him. After his baptism, Bunchdas went on to live faithfully for Christ untill his flight to heaven a year later.
Before his conversion and recovery, a literary graduate was one of the biggest opium addict in Hinghwa. But as he recovered, he became a leader among his fellow sufferers and was used by God to transliterate the entire Bible to Hinghwa colloquial.
George Muller attended a Saturday meeting with a group of Christians that profoundly affected his life. The prayers, the mode of worship, and the attitude of his fellow believers pushed him further to seek the Lord. It brought an instant change in his life; he craved to live according to the word of God.
A young man who had been attacked by a bear lost both eyes during the attack. Due to this tragedy, he turned to God and "consorted with God's people, and he sought to walk in the ways of righteousness." Soon thereafter he became a source of strength and encouragement to the church.
As the people of Sunaba heard and received the gospel of Jesus, many indicated their interest to be baptised, and the transformation that began to be wrought in their lives was obvious for all to see. They gave up their vices and embraced Christianity with all its attendant benefits.
Chelur, a village, renowned for its thieves turns a new leaf, much to the surprise of law enforcement agents when it encounters messengers of the all transforming gospel of Jesus Christ. Willingly they reported to the Police and committed to be better people, and this they did, by the grace of God.
Having struggled for days with the Lord over his soul, Billy Graham finally lets go and lets God take control over his life. The result of His surrender was a remarkable change in his life that was obvious not only to him but to his mother and teacher among others.
Kuo Lao Tsui was a hopeless opium addict who lost both his wealth and his first wife because of his addiction. He was a ruined man, completely useless, and could not even sleep without the drug. One day Kuo's friends carried him to an evangelistic meeting where he finally met with the One who saves, and who transforms lives. Kuo went on to become one of the ablest preachers in North Honan.
Worried about Wen’s addiction to opium, drinking and gambling, a friend advised him to go to “that Jesus church and have the missionary pray for you.” Wen took the advice and was prayed for by Mr. Argento. Since that day, he had become a new man in Christ Jesus.
A young fellow who had a reputation for being a notorious bandit was caught by the authorities. Despite beatings, he refused to admit his guilt, so the authorities gave up and released him. But one day he was convinced to attend a revival meeting that convicted him. He stood before the whole community and confessed his sins, and his story became a testimony that touched many.
In a girl’s school where every girl committed her life to Christ, the last to yield was an undisciplined girl whose reputation for mischief was well known. Her transformation was instant and made a strong impression on the heart of the principal, an old Confucian scholar who prided himself as a man who did not need the “western Jesus.” But upon seeing this girl’s changed life, with tears rolling down his cheeks, he confessed, “Jesus has conquered. He is God. I yield.”
“You must come and hear Mr. Studd," said a son to his father—who for over two decades had not even opened a Bible—and he agreed to go and again and again, he returned to hear C.T speak until he decided for Christ. The newness of life he enjoyed after this was evident to even his servant.
A young Canadian who gets drafted into the army meets hos Savior and was saved. When the Spanish-American war broke out, he found himself in Cuba and there he lived a short but transformed life.
Ah Tong was desperate to get off drugs. When he asked Poon Siu Jeh for help, Poon introduced him to Jesus and to some men who had been in jail with Ah Tong but are now believers in Jesus. Ah Tong accepted Jesus after listening to their story, he received deliverance, peace, joy and smiled like never before.
Bibi surrendered to Christ, completely depending on Christ to meet his needs; not only were his material needs met, but his life was also transformed and he became one of the best boys in a house for recovering addicts.
Despite backsliding twice, Lu Yung Kwan found grace and mercy to truly become a new creation. He set up a business and used it to share with others about Jesus, and from his earnings he gave generously to the Lord.
Mr. Doong was completely transformed by the Gospel. First, he destroyed the households gods, much to the alarm of his family and neighbors. Then he completely gave up opium, without the aid of other drugs. Finally he devoted his time, as an adult, to learn to read and then to learn the Scriptures, which led to him becoming a highly effective evangelist.
