Ephesians 4:32

Ephesians 4:32 (ASV)

32and be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving each other, even as God also in Christ forgave you.

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

Despite outwardly appearing devout, Rosalind Goforth harbored a hidden struggle with unforgiveness, distancing herself from God. Ignoring the Inner Voice's plea to forgive, she spiraled into misery. It took confessing to a friend and extending an apology to bring back God's peace and presence into her life.
Mrs. S. shared an invaluable lesson with Rosalind Goforth, illustrating the transformative power of Christ's love. Faced with a distraught woman burdened by life's hardships and living in a bug-infested apartment, Mrs. S., constrained by the love of God, chose compassion over discomfort. Her story inspired a deep desire in Rosalind Goforth to carry such selfless love into her own service in China.
Luis, once a hardened man broken by bandits, found redemption when Heidi introduced him to Jesus. His remarkable journey from anger and despair to forgiveness and compassion shows the profound and transformative power of salvation.
Rabi Maharaj and his family became Christians and were astonished at the change and newness of life they all experienced. As Hindus, forgiveness was an alien concept - karma was all they knew. Now as Christians, they were basking in forgiveness.
Heidi was suspicious of Joseph because he had once betrayed her husband. In a remarkable twist of fate, she leads Joseph to faith in Jesus after spending some hours with him.
The families of slain believers in Shinminfu had made a list, vowing to exact revenge for their loss. But as soon as they found grace from God to forgive, that list was "torn to bits and the fragments trampled underfoot".
By exchanging her heavy burden for Christ's light burden, Bilquis found grace to do what she felt was impossible: forgiving Khalid, her ex husband who she resented for the hurt he caused her.
With a heart full of compassion for men trapped in sin, much like he was before finding redemption, Ned Wright held soup suppers. These gatherings went beyond sharing the word of God, they became havens offering temporary housing, support, and employment opportunities to many who were marginalized.
In the aftermath of the profound loss orchestrated by his own father, Azzam, a former pirate who had just become a Christian, opted for the path of the cross. He faced his mother's murderers with a message of forgiveness, a remarkable act that ultimately guided the perpetrators to the foot of the cross.
By forgiving her husband - Taas for his many indiscretions and unfaithfulness, Karen unlocked the transforming power of forgiveness which gave them both another opportunity to rewrite their stories and make their marriage work.
A nominal Christian lived a life that shined out so much that he was called "Lighted Face". His life affected many around him; attracting them to the word of God and leading them to convert to Christ. He soon formed a small band that continued to win others for Christ.
A young lady who had attempted suicide more than once accepts Jesus into her life after hearing Jake preach about how God taught him forgiveness and then replaced his hatred for the Japanese with love.
Driven by the compassion of God, John Hambleton led a homeless girl to Christ, took her to his sister's home for shelter and helped reconcile the young girl with her embittered parents.
Tom and Joann Doyle interviewed the Hadads who had a loveless and tumultuous marriage before giving their lives to Jesus. Since surrendering to Jesus, theirs became one excellent example of the transforming power of forgiveness!