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God led Grace Jacob supernaturally to the home of her suicidal friend, just in time to prevent disaster.

Following excerpt from 66% into Dragon Ride True Stories of Adventures, Miracles, and Evangelism From China by Grace Jacob
I needed to get there before she drank the pesticide! But I didn’t remember where her home was; I had been there only once, and that was a year ago. It made no sense to ask her where she lived since she didn’t want me to come. I was sure I could find her village on the outskirts of the city, but the only thing I remembered about the location of her house was that in the village I had to make a left turn off the main road. There were no street names or house numbers in her village. We didn’t have a car, and I couldn’t take a taxi because I couldn’t remember the name of her village. As soon as I got off the phone, I called Justin and a friend, quickly explained the situation, and asked them to pray for me. I took off on my bicycle, pedaling as fast as I could. It took me half an hour to bike to the turn-off that led into her village. A few farm buildings stood at the entrance. One main road went through the village, with lanes branching off to the right and left. All the buildings, including the homes, were block-shaped, gray, cement structures. Most of the homes had cement walls surrounding them with iron gates. Uniform. Non-descript. Difficult to distinguish one from another. In the middle of the village, a lane on the left looked like hers. I tried to turn my bike, but my bike wouldn’t turn! My bike stayed on the main road! As I was almost running out of village, I saw a lane on the left that didn’t look like hers at all. In fact, I was sure it wasn’t hers. I tried to go straight, but my bike turned there! I couldn’t control my bike! It was leading me. The second house on the right looked slightly familiar. I got off my bike and walked through the gate. The house itself looked similar to Rainbow’s, but everything else was wrong. There were bulls standing in the dirt yard where there had been no bulls a year ago. There were puppies frolicking, but I remembered kittens. I stood there debating what to do. I suspected I was at a stranger’s house, and actually inside their wall with their bulls! Chinese bulls are calmer than American bulls, but still. Just then, a young woman I didn’t recognize stepped onto the balcony of the second floor. “Please come in and have dinner with us.” I found out later that she had no idea who I was, either. She was just being polite to a stranger who had walked through her gate. Her friendliness gave me courage, so I decided to try. “I’m looking for Rainbow.” The woman leaned over the balcony railing and pointed to a room on the ground floor. I walked over to the room, opened the door, and there was Rainbow, sobbing on the bed! The Lord had led me straight to her! (A week later I repeatedly got lost in her village on my way to visit her.) I put my arms around her and whispered, “Rainbow, the Lord really loves you. I’ll tell you how I know. I didn’t remember where your home was, but he directed my bike right here. He loves you that much. He doesn’t want you to kill yourself.” After several hours of talking with her, she decided that she did want to live. Many people viewed Rainbow as worthless—only to be used and thrown away. She was quite weak, made a lot of bad decisions, and had aborted her child—but, oh, how she was loved by the Lord.

Dragon Ride True Stories of Adventures, Miracles, and Evangelism From China

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After Grace's attempt at becoming a good person on her own accord failed, she ran to Jesus; alone in her room - in tears - and asked Him to come change her life. The change that took place in Grace's life afterwards was so evident that one of her teachers remarked, “What on earth happened to you? You’re a completely different person!”
Grace Jacob writes about her foray into atheism and God's graciousness in winning her back. Her brother invited her to join him and audit an apologetics course Dr. Geisler was teaching at his school.
Grace Jacob was doing her laundry when she suddenly felt God's presence and a need to urgently call Maggie. Hurriedly she sped off in obedience. Her call to Maggie at that very moment turned out to be crucial in saving the life of Maggie's son, Jeff.
Peter, a Chinese college student was made to fail all his final year courses, forced out of school and made to look like a voluntary school drop-out. He was warned by the police never to disclose the real reason he was kicked out; which was Peter's newfound faith. He had become a Christian in college.
Grace Jacob's English classes with a group of atheist students was being spied on. But as Grace cried to God for help, He responded in the most remarkable way; blinding the spies but at the same time opening the eyes of the students to the message of salvation.
Grace Jacob was teaching a group of atheist students, but her class was also attended by two spies who were there to make sure the students didn't learn about God. Grace prayed that God would blind the eyes and ears of the spies, but He did something even more amazing.
Rachael's life was a complete mess; she was atheist, suicidal and nursed plans to walk away from her family - her husband and their only son. Life for her had no meaning, until she accepted Christ - the smallest things were now charged with meaning - for His salvation had wrought in her a great transformation.
With patience and empathy, Grace engaged Isabella, who had led a life of sin, with the saving and liberating word of God. It was slow, but Isabella eventually surrendered to Christ.
Grace Jacob was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection, and after getting no respite despite two courses of antibiotics (that turned out to be wrong treatments), the doctor said nothing else could be done. But when the elders at an international fellowship gathered around to pray and lay hands on her, Grace was miraculously healed.
After Doris fell very ill, Grace saw it as an opportunity to finally rouse the interest of her friend in God and hopefully have her drawn to Him, so she began to pray fervently that her friend be healed. And as Doris got healed she became curious to understand the message of God and His forgiveness.
God led Grace Jacob supernaturally to the home of her suicidal friend, just in time to prevent disaster.
Abby saw how Christians cared for people, even those outside their immediate families, and so she chose to become a Christian instead of a Buddhist.
Before becoming a Christian, Abby was sleeping with her husband's boss, who threatened to fire her husband if she didn't. But now that she was a Christian she knew she could no longer do that. When the man called again, she knew that only God could deliver her, so together with her friend Grace, they prayed to God, and He stopped the phone calls.
When Lacey called her Dad to inform him that she had become a Christian, he was skeptical and derisive, however, her changed attitude convinced him!
When Jane shared her newfound Christian faith to the people of her village her parents were persecuted and threatened to be ostracized for such a faith.