Selling All And Giving To The Poor

The Bakers were instructed by the Lord to give away all they had and to "go sit with the poor in Mozambique." In spite their personal plans and attainments, they obeyed the voice of God.

Following excerpt from 13% into Compelled by Love by Heidi Baker, Shara Pradhan
I remember when God told me to leave the past behind and live with the poor in Mozambique. I called Rolland, who was working on his PhD thesis, and asked him if he was sitting down. He said yes. Then he asked me why. I told him that I heard God tell me to give everything away and go sit with the poor in Mozambique.

We thought it might be wise to first sell our building in Hong Kong and then use that money to build an orphanage in Mozambique.

But God had a better plan! God said to give it away.

Seventeen years earlier, we had started our ministry with a one-way ticket to Indonesia and thirty dollars. Seventeen years later I came to Mozambique, again with nothing, to sit on a street corner with no place to stay, no money, and almost no contacts. I definitely was not thinking, "Here I am to save Mozambique!" We had one old truck that we aptly named Lazarus-since we often had to raise it from the dead.

I asked God to help me understand the poor. He told me to go sit with the children. I reminded God that I had a PhD in systematic theology, and I said, "I don't do children." He told me, "You do children now."

Compelled by Love

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After a year of praying for the blind without result, Heidi Baker was not about to give up. When a blind woman was brought to her one day, she prayed for her healing and the woman's eyes were opened. In the next two days, two more blind people were healed as she prayed for them.
Heidi, like the Lord Jesus Christ, was faced with a situation where the food available at an event would not go round the many hungry people (mostly children and widows) who were there. And just like Jesus did, Heidi took what was available, have thanks to God Almighty and began to share it and you the amazement of all, every single person got to eat. For Jesus had multiplied what was available.
True to His words, Heidi and her team witnessed the signs that Jesus promised will be with those who go into the world with His gospel. Three amazing stories show God casting away demons, healing acute asthma and healing two blind men.
Even after a lady is healed of acute asthma and becomes a Christian, her husband continued physically abuse her until he dropped dead one day. But while she was happy to be free from abuse, she still went on to pray for him after he was confirmed dead at the hospital and to the glory of God, the man was raised back to life. Today, he too, is a child of God!
The Bakers were instructed by the Lord to give away all they had and to "go sit with the poor in Mozambique." In spite their personal plans and attainments, they obeyed the voice of God.
Heidi was on her way home when she was accosted by a group of boys who had a blind friend. They believed God would heal him and wanted Heidi to pray and as she did, God honoured their faith and her prayers; the young man's eyes were opened!
When Heidi found Constancia; a four/five year old who was raped and abandoned, she thought of what Jesus would do to the little one and did just that; she brought comfort to the little girl who was weeping and mourning.
Beatrice was an eight- or nine-year-old girl who was found dying under a tree from scabies, lice and a bloated belly. And as Heidi took her to the hospital and loved on the poor child, she heard God say to her, "Whatever you do for this little one, you do for Me."
Constancia's baby had trouble nursing but as soon as prayers were offered to God, the little one immediately began to nurse.