1 Corinthians 15:54-57

1 Corinthians 15:54–57 (ASV)

54But when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall come to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory. 55O death, where is thy victory? O death, where is thy sting? 56The sting of death is sin; and the power of sin is the law: 57but thanks be to God, who giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

Molly Shelly, 44, was about to die with cancer and leave behind her husband, six young children and other loved ones. But heartbreaking as this was, Molly still was excited about her return Home. She dutifully planned her funeral and wrote the letter which opened the service, it began beautifully thus; "Thank you for coming today, to celebrate my returning home to our Father.”
Adjibacbayra's last moments on earth moved quickly from one full of pain and discomfort to one of smiles and a longing to leave this plane with his Saviour. With a smile he declared; "Not alone. I won’t walk it by myself. There’s a Friend who wants to take me. And He knows my name, my real name.”
William Memotas's life was a demonstration of the maxim "heavenly-minded and earthly-relevant." Since his conversion to Christ, he used everything he had to preach the gospel in word and deed, while living with a piercing consciousness of heaven. At the end of his life, he died with the assurance of "going to meet Jesus." It was a glorious life and a glorious exit.
When a preacher visits a Christian woman on her death-bed, he finds this woman—who would soon be facing her fearful Maker—full of joy and without a dint of fear. And for half an hour, they both only spoke of the Master's love for His children, and her only prayer request in that moment was for the salvation of her unbelieving children.
Though Mrs. Chang left the mission hospital knowing she would soon die, she left as a completely different person. For no longer was she afraid of dying, she sang constantly about her hope in Jesus and just before dying, she pleaded with her loved ones not to weep at her grave saying; “I will not be there. I will be in Heaven.”
When it was obvious that the end had come for Joy Lewis, there was no fear in her, and her very last words to her husband, C.S Lewis, just before she joined the hosts of heaven were, "I am at peace with God."
As his end drew near, God's faithful servant, Count Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf had no fear about what was coming; instead, he possessed an admirable readiness to be in heaven and soon enough he left this plane for the home he so longed for.
Though uneducated, Yii-ki-fang was a model Christian; he was diligent in his ways and commanded the respect of many. When he later fell ill and death came knocking, he was not afraid. Even his last moments, he used to witness about Jesus; he died embracing the cross.
Mr. Chang Chih-heng was haunted by the fear of death, and not until his decision to trust Jesus with his life did this fear loose the grip it had over him.
As the curtains drew on the life of Dr. Baedeker, his last moments were not spent in fear of death. Rather with joy he continued to declare, until his triumphant exit, "I AM GOING IN TO SEE THE KING IN HIS BEAUTY!"
William Rhind's last moments on earth were filled of peace; a perfect assurance that his God had remained faithful to the end. As William drew his last, death was robbed of its woes for William was but a faithful servant gone to meet his Master.
The dying moments of an eleven year old child who had found the Lord Jesus were marked by an eager expectation of the life that awaited him on the other side of eternity. And right until his last, his victory over death was sure!
Rather than giving in to hopeless despair upon the death of his beloved wife, George Müller used the opportunity to offer heartfelt thanksgiving to God for the life she lived and for her being delivered unto her heart's desire, from earthly pain into the everlasting presence of her Savior.
Amy Carmichael relates the story of the passing of a five year old girl. The scene was so sweet that Amy Carmichael wondered, "What must the fountain of joy be if the spray from the edge of the pool can be like that?"
Arnold Lunn describes John Wesley's last moments on earth; even as he grew increasingly weak, he yet could sing about his maker, and though death was imminent, he was at peace. His last words were: "The best of all is, God is with us!"
As Dr. Charles Sims neared death's door, it was the wonderful singing of hymns by the saints who gathered at his deathbed that beautifully ushered him to the home of many mansions.
Though he lived for only a short while, young Teddy lived a purposeful life and even as death drew near, he had no fear. He was certain that heaven was to be his destination and he hardly could wait to get there!
The dying moments of John Hunt's life was such a powerful witness to all who witnessed it, especially the Fijis, among whom he served as missionary. His was a triumphant death; he went to meet his Lord in a rapture of praises!
John Wimber's rough grandfather was saved at the very end of his life. The family was skeptical, but John was affected, especially when his grandfather passed away literally in the arms of Jesus.
Mrs. J.D Paris was bed ridden and near death's door, but even in her last moments she spoke so triumphantly about death, with a confidence that was unshaken and an assurance that death had been swallowed up in victory.
Having lived a remarkably sacrificial life, Mr. Cobb on his death bed declares that, "it is a glorious thing to die . . . My hope in Christ is worth infinitely more than all other things".
Having done his best to lead his son to the Lord, it was a father's pleasure to hear that his dying son feared not death but was rather looking forward to uniting with his Saviour.
Mr Moody recalls the incredible scene where a dying soldier hears his name being called in the roll of heaven and answers, passing into the presence of God; making a mockery of death as a result.
Ann experienced the joy of being in the Father's will, even near death. There was no sting in death for her, or for any of His children.
When Ann's face suddenly got split by joy, with her hands raised towards heaven, her mother knew something was happening. And she was right, for Ann, her sick and dying daughter had seen a vision of angels and was longing to die for death had been defeated; it possessed no sting again!
Ing Soi, a Chinese follower of Jesus, preached about Jesus even though it would cost him his life. But he did not fear death, and instead sought the forgiveness and conversion of those that killed him. Ing Soi's wife was so moved by this that she sought the Lord to complete this sacred task.
A schoolgirl suddenly falls seriously ill just a day after she surrenders to Christ, but even death seemed imminent, there was no fear in her. She was happy that she would soon be Home and used her dying moments to urge her friends to accept Christ into their lives. Even her funeral was an opportunity for soul winning.
Sundar Singh was prevailed upon to go see a poor man on his death-bed and on getting there he found this man—who was ill and had suffered for many years—filled with joy and hope—even as death was lurked over his room. He was not afraid to die, for he knew that he was soon to be ushered into life everlasting!
William Ward writes about his friend Krishna Pal who absolutely had no fear for death but rather, an amazing longing to be united with his Savior in heaven.
There was no fear, no sorrow or sadness for young Charlotte Green who was about to die, only joy, peace and a sweet longing to meet the One who had washed her sins. And until her soul took its flight to join the heavenly host, death had no power over her.
Poor, crippled and all alone, an Albanian believer, of whom the world is not worthy, continues to provide inspiration, hope and guidance to other believers and non-believers alike. Her disability has done nothing to deter her ministry to these people!
With a gun to his head and a promise to shoot after a count of five, Harlan still was unfazed and in fact urged his persecutor, Elias, to shoot. For he had a hope, far more powerful than death and was certain that death was only a bridge to eternity with Christ.
Thirteen-year-old Effie and nine-year-old Vetta were sick with diphtheria, but since they had given their hearts to Jesus, they had no fear at the prospect of death. Joyfully they embraced their fate as each one saw Jesus and what was to come.
A little girl who had been sick beyond medical redemption told her father a profound truth “Pa, the grave is not dark now. I know that you and mamma can’t go with me, but Jesus will go with me into the grave." For the believer, death has no victory; Jesus has conquered!