God Using An Inner Voice To Communicate

The Holy Spirit engages Rees Howells, urging him to surrender his life completely, and back and forth, this engagement continued. On the fifth day, Rees finally said yes to Abundant life.

Following excerpt from 12% into Rees Howells, Intercessor by Norman Grubb


That night a friend said to him, “If some of us come over after the meeting, will you tell us of your position in Christ?” At once the Spirit challenged him: “How can you do that? You have seen the position of the overcomers, but you have not entered in. I have been dealing with you for five days; you must give Me your decision by six o’clock tonight and remember, your will must go. On no account will I allow you to bring in a crosscurrent. Where I send you, you will go; what I say to you, you will do.” It was the final battle on the will. Rees continued:

I asked Him for more time, but He said, “You will not have a minute after six o’clock.” When I heard that it was exactly as if a wild beast was roused in me.

“You gave me a free will,” I answered, “and now You force me to give it up.”

“I do not force you,” He replied, “but for three years have you not been saying that you are not your own, and that you wanted to give your life back to the Savior as completely as He gave His for you?”

I climbed down in a second. The way I had said it was an insult to the Trinity. “I am sorry,” I told Him, “I didn’t mean what I said.”

“You are not forced to give up your will,” He said again, “but at six o’clock I will take your decision. After that you will never get another chance.”

It was my last offer; my last chance! I saw that throne (see Rev. 3:21) and all my future for eternity going.

I said, “Please forgive me, I want to do it.”

Once more the question came, “Are you willing?” It was ten minutes to six. I wanted to do it, but I could not. Your mind is keen when you are tested, and in a flash it came to me, “How can self be willing to give up self?” Five to six came. I was afraid of those last five minutes. I could count the ticks of the clock. Then the Spirit spoke again. “If you can’t be willing, would you like Me to help you? Are you willing to be made willing?”

“Take care,” the Enemy whispered. “When a stronger person than yourself is on the other side, to be willing to be made willing is just the same as to be willing.”

As I was thinking upon that point I looked at the clock. It was one minute to six. I bowed my head and said, “Lord, I am willing.”

Within an hour the third person of the Godhead had come in. He gave Rees that word in Hebrews 10:19, “We have confidence to enter the holy places by the blood of Jesus.” Rees said:

Immediately, I was transported into another realm, within that sacred veil where the Father, the Savior and the Holy Spirit live. There I heard God speaking to me, and I have lived there ever since. When the Holy Spirit enters, He comes in to “abide forever.” To the blood be the glory!

How I adored the grace of God! It is God who goes so far as to give us repentance. It was God who helped me to give up my will. There were some things He had asked for during the week that I was able to give, because I was the master of them; but when He asked me to give up myself and my will, I found I could not—until He pulled me through.

Rees Howells, Intercessor

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The Holy Spirit engages Rees Howells, urging him to surrender his life completely, and back and forth, this engagement continued. On the fifth day, Rees finally said yes to Abundant life.
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