Galatians 6:15

Galatians 6:15 (ASV 1901)

15For neither is circumcision anything, nor uncircumcision, but a new creature.

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

A young man who had been attacked by a bear lost both eyes during the attack. Due to this tragedy, he turned to God and "consorted with God's people, and he sought to walk in the ways of righteousness." Soon thereafter he became a source of strength and encouragement to the church.
Kuo Lao Tsui was a helpless opium addict who lost not only his wealth but also his wife because of his addiction. Kuo's life was nothing to write about, until through his friends, he finally met with the One who saves - and the result of his transformation was remarkable in every way.
Worried about Wen's addiction with opium, drinking and gambling, a friend advised him to go to "that Jesus church and have the missionary pray for you." Wen took the advice and was prayed for by Mr. Argento, and since that day, he became a new man in Christ Jesus.
Ah Tong was desperate to get off drugs. When he asked Poon Siu Jeh for help, Poon introduced him to Jesus and to some men who had been in jail with Ah Tong but are now believers in Jesus. Ah Tong accepted Jesus after listening to their story, he received deliverance, peace, joy and smiled like never before.
Bibi surrendered to Christ, completely depending on Christ to meet his needs; not only were his material needs met, but his life was also transformed and he became one of the best boys in a house for recovering addicts.
Despite backsliding twice, Lu Yung Kwan found grace and mercy to truly become a new creation. Not only did he set up a business but used it to share with others about Jesus, he gave generously to the Lord and married a Christian like himself.
To his family, Song-To was nothing but a huge source of disgrace, and to his city; a notorious evil doer. But a new man was born when Song-To surrendered to Jesus, the evident reformation in his life caused his neighbors and many more to seek the Lord.
God delivered a man, his father, and his uncle from opium addiction.
After several years of refusing to accept the Lord Jesus as his savior, D. E. Hoste surrendered in a meeting where D. L. Moody preached. So long opposed to Christ, he became as fierce a proponent, pledging to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth.
De Shazer had a bad attitude before his conversion. After his conversion, he changed so visibly that both his fellow inmates and prison guards noticed it.
Evelyne lived a reckless and godless life, and eventually got stricken with a terminal disease; she spent weeks in coma, the doctors gave her up; for she was already at death's door. But as Rabi Maharaj led Evelyne to Christ on her sick bed, to the utter disbelief of doctors and everyone else, she also found total healing for her body.
Kumar was a hopeless alcoholic who was wont to throw away huge sums of money at his addiction. When he was visited one day by a former drinking companion, he was amazed at the total change his friend claimed Christ had wrought in him. Wanting same for himself, Kumar surrendered to Christ and experienced the same wonderful transformation in his life.
Mina Nevisa was an Iranian Muslim who gave her life to Jesus Christ. Here, she shares of the deep joy and relief that accepting Christ brought her. And now filled the Holy Spirit, she excitedly, told all who listened about this wonderful Jesus she had met.
Dr. Baedeker had reluctantly agreed to attend a series of meetings but would hurriedly leave after each service. At the end of one service, the preacher, Lord Radstock, caught up with him and told him God had a message for him. He followed God's servant and later said about their meeting that day, ‘I went in a proud German infidel, and came out a humble, believing disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ...’ So evident was his conversion that his wife too was influenced and accepted Jesus into her life.
Rachael's life was a complete mess; she was atheist, suicidal and nursed plans to walk away from her family - her husband and their only son. Life for her had no meaning, until she accepted Christ - the smallest things were now charged with meaning - for His salvation had wrought in her a great transformation.
When Lacey called her Dad to inform him that she had become a Christian, he was skeptical and derisive, however, her changed attitude convinced him!
Carol Talbot was already in the choir and was in fact singing on stage when suddenly the Lord began to truly draw her to the cross and Himself. And only by overcoming the struggles in her head and yielding to God's call did she become truly born again.
A troublemaker who introduces children on the street to crack and prostitution accept Christ and the change in him is described.
Roberta with history of drug addiction turns to God and joins the choir that used to irritate her.
Martha Pinnell was an exceedingly stubborn and disobedient orphan girl under Mr. Müller's care, but all that changed when Martha came to know the Lord, from wielding a pernicious influence, she became not only humble but influential for good until her return to the Father.
David Wilkerson gave his life to Christ as a young person at a Christian camp. From that night onward, a fire for God burned in his soul. While his peers were playing, he was praying; while they were watching movies, he was seeking God or reading the Bible.
