Don't Be Anxious, Instead Make Requests Known To God

Jonathan and Rosalind Goforth found themselves without lodging when passing through a city. They sent their local connection out again while they prayed and God provided them with a free place to stay allowing them to stay and preach the gospel there for three days.

Following excerpt from 44% into How I Know God Answers Prayer by Rosalind Goforth
On one occasion, when we were traveling from Wuanhsien to Pengcheng, we reached the town of Hotsun late in the afternoon, expecting to stay over night. But on our arrival we found that the Christian whom we had sent to arrange for our accommodation had failed to get us a place, every one absolutely refusing to take us in. While the animals were feeding, and we were trying to eat our dinner of Chinese dough-strings in the midst of a curious crowd, my husband told the Christian to go out again and look for a place while we prayed.

We dared not close our eyes, lest the superstitious heathen crowd crushing against us on all sides would take fright, thinking we were mesmerizing them. So we just lifted up our hearts silently to our Father; and before many minutes had passed, indeed before we had finished our meal, the Christian returned greatly rejoiced, saying: "A wealthy man has offered you a fine empty place which has just been fixed over. And you can have it as long as you like, free of rent."

For three days we preached in that place--morning, noon, and night--to great crowds; and a work was begun which has gone on ever since.

How I Know God Answers Prayer

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Rosalind Goforth determined to go to church, going back on an earlier decision not to go due to her embarrassment in her old clothing. She stumbles on this scripture: "Why take ye thought for raiment . . . seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you." The very next day, a box with a new dress and other gifts arrived for her.
Confused as to whether to travel to England and become an artist to China as a missionary, Rosalind went to God in prayer. As she prayed, she was led to a passage of scripture which set her confusion to rest. God made her path to the missions field clear.
Rosalind Goforth was inspired by Hudson Taylor's stories of trusting only in God for his needs. She decided to trust God to provide $50 so she could marry debt free. Rosalind resisted all temptations to speak to anyone about her need even as the wedding approached. At the last moment, on the eve of her wedding, God provided the precise amount.
The missionaries at Honan were eager to reach and care for the Chinese people. The locals harbored a deep distrust and resentment for foreigners and the missionaries feared for their lives if they did not win them over quickly. They had a highly skilled doctor with them, yet no one came to them for medical help. The missionaries went to God in prayer and were provided with patients in critical condition. God guided the doctor's hands and the healed patients served as living testimony to the community.
Wang Feng-ao was a proud, overbearing Confucian who despised Christianity so much so that he beat his wife each time she listened to or visited missionaries. But all that changed and a new man was born when God used a dream to reach and soften him. Wang Feng-ao repented and became an invaluable evangelist in the Goforth's team of missionaries.
The Goforth's eighteen month old child was very sick, and all attempts to save the toddler from dysentery seemed futile. Death was imminent. But, as the Goforths knelt down together to commit the child's soul to his Maker, the child was healed of the disease.
Encouraged by the testimony of Rev. Hunter Corbett, Rosalind Goforth vowed to remain in China to serve God notwithstanding the illness she battled. In making the decision to remain in China, she left her life entirely in Gods hands. Just like Rev. Corbin, from the day of that choice, Rosalind struggled little with the disease.
The Goforths need for someone to help preach to the crowds was met when, two days after asking God to provide, an ex opium addict arrived at their doorstep. Wang Fu-Lin had come to Christ through the Goforth's ministering some time before and proved to be the perfect man to preach the Gospel to the crowds.
The Goforth's eighteen month old son was sick with dysentery, near to death. After deep struggle, Rosalind joined her husband in surrendering their sick child to God. Even as they prayed, their son began to recover from the disease and, by the following morning, was healed.
Li-ming refused to worship the locust god with his neighbors to protect his grain. He said that the protection of his field would be proof that his God was the one true God. The locusts came and destroyed his neighbors' grain. Li-ming's grain was untouched.
