Jesus Will Never Send Away Those Who Come To Him

He came with the intention to rob the Sadhu but he left a penitent, completely changed and born again man!

Following excerpt from 41% into The Cross is Heaven, The Life and Writings of Sadhu Sundar Singh by A. J. Appasamy
When I was passing through the hill-forest named Bheelera, I saw four men sitting by the side of the road. One of them sprang at me with a big knife in his hand. Seeing no possible way of escape, I bent my neck. Then he refrained from stricking, but snatching my blanket from my shoulder he cleared off. When I had gone about a furlong, he called me back. I thought to myself there was now no hope for me, but it turned out exactly opposite to my imaginings. When he said, “Who are you?”

I told him about myself and my purpose in touring these parts, and read to him the story of the rich man and Lazarus. This thought struck him to the heart, that, if the rich man who had never robbed was in hell, then what would be his own fate, who had robbed hundreds of times? He then repented on the spot and asked for my forgiveness. He returned my blanket to me... He made for me some tea flavoured with salt and gave me some dried fruit to eat. It was as though the Lord had taken out for me "meat from the eater and sweetness from the strong" (Judges 14: 14), and "prepared a table before me in the presence of my enemies" (Psalm 23 : 5).

I prayed with him, but he was very distressed. Then he took off his coat, spread it under me, and going on one side he began to weep over his condition. When I woke up in the morning, he told me all about his evil life and, showing me a lot of bones in a cave, said: "This is my sin.” Then I pitied him very much, but for myself I thanked God that He had been with me, otherwise to-day my bones too would have been found on that heap. Afterwards I told him the story of the thief to whom the Lord had said, “This day shalt thou be with me in paradise," and again I prayed; and he was comforted in his heart with the thought, “The Lord will save even me." He desired that I would baptize him, but on my advice he set out for the plains that he might receive baptism at the hands of some clergyman.

The Cross is Heaven, The Life and Writings of Sadhu Sundar Singh

Genre:Evangelist biography
Subject:Sadhu Sundar Singh
Publisher:Lutterworth Press
Library:Carey S. Thomas Library

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Sundar Singh was preaching to hostile Buddhists in Tibet and was one day driven out of a village without food and left to bear the blistering call from 13, 000 feet. But as he prayed, the Lord spoke to him; bringing him peace and the assurance that he was not alone.
Sundar Singh was prevailed upon to go see a poor man on his death-bed and on getting there he found this man—who was ill and had suffered for many years—filled with joy and hope—even as death was lurked over his room. He was not afraid to die, for he knew that he was soon to be ushered into life everlasting!
The sun was already setting, when Sadhu Sundar Singh, who was given wrong directions by a group of Christian-hating villagers, found himself in the middle of nowhere with a river before him that he could not cross. But in his moment of despair, a man came and helped him cross over. It was only after they has crossed that he realized that he had been helped—not by a man—but by an angel of the Lord.
Sundar Singh was threatened with jail time by an officer he preached the gospel to. But rather than chicken out, Sundar made it clear that so long as he was alive, he would continue to preach Jesus, and not prison or even death will stand in his way!
He came with the intention to rob the Sadhu but he left a penitent, completely changed and born again man!
When every appeal and emotional blackmail failed to get him to change his mind about becoming a Christian, Kartar Singh was not only disowned but was stripped naked before being sent away from home by his own father. But Katar was resolute, and though he left home physically naked, he knew he was covered in God's love!
On the orders of a Lamar, Kartar Singh was put to death for preaching the gospel. But for Kartar, death was no foe to be feared, and until he breathed his last, this was his position!