Jesus Is Worth More Than Worldly Gain

Ro might have missed an opportunity at being a parliament member but he didn't miss what the lord wanted him to do in India at the time he went there.

Following excerpt from 89% into Gods Tribesman the Rochunga Pudaite Story by James, Marti Hefley

Then, just when the future seemed brightest, a new challenge came in January from political leaders in Ro’s home state. “The Communist who has represented Manipur in Parliament has no chance of being reelected,” they said. “The government investigation showed the people who their true friends are. If you will come and file as our candidate, we can assure your election.”

Ro leaned across Mawii’s desk with a big smile. “Read this,” he said, handing her the letter. He watched as her brows raised and her eyes rounded in wonder.


“But Ro,” Mawii protested, “you already have the most important job in the world—serving the Lord Jesus.


That night Ro wrestled with the problem. He appreciated Mawii’s feelings but knew the decision had to be his. He prayed much of the night, asking the Lord to show him the right path. “Help me not to consider any ambitions of my own but only to be willing to follow wherever you lead.”


Ro prepared to leave, taking a flight scheduled to arrive two days before the filing deadline. All went well until the plane landed for refueling at Tashkent airport on the southern tip of Russia. The pilot first announced they would be on the ground for only twenty-five minutes; then he said there would be a delay for repairs and the passengers should go to a hotel.

It was 25 degrees below zero outside, and the hotel room was unheated. Ro shivered in his topcoat underneath a single blanket and sheet while his assigned roommate got drunk and vomited all over the bed. The plane finally left the next afternoon and arrived in New Delhi fifteen minutes past the deadline for filing.


During the [evangelistic] crusade, Ro’s brother Ramlien brought a Muslim teacher to Ro’s room. “This is Mr. Renchang Chote. He wishes to debate with you,” Ramlien explained.

Ro looked at his watch. He hadn’t much time. “Very well,” he said. “Let’s do it the way they do in the United States. You take ten minutes and tell me all Mohammed has done for you that you’re excited about, and I’ll take ten minutes to tell what Jesus has done for me. Then I must go speak.”

“You begin,” the man with the flowing black robe and beard suggested courteously.

“No, you are my guest,” Ro replied. “You may go first.”

“No, I insist that you tell me first.”

“Very well,” Ro acquiesced. “As you know, I am a tribal man. My grandfather was a headhunter, and my father was trained to be one. But God changed my father from being a headhunter to being a heart-hunter for Jesus Christ. It was because of the power of God.

“I too have received this experience of having Christ in my heart. Since I became Christian I have been so sure of God’s leadership I never have to worry about what is done to me today or tomorrow. I know I have a home in heaven.

“Jesus Christ has met every need of my life. There have been times when I had a terrible need for money for my own support when I was in school. He supplied all I needed. There were times when I was in danger of losing my life in the jungle. Wild animals chased me, but when I turned my needs over to Jesus Christ he met every one of them.

“The most exciting thing about life is that when you know the source of joy and peace and light and life, then you have everything. That I have. For all these reasons and more, I am just bubbling over with joy.

“Now it is your turn,” Ro said, glancing quickly at his watch.

The Muslim moved uneasily, looked at Ro, then at the floor.

“It’s your time,” Ro urged politely.

“No,” he said, shaking his head. “I have nothing like that to tell. I surrender my time. Will you take my ten minutes and tell me how Jesus can help me?”

Ro needed no urging. In ten minutes he had told of God’s love and how Jesus had died to save men from their sins.

Then the Muslim asked, “May I have Jesus in my heart?” They knelt together and prayed, and Ro left to preach.

Just as he went to the rostrum, Ro noticed Ramlien and the Muslim entering the auditorium. “Would you tell everyone what happened this morning?” Ro asked the man.

The black-robed spiritual leader stepped to the front, looked around, and declared, “I went to debate Mr. Pudaite, but instead I received Jesus Christ as my Savior.”

After the crusade the new converts were invited to a thirty-day course on basic Bible doctrines taught in Sielmat by Khuma. Many came at the price of persecution and rejection by their families. One of the keenest was Renchang Chote, now a humble follower of Jesus Christ. The former Muslim scholar, who had been trained in Persian, Arabic, English, and Hebrew, stated that he wished to become a minister.

Ro was convinced now that the Lord had a purpose in his missing the political opportunity. He flew back to Wheaton with fresh ambition to advance the ministry of the mission over a wider area.

Gods Tribesman the Rochunga Pudaite Story

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In a period of self-doubt, Ro was prayed for by Irang. He heard a "sweet calm voice" that reassured him thereby encouraging him to stay and continue his studies.
Ro’s faith was tested in the classroom when he encountered intelligent professors that espoused false teachings about God. His theological hurdle was overcome when, while searching for a prized pen he had lost, he came upon a new realization.
One night, over 50 Ao Naga students threatened to behead Rochunga after a face-off he had with one of them. But as Rochunga brought his case before the Lord, not only was he able to sleep soundly that very night having obtained God's protection, but his enemies will two days later come to him seeking his forgiveness.
Based on an entirely false allegation, Ro became a marked man with several threats and actual attempts made to end his life. But through it all, Ro prayed for and forgave his enemies and when the dust settled, he went to prison to ask for the release of the very men who wanted to kill him.
Ro knew to pray in every situation but also learned to trust a child's faith, when his daughter prayed and their vacation was salvaged.
Ro might have missed an opportunity at being a parliament member but he didn't miss what the lord wanted him to do in India at the time he went there.