James 5:14

James 5:14 (ASV)

14Is any among you sick? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord:

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

Rosa Bell, oldest daughter of medical missionary Nelson Bell, desired God to heal her from tuberculosis. Many prayed for her and she was anointed with oil. She was sure that God had healed her, but stayed in the hospital long enough for x-ray studies to prove it.
Atabacdora fell off a tree and X-ray results confirmed he fractured his back and neck. Bruchko and Bobby dared to trust God for his healing; they anointed him with oil, laid hands and then prayed for him. When another X-ray was carried out three days later on him, the confounded doctor declared: "It’s quite amazing. There’s no sign of even a hairline fracture in his back now. It’s some kind of a miracle."
C. T. Studd was traveling long distances on foot in China. His feet broke down and one became infected and swollen, to the point that he could not wear shoes. He and one of his companions read James 5:14-15, obeyed it and found complete healing.
C. T. Studd's wife was dangerously close to dying during childbirth. They were of the same mind to pray and trust God. C. T. Studd anointed her with oil in the name of the Jesus, and she was healed.
C. T. Studd was dangerously ill with the "African fever." He asked the elder of the local congregation, and man in his twenties, to anoint him with oil and pray. Only having kerosene, the young man anointed Studd's forehead, prayed, and the next morning the fever was gone.
In obedience to the word of God and the prompting of the Holy Spirit, the Williams anointed a sick member of their congregation with oil, as they prayed that God would heal her from the stroke she suffered. And contrary to the doctor's reasoned expectation, their prayer was answered as the lady was completely healed.
Having heard Dr. R. A. Torrey teach on divine healing, a student at the Bible Institute in Chicago, who was suffering with his eyesight and could not even read his books as a result met Dr. Torrey about his condition. And following the protocol in James 5:14-16, Dr. Torrey anointed this brother and that same day, he was able to read and resume his school work!
Costas's worsening health condition showed no signs of slowing down; he lost weight continuously, even as his liver deteriorated steadily. One day, he calls Pastor Miller asking for prayers as outlined in James 5:14-16 and Pastor Miller and an elder were by his bedside later that day to pray for him. The very next day, Costas's deteriorating body began to heal, astonishing but him and the doctors alike.
A woman who had been bedridden for eight years was anointed and prayed for by Lord Radstock, and a week later she finds herself walking again for she was completely healed.
Mimosa became critically ill and her neighbors thought she would die. However, her cousin anointed her with oil and she recovered in full.
Simon was the chief driver for a ministry, after suffering from diabetes for years his left foot developed a sore that threatened his whole body system. He was told by doctors at a hospital that the foot would have to be amputated. During morning service, the staff of the ministry prayed for Simon's foot. Later in day he encountered a strange man who prayed for him anointing his legs with oil, and then the strange man vanished. That night he was healed completely.
After experiencing miraculous healings in her own family, Dorothea Trudel began to pray for others and soon became known for her ability, under God, to heal the sick. Despite facing persecution and legal battles, her self-denying zeal and earnest prayers won the support of many, and her healing ministry continued to thrive to the glory of God.
Dr Charles Cullis, superintendent of the Consumptives' Home in Boston, shares his experience of relying on prayer for healing, as well as financial support. He recounts an instance where he read a Bible verse (James 5:15) promising healing to a Christian sister with a tumour, anointed her with oil, and witnessed her miraculous recovery.
Doctors had written Mrs. Clark off when her husband came to see Mr. Wigglesworth who went out in faith, anointed the woman with oil and prayed for her healing. Not only was his prayers answered but she also went on to outlive her otherwise stronger husband.
Marie Monsen's six-year-old continual headache was healed through anointing and prayer as prescribed in James 5:14.
In 1872, a Christian lady with a severe tumor that caused her suffering and confined her to bed was under the care of Dr. Cullis at the Consumptive's Home. All remedies failed, and the only hope was surgery, but Dr. Cullis, believing in the power of God's promise, anointed her with oil and prayed for her healing. The tumor rapidly lessened and disappeared, and the lady was restored to health and her missionary work.
A man with diseased lungs was given a hopeless prognosis by his doctor and tried various medicines without success. He became convinced of the power of faith and called on Dr. Cullis to pray with him. After being anointed with oil and prayed for, he felt a thrilling power and was instantly healed, with his lungs breathing with new vigour. He has since been in perfect health and engaged in active business.
Ndaganiyapmban Lambe had been sick for years, one day, he heard a friend read James 5:14-15 and was inspired to ask that the elders gather around him to pray and annoint him. They did and Ndaganiyapmban was restored to a position of sound health.
J Baker anointed a deaf man, laid hands on him, and prayed for him. He was instantly healed, able to hear the faintest whispers.