Miss Nyi met a woman who was suffering from opium addiction. Through gentle care and prayer, the woman accepted the Lord Jesus, was healed completely, and went on to live as a devoted follower of Jesus declaring her testimony to all.
A man who was a respected citizen fell into a habit of drinks and drugs, his addiction led him to a miserable life until he encountered Christ. His chains of addiction were and his life completely transformed, his story of redemption became an inspiration for many.
The natives of Arochuku not only defied great odds to become Christians, but even as spiritual infants, they stood up to their persecutors and were willing to die for the cause of Jesus Christ.
Ed gave his life to Christ during a weeklong retreat he attended with his wife and friends. The experience led to a change in his life was enduring.
Prior to his becoming born again, Gad stole from others. But as Gad repented and began his journey to faith, he not only went back to confess his sins but was intent on returning all he had stolen.
Taas was a shrewd businessman of Arabian heritage, and he hated Jews with a passion. But after Taas opened his heart to Jesus, the newness of life he started to experience is shown when he meets with a Jew for business.
The people of Banza Man-teke were known to be thieves, liars, dirty and careless and idolaters. But as they embraced the gospel of Jesus, Henry Richards testifies of the transformation in their lives. No longer were they a wild and evil people but now new creations; much like the early church.
A Christian friend invited Heather Mercer to a concert at her church. While there, Heather reflected afresh on the story of Jesus. Heather made a commitment that night, and her life began to change. To her, Jesus became "my center. He became my vision and my purpose."
After giving several excuses, a shoemaker attended a meeting where he listened to the message of the gospel and was deeply affected. He surrendered his life to Christ and became a new creature, able to persevere through trials.
Nicky Cruz shares of the indescribable joy that jettisoning drugs, crime, sexual immorality and embracing the love of Jesus brought upon him. No longer was he fearful, anxious or hateful; for he had been baptized with love - God's own love - he had become a new creature.
When Nicky Cruz and 25 of the toughest Mau Mau gang members appeared uninvited at the police station in Auburn street with their rifles, the police could think of nothing but imminent trouble. And as they made the purpose of their coming known, the police found it impossible to believe; yet Nicky and his friends were serious.
On the night Nicky surrendered to Christ, he felt he no longer needed to run. He went home early, put away his gang clothing and his gun forever. Falling to his knees in his room, all Nicky could say in response to the amazing transformation he was experiencing was, "Thank you, Jesus ... thank you.”
Mustafa, a former persecutor describes how he is a new creature as a result of his new belief in Jesus.
Mrs. Luffe meets on the train to Buffalo, a war veteran through whom she hear the wonderful testimony that Jacob, an ex criminal who had robbed her twice before finding Christ through her continued to live a transformed life and was preaching to men during the war, until his death.
While in prison, Esther Chang yielded fully to God; allowing her light shine so well that she won many prisoners to Christ. And as a result of their new life in Christ, strife and disloyalty was replaced with great love for one another. So great was this new love and increasing unity among the prisoners that the prison authorities felt threatened.
Tired of trying in vain to break his addiction to marijuana, Ralph resolved to take his own life. But as he stood atop a building, about to end his life, the sound of singing from a nearby church interrupts him - and eventually, he steps down from his perch and walks into the church where his life changes forever.
Brother Yun challenges fellow inmates with the message of salvation and the need to seek God's forgiveness. The fruit of their yielding to God was the wonderful transformation in their lives even while they remained prisoners.
A revival breaks out amongst young people and children. Several prayers groups were formed where young people met together, sang psalms, and sought after God. In Heriot's hospital, the character of the boys was completely transformed as a result of the prayer meetings; where they were once regarded as rude, they were called kind, where they were known to be vicious to one another they were recognized to have a love for one another and their hospital was called "Bethel",
When a ex Jihadist finds Jesus Christ after a series of terrible dreams that reminded him of his evil past, he not only was free from the guilt of his past, but now like Paul, became a fearless worker for the gospel of Christ.
Titus Coan depended only on God's Spirit to bring home the words whenever he preached. And the Gospel he declared wrought changes in the hearts and lives of those who listened; sins were confessed, quarrels reconciled, idolatry renounced and God's cause; greatly advanced.
One Bible and a prayer-book was all that was rescued when a bloody conflict broke out among the men of Pitcairn island. Through that Bible alone, John Adams—a reckless, godless mutineer and the lone male survivor—not only became a Christian, but led many others to Jesus.
Harlan Popov led Mitko to Christ while he was in prison. His acceptance of Christ brought peace and calm to his life.