To his family, Song-To was nothing but a huge source of disgrace, and to his city; a notorious evil doer. But a new man was born when Song-To surrendered to Jesus, the evident reformation in his life caused his neighbors and many more to seek the Lord.
God delivered a man, his father, and his uncle from opium addiction.
When a Chinese man suffering from addiction to opium came to an opium hospital for help, he finds more than just help to break away from addiction—he finds the Lord Jesus Christ. He left the hospital a new man and on reaching home; he renounced idolatry and before long his entire family too were admitted into the church of God.
When Mr. Sung, who was at the time an unbeliever saw a boy with the Gospel of Mathew, he asked to borrow the book, which started a chain of events that not only led Mr. Sung and his wife to Christ, but also transformed their troubled marriage.
After several years of refusing to accept the Lord Jesus as his savior, D. E. Hoste surrendered in a meeting where D. L. Moody preached. So long opposed to Christ, he became as fierce a proponent, pledging to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth.
De Shazer had a bad attitude before his conversion. After his conversion, he changed so visibly that both his fellow inmates and prison guards noticed it.
Evelyne lived a reckless and godless life, and eventually got stricken with a terminal disease; she spent weeks in coma, the doctors gave her up; for she was already at death's door. But as Rabi Maharaj led Evelyne to Christ on her sick bed, to the utter disbelief of doctors and everyone else, she also found total healing for her body.
Kumar was a hopeless alcoholic who was wont to throw away huge sums of money at his addiction. When he was visited one day by a former drinking companion, he was amazed at the total change his friend claimed Christ had wrought in him. Wanting same for himself, Kumar surrendered to Christ and experienced the same wonderful transformation in his life.
After Rabi Maharaj became a Christian, the transformation God began to work in his life was evident from the first night. On returning home, he went on to make peace, first with his mother and then his aunt; two people he had acted dishonorably towards, he asked for forgiveness and before going to bed destroyed the secret cache of cigarettes he had. He was now a new man in Christ Jesus.
Mina Nevisa was an Iranian Muslim who gave her life to Jesus Christ. Here, she shares of the deep joy and relief that accepting Christ brought her. And now filled the Holy Spirit, she excitedly, told all who listened about this wonderful Jesus she had met.
Unbelieving, worldly, middle-aged Dr. Baedeker had reluctantly agreed to attend a series of Lord Radstock's evangelistic meetings. Baedeker would hurriedly leave after each service. But one evening the crowd prevented his quick escape, and so Lord Radstock was able to tell Dr. Baedeker that God had a message for him. Later Baedeker said about that meeting, “I went in a proud German infidel, and came out a humble, believing disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.” And the rest of Baedeker's life testified to his total transformation.
Rachael's life was a complete mess; she was atheist, suicidal and nursed plans to walk away from her family - her husband and their only son. Life for her had no meaning, until she accepted Christ - the smallest things were now charged with meaning - for His salvation had wrought in her a great transformation.
When Lacey called her Dad to inform him that she had become a Christian, he was skeptical and derisive, however, her changed attitude convinced him!
After Grace's attempt at becoming a good person on her own accord failed, she ran to Jesus; alone in her room - in tears - and asked Him to come change her life. The change that took place in Grace's life afterwards was so evident that one of her teachers remarked, “What on earth happened to you? You’re a completely different person!”
Carol Talbot was already in the choir and was in fact singing on stage when suddenly the Lord began to truly draw her to the cross and Himself. And only by overcoming the struggles in her head and yielding to God's call did she become truly born again.
Woodie who had served time for robbery, wandered into a street gospel meeting hoping to steal an organ from a Methodist church, but before the street service was over, Woodie gave his life to Christ; much to the consternation of his gang members. And together with Harry; an ex thief like himself who had found Christ too, the two men abandoned their former life and began chasing an honest living.
