2 Timothy 1:6

2 Timothy 1:6 (ASV 1901)

6For which cause I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee through the laying on of my hands.

Scripture Testimony Index stories for this passage

Atabacdora fell off a tree and X-ray results confirmed he fractured his back and neck. Bruchko and Bobby dared to trust God for his healing; they anointed him with oil, laid hands and then prayed for him. When another X-ray was carried out three days later on him, the confounded doctor declared: "It’s quite amazing. There’s no sign of even a hairline fracture in his back now. It’s some kind of a miracle."
Grace Jacob was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection, and after getting no respite despite two courses of antibiotics (that turned out to be wrong treatments), the doctor said nothing else could be done. But when the elders at an international fellowship gathered around to pray and lay hands on her, Grace was miraculously healed.
Ruth called to inform Jack of an angiogram revealing an aneurysm in her head; effectively making her brain susceptible to exploding like a time bomb. Upon receiving the news, Jack and Leesa went over to lay hands on and pray with Ruth. A few days later, Ruth called to break the most amazing news; she was healed!
When Rachael's asthmatic condition got no better even after her admission at the hospital, Darlene Deibler was sent for. When Darlene arrived Rachael's bedside, she laid hands on her and prayed in Jesus's name; instantly, Rachel could breathe again - she was healed.
Mrs. Lo, paralyzed for eighteen years, was completely healed through prayer and the laying on of hands. She went on to travel the countryside, proclaiming the great things God had done.
Mrs. Lo had been paralyzed for eighteen years until Dr. Sung prayed for her and lay his hands on her in a prayer session; she was immediately healed, and her story sparked revival in another community.
Mel Tari is challenged to practice what he has preached when a man asks him to pray for his son's healing. Mel learns that Jesus is the healer.
Christine's faith is strengthened when she witnessed the miraculous healing of her grandfather. A visiting aunt prayed for him. Her faith had been powerfully affected by witnessing a miracle in New York.
Four stories demonstrate the power of God to bring healing to physical bodies through prayers.
When a Korean-Chinese girl asked Esther to pray for her to be healed from tuberculosis, Esther first led her to Christ and then laid hands on her and began to pray. Instantly she was healed, and a second medical examination confirmed the complete absence of tuberculosis in her body.
Terry had wandered into the woods; sick and delirious, with a high fever that continued to escalate when he was found by his colleagues. The team gathered, laid hands on Terry, and anointed his head with engine oil - the only oil they had. And as they invoked the name of Jesus Terry's fever was broken, until he became totally fine.
The pathetic condition of a young malnourished boy only worsened when his father dabbled into spiritism in a desperate bid to restore his health, as the boy lost his ability to speak; and remained mute for six weeks. But when Tuwee, a previously shy believer, laid hands on him and led other believers in prayers, this young boy miraculously regained his ability to speak.