Luke 18:17

Luke 18:17 (ASV)

17Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall in no wise enter therein.

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

A woman who had been crippled for several years read the Bible with childlike faith. She read the healings God had done in the Bible, with this inspiration she prayed to God asking for healing for her condition. Gradually she became completely healed. She praised God for this healing declaring that "Jesus is still alive today!"
When a drought ravaged parts of England, some farmers agreed with their pastor to pray to God for rain. On the chosen day, a young girl full of faith, arrived with her umbrella in anticipation of the rain that was to come, and she was not disappointed.
Jonathan Goforth had the tremendous joy of welcoming two young boys to the fold of Christ, one leading the other, like Andrew the disciple. Goforth said, “Truly this is a work that angels might covet!”
Li-ming refused to worship the locust god with his neighbors to protect his grain. He said that the protection of his field would be proof that his God was the one true God. The locusts came and destroyed his neighbors' grain. Li-ming's grain was untouched.
With no hope left that a doctor could save her child, a poor woman and her husband decided to heed Jonathan Goforth's advice to trust God for their baby's healing. They committed the sick child into God's hands and believed the child would be well. The next time they took the child to the doctor, the child was perfectly well.
An older minister tried to discourage Hudson Taylor from having a child-like faith in God as it pertained to his call to China, reasoning that the days of trusting God for provision had long passed. Many years later, Taylor was able, from his rich experience, to reaffirm his childlike confidence in the promises of God.
With child-like faith and simplicity, a young Jane Conry Pithey, faced with the unlikelihood of an answer, took her need for a piano to God in prayer. The remarkable answer that followed her prayer taught her an enduring lesson—to carry all her wants, however small or great, to her Heavenly Father.
In this remarkable story, E.A. Hopkins shared with little Vera the simplicity of faith needed to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Excitedly the little girl accepts the Savior and the next day went on to share the happy news of her conversion with all her friends.
Remarkable stories of children who showed incredible simple faith and understanding of God's word, their testimonies touched the heart of adults.
A little girl who had soaked up all the Christian messages her mother told her before her death went to the train station believing the train took people to Jesus. Her faith and conversation moved everyone on the train to tears.