1 John 1:9

1 John 1:9 (ASV)

9If we confess our sins, he is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

At a meeting in Sienyu, Bishop Bashford preached on obtaining forgiveness from God through confession of sins. Immediately after his sermon, many (including renowned believers) began to publicly confess their sins so as to obtain forgiveness from the Lord.
G. H Lang knew to confess his sins in order to obtain God's mercy. He knew the way of pardon, but was frustrated that he did not know the way of victory. Only by realizing that in his flesh dwelleth no good thing, did he gain the victory he so dearly needed.
A church elder confessed his sin to Jonathan Goforth. That started a series of confessions and repentance that engulfed the entire church, bringing about forgiveness and restoration in their lives.
A church elder confessed his sin to Jonathan Goforth. That started a series of confessions and repentance that engulfed the entire church, bringing about forgiveness and restoration in their lives.
Revival overflowed from a single village to several others within the country. Revived Christians went everywhere preaching the Gospel with remarkable results. Most remarkable is the story of a man who was a notorious gambler, who journeyed on his donkey intending to collect his gambling debts. But God clearly directed the donkey to a revival meeting instead!
Jonathan Goforth followed God's leading, allowing the Holy Spirit to be the "detective" in a gathering, the congregation broke down in tears crying and confessing their sins.
When C.T Studd led a an Episcopalian believer to confess his sins to the Lord so as to find forgiveness, the poor man obeyed and having obtained the promised forgiveness; with tearful eyes, he said to Mr. Studd, "I never had such an experience as this before."
On a Sunday morning, Louis Talbot discovered that the Church's janitor took out—as trash—the sermon he had painstakingly prepared for that morning. Talbot went into a fit of rage and said regrettable things to the poor fellow. But as he stood to preach that morning, he was convicted. Publicly he confessed his sin and asked for the janitor's forgiveness. Though the conviction had started with him, the whole church too, soon caught the fire. It was an unforgettable service!
As Jonathan Goforth spoke God's word at a believers meeting, the convicting power of God came down heavy upon the people as they prayed and cried out to God; confessing their sins, seeking His forgiveness and receiving it by His mercy.
Mr. Tung was a Christian who had backslidden and returned to a life of drinking, opium consumption, gambling, etc. But after attending a revival meeting and staying with the Goforths, Mr. Tung was convicted and returned to Christ. He didn’t stop there, he went back home and dedicated his life and resources to winning souls for Christ Jesus.
Missionaries in Changtefu joined together for a special prayer with great expectation. God answered, poured the blessing of His Spirit upon them and several confessions were recorded. The most astonishing of all was that of a pastor who confessed that he never believed in the previous revival meetings organized by Jonathan Goforth, but now had himself been moved by the Spirit to repentance.
After 10 years of torment from envy at David Wilkerson, a minister finally confesses to David and asked for forgiveness. David readily forgave him.
Several young people openly confess their sins at the close of a great city crusade.
By confessing his lies and opening up about his past life, Uong Nguyen had the heavy burden that had weighed him down and affected his relationship with God and the Christian community he was a part of; replaced with freedom and an uplifted spirit.
After he failed to seize an opportunity to teach his assistant to depend on God, a penitent Clay Trumbull confessed his omission to the Lord, asked for mercy, and later confessed to his assistant also.
God uses a plane crash tragedy to remind workers at the Wycliffe Bible Translators in Peru of the need for righteousness, humility, peace, love and patience. Through much repentance for self-reliance, they were filled anew with the Holy Spirit.
Three miracles showed the manifestation of the spirit of God and endeared many to give glory to God.
When the time for the Shanghai Bible Conference arrived, the prospects were not bright. However, as the days went by and the word of God was preached to the people, they entered into serious prayer. On the last day, the spirit of God broke out leading to confessions, commitment to God's work, and evangelism.
During a visit to Amoy, China, Dr. Sung spoke powerfully about the love of God to crowds of people gathered to hear His word. Many who were unsaved and lukewarm came under conviction and were transformed, then returned to their homes to witness the new life they had found in Christ Jesus.
In 2001, Brother Yun disobeyed the clear instructions of the Holy Spirit while leaving Myanmar and received a seven-year prison sentence as a result. But he found forgiveness and redemption when he cried to God for forgiveness.
Jerry was evangelized to by Ed at a bar before he was led to a chapel to pray and there a broken Jerry wept to God for mercy and asked for forgiveness. Upon the conclusion of his prayer, a new man emerged, with an absolute assurance that he had been forgiven by his Father.
A thief who had mugged sister Abigail twice in four years suddenly appeared at her door one morning desperate to see her. During their meeting, this convicted thief experienced the greatest miracle of his life - he found the Savior; Jesus Christ.
A soldier strayed into a Gospel meeting where he heard the word of God for the very first time and was convicted of his sins. Even when he knew the penalty would be death, he went to his commander to confess a crime he had previously committed. But confessing his sins not only earned him God's forgiveness, but his commander's also.
With an obviously heavy heart, a Chinese woman under conviction by the Holy Spirit, ran to Marie Monsen in tears to confess her sins. And getting on her knees, she confessed to the Lord. And when she was done, she arose with a joy that was infectious; for she had obtained forgiveness from the Lord.
In a fit of rage, a young, new Christian murdered another man and escaped without being caught. But years later, even after asking for God's forgiveness, he was still restless. When he finally confided in Marie Monsen, she gave him godly counsel that brought peace to his troubled heart.
Brother Yun was used by the Holy Spirit to challenge fellow prisoners to confess their sins and seek God's forgiveness. And as these hardened criminals obeyed God's call, they were broken by the gospel's power and all witnessed a renewal and transformation that was evident to even the guards.
Corrie Ten Boom is convicted about her falling off and turning away from her first love - Christ. Here she describes the great joy and renewed strength she obtained upon confessing her sins and seeking God's forgiveness.
Many people had prayed for Mary, yet she was still experiencing horrible dreams at night. But as Corrie spoke with her, she found that Mary had been harbouring hatred towards her own mother. Mary's freedom and liberation came only when she confessed this sin, asked God's forgiveness and received same from Him.
By confessing to each other the secret sins they were both battling, Art and Ellen Sanborn wept in heartbroken repentance and were able to finally experience the victorious Christian life of freedom and great joy.