A troublemaker who introduces children on the street to crack and prostitution accept Christ and the change in him is described.
Roberta with history of drug addiction turns to God and joins the choir that used to irritate her.
Martha Pinnell was an exceedingly stubborn and disobedient orphan girl under Mr. Müller's care, but all that changed when Martha came to know the Lord. From wielding a pernicious influence, she became humble and influential for good until her return to the Father.
For six years Abdul had paraded himself as a Christian while working undercover for the advance of Islam. But after reluctantly agreeing to go to a Christian conference, Abdul the fake believer; became a true follower of Jesus Christ.
David Wilkerson gave his life to Christ as a young person at a Christian camp. From that night onward, a fire for God burned in his soul. While his peers were playing, he was praying; while they were watching movies, he was seeking God or reading the Bible.
Uong Nguyen shares how he found service, however menial, in God's vineyard, much more rewarding and fulfilling when compared to the previous life he led. His life was in a much better state that he never regretted his decision to commit his life to Jesus.
Jack was a young Manchurian who lived an uncaring life. He left his wife and daughter for two decades. At Kunming, he gave his life to Christ and eventually became a clergyman. The Holy Spirit convicted him of his negligence until he resigned from his work and went in search of his family. He found and reunited with them in a glorious way that caused many to praise God.
When a petty trader, finds the Lord and becomes a new creation, the change in his life was visible for all to see; cheerfulness, hardwork and industry, and cleanliness were the virtues that marked his from then on.
The very night Ned became a new man in Christ Jesus, his heart of stone towards his children was replaced with a tender heart; full of love and compassion for his children. No longer would he be a reckless father, he vowed instead to act the part of a Christian parent forthwith.
Ned was regarded as the last person in the world to turn from his drinking habits. Yet, having found the Lord Jesus, this same Ned was now preaching to his old companions. He was now truly a new man for old things—like his drinking habit—were gone for good!
Young Billy Frank used to be easily irritable, hated church activities and didn't take his studies seriously, but soon after his conversion, Billy began to experience the newness of life in Christ Jesus. The transformation was obvious not only to him, but also to those around him—the old was gone; the new had come!
"I'm a living testimony to the truth of II Corinthians 5:17, for if any man ever turned about-face, I certainly did." This was the simple testimony of a mean and avowed atheist who found God on his sick-bed; after a discharged patient gave him a Bible to read.
English had concluded plans to end his life but only wanted to pass the night at a hotel before carrying out his plans. When he picked up the Bible in his hotel room, he had no idea where it was going to lead him but by morning, a new man, who went on to become a witness for Jesus, was born!
A struggling drunk learns that to be free from his chains, it is not enough to only believe in Jesus, but that confessing with the mouth was equally important to the full working of the Spirit. He obeyed and soon after became completely free from drunkenness.
Miss Nyi met a woman who was suffering from opium addiction. Through gentle care and prayer, the woman accepted the Lord Jesus, was healed completely, and went on to live as a devoted follower of Jesus declaring her testimony to all.
A man who was a respected citizen fell into a habit of drinks and drugs, his addiction led him to a miserable life until he encountered Christ. His chains of addiction were and his life completely transformed, his story of redemption became an inspiration for many.
The natives of Arochuku not only defied great odds to become Christians, but even as spiritual infants, they stood up to their persecutors and were willing to die for the cause of Jesus Christ.
The transformation Maron saw in his customer, who suddenly was no longer interested in buying illicit drugs impressed Maron as he clearly wanted same for himself. So taking the advice of his friend, Maron submitted himself to a Christian rehab and it was there that his life too became transformed.
Ed gave his life to Christ during a weeklong retreat he attended with his wife and friends. The experience led to a change in his life was enduring.
It was a timely and unexpected call from Larry Poland that saved Mike—who was about to take his own life—from doing so. For Larry called to arrange a breakfast meeting where Mike will eventually find the One who not only saves us from sin but bears our burdens and makes us new.
