God Delivers The Apostles From Prison

Brother Yun was able to escape from prison through supernatural interventions, similar to those of Peter in Acts 12.

Following excerpt from 18% into The Heavenly Man by Brother Yun, Paul Hattaway

At that moment, with everyone’s eyes off me, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart, “The God of Peter is your God.” I remembered how angels had opened the prison gates for Peter to escape. “Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?” Hebrews 1:14.

The rope that bound my arms behind my back suddenly snapped by itself! I didn’t tear the ropes off, but kept them loosely in place. I decided to try to escape, and if caught I would claim I was trying to go to the toilet. With my arms still positioned behind my back, I used my mouth to turn the door handle and I walked out of the room! At that moment God gave me faith and courage. I reminded myself that the blood of Jesus Christ protected me. I walked through the middle of the onlookers in the courtyard.

Nobody stopped me or said anything to me! It was as though God had blinded their eyes and they didn’t recognize who I was. I walked through the courtyard to the toilet block in the northern part of the compound, about 30 feet away from the interrogation room. As quickly as I could, I pulled off the rope from around my body. My hands, arms and shoulders were still numb from being bound by rope for so long.

Because the front gates had been locked, the only way out of the compound was over an eight-foot high cement wall. The wall had sharp glass embedded in the top. I stood there for a moment, stared at the wall and prayed, asking the Lord to heal my hands and body. I decided to try to leap over the wall. I saw no other choice. I was trapped and at any moment the officers would come and grab me. What happened next is not possible from a human perspective, yet God is my witness that what I am about to tell you is the truth. First I pulled myself up onto the wall as high as I could manage.

I looked over the top and saw that on the other side was a ten-feet-wide open septic tank. As I hung grimly onto the side of the wall, all of a sudden I felt as if somebody hoisted me up and threw me over! I jumped so far that I even cleared the septic tank! A Scripture came to mind, “With your help I can advance against a troop; with my God I can scale a wall.” 2 Samuel 22:30. The God of Peter wonderfully helped me leap over the wall and escape! I believe the same angel I had seen in my vision helped to lift me up.

The Heavenly Man

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Brother Yun's mother led her family in a simple prayer to Jesus for the healing of her husband. Not only was he healed, but a revival resulted in Yun's extended family and village.
Brother Yun taught the people of Gao village various Scripture songs from Matthew chapter 5. So many people came to Christ that the authorities cracked down on them and beat them. But the believers were filled with joy to offer the other cheek and suffer persecution for Christ, to the extent that the authorities thought they were crazy and sent them home.
In a disguised attempt at perpetuating its opposition to the spread of the Gospel, the Chinese government created the Three-Self Patriotic Movement; promising freedom to worship but empowering itself to completely determine what worship to God should be.
Brother Yun and his colabourers faced great persecution, but their suffering helped spread the gospel throughout China. In a bid to evade arrest at several times, they had to flee from one place to another, preaching and spreading the gospel as they moved.
Brother Yun was able to escape from prison through supernatural interventions, similar to those of Peter in Acts 12.
Brother Yun impossibly escapes from prison. The escape was so unlikely that the authorities declined to look for him out of denial, hoping to avoid the disgrace they would face. Even his fellow Christians, who were praying for him, couldn't believe it.
One time Brother Yun got arrested, the Holy Spirit leads him to feign insanity and by so doing, raise an alarm so believers from the underground meeting he just left would escape arrest by the Police.
Brother Yun faced the temptation to eat after he had declared a fast. Through scriptural remembrance to resist the devil, he overcame the temptation.
Once his fellow prisoners understood that Brother Yun was in prison for his faith in Jesus, they asked him to sing a song, which he used to preach the Good News to them.
Through resting in God and meditating on His word, Brother Yun found true rest for his soul and then God gave him the ability to love those who had attacked him.
In a vision, the Lord reveals to Brother Yun what he later understood to be a forewarning of the plot by his captors to torture and then lure him, just so he will cave in.
Once when Brother Yun was arrested, he was horribly and shamefully treated. While he was tempted to lash out, the Lord stopped him and reminded him to "not repay anyone evil for evil."
Brother Yun, as a fragrance for the Lord was used to preach powerfully to his unbelieving cellmates. And like an aroma of God he was used to bring these hardened criminals to the foot of the cross.
Brother Yun challenges fellow inmates with the message of salvation and the need to seek God's forgiveness. The fruit of their yielding to God was the wonderful transformation in their lives even while they remained prisoners.
Brother Yun is filled with joy at being counted worthy to suffer for Jesus. He, along with eight others, were publicly shamed by being driven around in an open truck for all to see. Brother Yun loudly sang praises to God, in spite of threats from the guards, and his singing led a backslidden sister back to the Lord.
While in prison, the Lord gave Brother Yun "a vivid dream" wherein he had a Bible. The next very next morning, the unprecedented happened; he was given a Bible by the prison authorities!
Brother Yun shares the story of the Revival that broke through China in 1989 and how the Holy Spirit filled His people - including those with no seminary training who went on teaching the gospel with such an authority like Jesus, spreading His name and leaving all who listened amazed.
Brother Yun's co labourers were common men with no theological training at all. But still, they were empowered the Holy Ghost to proclaim the gospel, accompanied by mighty signs and wonders, so much so that the authorities feared arresting them.
Brother Yun connected with a prison vendor through singing a hymn from her hymnbook. This led to great mutual blessing, including being able to get word out to Yun's family and co-workers.
Fellow Prisoners and prison officials were touched by Brother Yun's compassion and his enviable joyful countenance, so much so that he was elevated to be the cell leader and given better treatment. Brother Yun exhibited the fruits of the Holy Spirit.
Brother Yun and ten house church leaders were arrested on the orders of the central government in Beijing. Horrendously, they were beaten and tortured without mercy.
A day before Brother Yun's dramatic escape from the Zhengzhou Maximum Security Prison, the Holy Spirit broke the news of his imminent escape and consequent stop at their home, to a Christian family in Zhengzhou so they could prepare for his arrival.
Brother Yun, miraculously delivered from prison, arrived at the door of some Christian friends. But the girl who answered was so excited, she forgot to open the door.
The believers in Zhengzhou were fasting and praying for Brother Yun's release from prison for more than a week. God answered their prayers dramatically.
God delivered Brother Yun from the Zhengzhou maximum security prison by miraculously healing him and allowing him to simply walk out.
Despite his willingness to continue, all doors to ministry were closed against Brother Yun following his escape from prison. By prayer and meditation, he sought direction on the next steps to take and got God's leading.
Brother Yun, who was used to being beaten in China was faced with a different, more sinister kind of persecution in the West. He cried out to God for strength to forgive and move on.
Brother Yun fails to heed to God's clear warning to be careful as he attempted to relocate his family from Myanmar to Germany in 2001. The consequence of his disobedience proved Jesus' teachings in Matt. 7: 24-27
When Brother Yun was imprisoned in Myanmar, he sang a simple song of praise while the other prisoners prayed to Buddha. God used that song to bring an atmosphere of peace to everyone, so much so that even a Buddhist monk began to follow Yun to his times of worship.
Even though Brother Yun was imprisoned in Myanmar, he was still eager to preach the gospel and was excited to learn about four fellow Chinese men also imprisoned there. When he finally met them, he took the risk to share the gospel with them, eventually leading them to salvation and baptizing them in the prison's bathroom.
Brother Yun invested his time and energy in strengthening and encouraging the new believers he helped lead to Christ in a Burmese prison. Seizing every opportunity that presented itself, he taught these believers the truth of God's word, through which God changed their lives.