Luke 22:42

Luke 22:42 (ASV)

42saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me; nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.

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The knowledge that God's will is perfect and, in the believer's best interest, filled George Müller's heart with perfect peace when his only daughter fell sick, and death was the one thing that seemed certain.
After a protracted period of resistance to the will of God for his life, Clarence Williams, with the help of the Holy Spirit was brought to a place of peaceful surrender. And expectedly, the burden he had carried for long time, was in that moment lifted.
After much struggle, Rosalind joined Jonathan in surrendering to the will of God over their sick child who was at the point of death. As they committed the child to God’s keeping, the unexpected happened.
Her worst fears were confirmed when she was diagnosed with leprosy, but Mary Reed, full of grace, was enabled to accept her fate peacefully with a song, not with a sigh, that "Thy will be done." And she went on to live among the lepers in India, bringing hope and succour to a suffering people!
Con, who though a professing Christian for a long time, wondered why she didn't have the joy that two young believes were having. It turns out, her personal ambition was what stood in the way and until she at last surrendered to God's will, that joy eluded her.
After struggling for days with the Lord, Ed Erny finally resigned himself to accept God's call to travel to Asia and postpone his wedding as a result. The result of this obedience for him was a restoration of the peace he had been robbed of for days.
When Sofia died, despite Jozeca's relentless prayers to God pleading for her life, Jozeca was left broken and distraught. But as she cried to her husband, he spoke to her of God's sovereignty and led her to resign herself to the Master's sovereign will!
Corrie ten Boom shares the story of her failed attempt at love to a young missionary -who was frustrated at her being unmarried. Corrie spoke of her pain, her eventual resignation to the will of God - and the peace that decision brought her!