From being quick-tempered, having a little love for others, and being overcome by lust and drunkenness, Tamado San became a new man and was enabled, by the grace of God, to overcome sin. No longer was he a slave to sin; he became a conquerer, because he surrendered his life to the conqueror!
At the Brooklyn Rink, a reporter known for his drunken brawls and infidelity spoke scoffingly about the Christian faith. However, after attending one of Mr Moody's addresses on love and sympathy, he experienced a powerful conversion, giving up his previous life and embracing the newness of life in Christ Jesus.
One cold winter night after the Chicago fire, D.L. Moody preached about grace and asked the audience if they wanted to hear more about it. To his disappointment, everyone left except for one poor man who had lost everything due to his drinking problem and wanted to learn more about grace. Moody talked to him and they prayed together, and the man eventually became an earnest worker for the faith; the grace of God transformed his life.
A former drunkard, rejected by his family, found salvation through a good Samaritan lawyer and went on to become a leader in a young men's meeting in New York, inspiring others to seek salvation and fight against the works of the devil.
Punja Bhagat was a popular and well reputed fetish priest who plied his trade in Gujarat. When Punja came across The Salvation Army, he was led to Christ and on returning to his new people with this new message, he was rejected and cast away. But this did not deter Punja who continued to pray for his people until he prevailed and was used by God to lead them to this Christ he had found.
When his test results returned positive for HIV, a brother felt his world crumble with everything else palling into insignificance. And though he didn't bother about God before then, God was now his only real hope. And mercifully enough, he found God and though he remained HIV positive, his joy abounded!
Prior to his becoming born again, Gad stole from others. But as Gad repented and began his journey to faith, he not only went back to confess his sins but was intent on returning all he had stolen.
Taas was a shrewd businessman of Arabian heritage, and he hated Jews with a passion. But after Taas opened his heart to Jesus, the newness of life he started to experience is shown when he meets with a Jew for business.
A retired missionary writes about a wonderful family of three, once renowned for the reckless life they led, who after finding the Lord Jesus and having their lives transformed, became an example in service to many who knew them while they were yet sinners.
When Christian missionaries first arrived North China, Hsi, a prominent Confucianist, was not one of those expected to be 'foolish' enough to fall prey. But Hsi was in fact the first to have his opium-ridden life; totally transformed when he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into his life.
The people of Banza Man-teke were known to be thieves, liars, dirty and careless and idolaters. But as they embraced the gospel of Jesus, Henry Richards testifies of the transformation in their lives. No longer were they a wild and evil people but now new creations; much like the early church.
A man who had been addicted to tobacco and liquor since his youth became a drunkard. After a minister held a prayer meeting at his house, the man decided to try religion to cure his habits. He knelt down and asked God to remove his appetite for tobacco, and it was done. In his words, "My sins were all forgiven, and I was made a new man all over—inside and outside.”
A Christian friend invited Heather Mercer to a concert at her church. While there, Heather reflected afresh on the story of Jesus. Heather made a commitment that night, and her life began to change. To her, Jesus became "my center. He became my vision and my purpose."
After giving several excuses, a shoemaker attended a meeting where he listened to the message of the gospel and was deeply affected. He surrendered his life to Christ and became a new creature, able to persevere through trials.
Once known for her carefulness, and trouble about many worldly things like Martha in the Bible, a mother of two who finds the Lord becomes a new creature. And in place of her former character was a newfound generous hospitality.
Nicky Cruz shares of the indescribable joy that jettisoning drugs, crime, sexual immorality and embracing the love of Jesus brought upon him. No longer was he fearful, anxious or hateful; for he had been baptized with love - God's own love - he had become a new creature.
When Nicky Cruz and 25 of the toughest Mau Mau gang members appeared uninvited at the police station in Auburn street with their rifles, the police could think of nothing but imminent trouble. And as they made the purpose of their coming known, the police found it impossible to believe; yet Nicky and his friends were serious.