The Goforth's oldest child came down with pneumonia after disobeying his mother and stepping out into the damp, cold air on the houseboat. His case was so severe that the doctor didn't think the boy will live through the night. Mrs. Goforth asked her son to commit himself to Jesus and ask for forgiveness for his disobedience. By the time the doctor returned again, the child had recovered.
With no hope left that a doctor could save her child, a poor woman and her husband decided to heed Jonathan Goforth's advice to trust God for their baby's healing. They committed the sick child into God's hands and believed the child would be well. The next time they took the child to the doctor, the child was perfectly well.
Troubled with the question of why they were saved while other believers gruesomely lost their lives in the 1900 Boxer uprising, Rosalind Goforth determines it was the power of united prayers on their behalf by the church at home in Canada.
A total stranger was used by the Lord to deliver a timely message to Rosalind Goforth who was about to travel to China in the wake of cruel murders of missionaries. The message was a note which read: "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper. (Isa. 54:17)"
Surrounded by a mob and faced with the probability of death and torture, Rosalind Goforth became overcome with the fear for herself and her companions. The Goforths found comfort in promises from scripture, feeling that God was speaking directly to them in that moment through the words. Rosalind felt the presence of God with them and was filled with peace.
Having lost all they had and barely escaped with their lives, the Goforths found refuge in a community of Muslims as they fled the 1900 Boxer Rebellion. God plucked them from the middle of a violent mob and their wounds were treated and they were fed and sheltered by these Muslims.
Faced with a letter from their home church with news of a lack of funds and the need for a downsizing of operations, the Goforths decided to continue with their work as planned, trusting that God would provide what they needed. Over the next few weeks, letters with money came from people all around the world meeting their needs exactly.
Jonathan and Rosalind Goforth found themselves without lodging when passing through a city. They sent their local connection out again while they prayed and God provided them with a free place to stay allowing them to stay and preach the gospel there for three days.
Upon learning of the death of many dear friends at the hands of the Boxers, the Goforth family fled China with nothing but the clothes they were wearing. Rosalind prayed for clothes for her children and God provided for their every need and more.
Rosalind Goforth was led by God in prayer to try a bread poultice remedy on the burnt foot of a little boy. Even though it felt absurd, Rosalind obeyed and, to her astonishment, the remedy worked.
Overwhelmed by the number of inquirers seeking to know God at a little market town, Jonathan Goforth prayed intensely that Lord of the harvest will send more laborers to His field. And just as Jonathan had assured his wife, the Lord granted his request. Following the peace Jonathan received in prayer, God sent several people up to the task of preaching.
Having given her all for God, surrendering all her time and desires, Rosalind stepped fully into the life of trusting for everything and enjoying God's supernatural and timely provision - her family's needs were all met, sometimes even before they were known to Rosalind. Everything from fresh apples when they were in season to dried and canned fruits for the winter.
Convicted by the command in James 5:14-15, Mrs. Goforth got the elders to gather around a young boy who was suffering from tuberculosis. They knelt down and prayed for the sick boy and the Lord healed the boy.
Jonathan Goforth had the opportunity to visit a lady in England who was led by God to pray for him at the specific times of various revival meetings in China. They compared stories and found that the times the woman felt led to pray for the Goforths corresponded with times of great revival in China.
The Lord honours Rosalind Goforth's request to have her son's gift used for his country's good but also that he be kept away from trench warfare during the Great War. God answers, intervening at every time when the son would have been deployed and keeping him off the front lines.
In a beautiful answer to prayer, the Goforths were miraculously provided with a fitting site upon which they built their home - and it was from that God-given home that the book from which this story was written.
After years of struggling in vain to secure victory over sin, Rosalind Goforth finally found rest when she stumbled on the very secret that guarantees victory: Christ’s Indwelling Presence. Fellowship with Christ, resting in Christ's presence finally gave Rosalind victory over herself.