Luke 5:30

Luke 5:30 (ASV)

30And the Pharisees and their scribes murmured against his disciples, saying, Why do ye eat and drink with the publicans and sinners?

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After WWII, members of the National Socialist Bond (NSB)—an anti-Semitic body that helped the Nazis to control parts of Holland during the war—were hated by many; they were rendered homeless and spat upon in public. But Corrie remembered that her father had said, on the night he was arrested (because of some of these very people), that he would open his house to anyone in need. So she allowed these outcasts to live in her father's home.
Baroness Mathilda von Wrede, who clearly had God’s heart, was able to translate the warmth of Dr. Baedeker’s Gospel sermon into Finnish. Previously a university professor had given a sterile translation. While the prisoners were unaffected by the professor's words, they were moved to tears when they heard Baedeker address them as “beloved friends,” and “brothers.”
David, a homeless man for six years walked up to Jim Cymbala after a church service. Contrary to Jim’s expectation, he wasn't seeking for money; he wanted Jesus in his life. David was led to Christ, rehabilitated, and had his life completely transformed. He got married, became a father and most importantly, a witness for Christ Jesus.
God specifically revealed the details of a prostitute to His servants during a prayer session. After praying for her over a period, she came to the knowledge of Christ surrendering her life to Him.