On the night Nicky surrendered to Christ, he felt he no longer needed to run. He went home early, put away his gang clothing and his gun forever. Falling to his knees in his room, all Nicky could say in response to the amazing transformation he was experiencing was, "Thank you, Jesus ... thank you.”
Mustafa, a former persecutor describes how he is a new creature as a result of his new belief in Jesus.
Mrs. Luffe meets on the train to Buffalo, a war veteran through whom she hear the wonderful testimony that Jacob, an ex criminal who had robbed her twice before finding Christ through her continued to live a transformed life and was preaching to men during the war, until his death.
When Smith Wigglesworth was taken to see a man who had cancer on his bladder, he went there and by the time he was leaving, not only was the man's body healed, but most importantly, he surrendered to Jesus too. The sick fellow was now a new man; both in his body and in his soul.
While in prison, Esther Chang yielded fully to God; allowing her light shine so well that she won many prisoners to Christ. And as a result of their new life in Christ, strife and disloyalty was replaced with great love for one another. So great was this new love and increasing unity among the prisoners that the prison authorities felt threatened.
Tired of trying in vain to break his addiction to marijuana, Ralph resolved to take his own life. But as he stood atop a building, about to end his life, the sound of singing from a nearby church interrupts him - and eventually, he steps down from his perch and walks into the church where his life changes forever.
Brother Yun challenges fellow inmates with the message of salvation and the need to seek God's forgiveness. The fruit of their yielding to God was the wonderful transformation in their lives even while they remained prisoners.
A revival breaks out amongst young people and children. Several prayers groups were formed where young people met together, sang psalms, and sought after God. In Heriot's hospital, the character of the boys was completely transformed as a result of the prayer meetings; where they were once regarded as rude, they were called kind, where they were known to be vicious to one another they were recognized to have a love for one another and their hospital was called "Bethel",
When a ex Jihadist finds Jesus Christ after a series of terrible dreams that reminded him of his evil past, he not only was free from the guilt of his past, but now like Paul, became a fearless worker for the gospel of Christ.
From being an overly ambitious, selfish and easily angered fellow, Henry Martyn, upon his surrendering to Jesus, became a completely new man - his strong willfulness giving way to strong willingness in His Redeemer's service.
Titus Coan depended only on God's Spirit to bring home the words whenever he preached. And the Gospel he declared wrought changes in the hearts and lives of those who listened; sins were confessed, quarrels reconciled, idolatry renounced and God's cause; greatly advanced.
One Bible and a prayer-book was all that was rescued when a bloody conflict broke out among the men of Pitcairn island. Through that Bible alone, John Adams—a reckless, godless mutineer and the lone male survivor—not only became a Christian, but led many others to Jesus.
As the Holy Spirit fell among the Banza Man-teke people, a great and truly spiritual awakening was experienced. Even as the years went by, the results remained with a transformation that was evident in the day to day life of the people.
From a life of total destitution, W.S finds the Lord and is not only spiritually saved but his entire life is visibly transformed and he went on to lead a decent and meaningful life.
Harlan Popov led Mitko to Christ while he was in prison. His acceptance of Christ brought peace and calm to his life. His life has changed forever!
Brian, a transexual who had come to believe in Jesus, inundated Art Sanborn with many questions as he wondered if Jesus would accept him given his history. Art took the time to lovingly dispel Brian's fear; assuring him that while Jesus hates sin, he completely loves the sinner.
Watchman Nee was all about his personal ambition for fame in the literary world until his conversion to Christianity. He became so transformed that he became an agent of transformation in his class, leading many students to the feet of the Savior.
When two men; Gebre—a slave, and Onisa—a witchdoctor, surrendered their lives to Jesus, the change wrought in them was immediately apparent as they moved from village to village sharing about this Jesus they met. On their return home, it was no different; their kinsmen soon noticed the change that was being wrought in them!