Transforming Power Of Forgiveness

Heidi was suspicious of Joseph because he had once betrayed her husband. In a remarkable twist of fate, she leads Joseph to faith in Jesus after spending some hours with him.

Following excerpt from 49% into God's Double Agent by Bob Fu

Heidi was a very hospitable woman, but one day when I told her about an upcoming guest, she was less than enthused.

“Who’s coming here?” she asked.

“Heidi,” I said, trying to calm her down. “Joseph was a good friend of mine.”

“Right, he was a good friend, until he turned on you,” she snapped.

“That’s not exactly true.”

“Well, what would you call it when he wrote in the newspaper that student protestors like you should be killed?”

“Maybe he’s changed.”

“Also, he took your job as the class monitor and made sure no one talked to you for months. In fact, he’s the main person who drove you into a depression, which almost drove you to suicide. Why is he coming here?”

“He said he was in the area,” I said. “I don’t know.”

“Well, I’ve said this ever since he betrayed you. He’s an opportunist, a bad guy, and I hope I never see him again!”

“Well, you won’t. He’s coming by in the evening. Perhaps it would be best if you were gone.”

A few days later, we were sitting in our little room when someone knocked on the door. It was midday, right before I was to leave for class, so we were a little surprised.

“Xiqiu!” I heard when I opened the door. There, four hours early, stood Joseph.

“Welcome,” I said, ushering him into our room. “Heidi,” I said, very slowly, hoping to give her a little time to collect herself. “Remember Joseph?”

“How could I forget?” she said.

“I’m so sorry, Joseph, I was expecting you later,” I said, glancing at my watch. “I was just leaving to teach my class.”

“It’s okay,” he said. “I can wait. In the meantime, I can just talk to Heidi.”

I looked at my wife—my lovely, beautiful wife—who simply smiled and said, “That would be great. It will give us a chance to relive our old college days.”

Even though I knew she was furious, I had no choice but to teach my class. When I closed the door behind me, I wondered what kind of scene I would find when I'd return a couple hours later. I couldn’t focus on the class as my mind wandered to what could be happening back at my home. When the class was over, I scurried over to our place, hoping that they hadn’t eviscerated each other.

When I opened the door, I was astonished at what I found. Heidi and Joseph were sitting at our tiny table with a Bible between them. Both of them were grinning from ear to ear.

“What’s going on here?” I asked.

Joseph jumped up from his chair and exclaimed words I never thought I'd hear him say.

“Xiqiu,” he exclaimed. “Your wife led me to Christ!”

God’s Double Agent

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Bob Fu is arrested for handing out Christian literature. All that remained was in his bright red backpack, which was sitting obviously on a table in the interrogation room. Bob prayed that God would keep the police from finding the literature, and He did, almost comically.
The timeless hymn, "The Old Rugged Cross" was Yuan Xiangchen's companion throughout his over twenty-one years imprisonment for refusal to join the Three-Self Patriotic Movement. While other prisoners took smoking breaks, he comforted himself by singing the hymn.
Heidi; Bob Fu's wife, had secured admission for graduate school at the People's University of Beijing and needed $3, 000 to fund her education. But despite praying everyday for weeks about it, and even sharing the financial need to other men, Bob still could not secure the needed funds. Bob was prepared to give up, but just a day before the deadline for payment, God showed up and answered his prayers.
Heidi was suspicious of Joseph because he had once betrayed her husband. In a remarkable twist of fate, she leads Joseph to faith in Jesus after spending some hours with him.
During a Bible training session led by Pastor Ronny for the underground church in Beijing, Bob Fu and other believers present experienced "Pentecost" - the Holy Spirit, like a mighty wind, fell upon them and they spoke in other tongues.
Just before his arrest, Bob Fu and his wife Heidi, found comfort and strength as they knelt together to study and pray over Peter's epistle in 1Peter 4 on the need to not be ashamed but to glorify God for sharing in Christ's suffering.
Xiqui Fu handed his wife an all important book containing all the contact information of the brethren of the underground church, just before his arrest by the police who searched every nook and cranny of their home hoping to find something incriminating. But God blinded their eyes, as Heidi held onto the book, while their home was ransacked and yet, no one but her husband saw the book she held.
Bob Fu's aged father, who was himself a Christian, got arrested and was tortured for his refusal to do the bidding of the government. His church was broken up and he was refused baptism at the government-sanctioned church, but when asked if he will deny Jesus because of his sufferings, his answer was an emphatic no!
Liu Xianzhi was a thirty-three-year-old Christian woman who was declared innocent of the charges filled against her by the Chinese government. Still, she was sent to a labour camp for "reeducation" and there suffered the most cruel and inhuman torture for her faith in God.
Having suffered terribly at a labour camp, Sarah Xianzhi needed to escape from China and though the "road-blocks" were many and daunting, God helped her escape the life-threatening persecution at home.