Gift Of Speaking To Someone In Their Language

The deliverance of a demon possessed woman opened the way for the establishment of a church.

Following excerpt from 72% into New Testament Fire In The Philippines by Jim Montgomery

The opportunity to start an outstation there came when a demon-possessed woman was freed.

The missionary, Mrs. Thompson, was traveling in the area with a companion when they entered a home where the demon-possessed woman lived. They found her chained to the floor. When they came in, she tried to tear off her clothes and danced around the room as far as the chain would allow. Mrs. Thompson tried to talk to her through an interpreter, but she could not understand Visayan.

“Why don’t you try speaking to her in tongues?” her companion said. She did and the demon-possessed woman recognized it as her native mountain language. Mrs. Thompson told her she needed Christ and the woman accepted the Lord. Immediately she was quiet and she has been normal ever since.

This sign opened the way for the beginning of the outstation. Mrs. Europa continued working there for six months during which time 76 accepted Christ and became faithful members. Many others made a public profession of belief in Christ. Some were healed and some had an experience with the Holy Spirit similar to Mrs. Europa’s. She taught the adults here while her companion from the school worked with the children. When they left after six months, a fulltime worker was sent and the Coronon church is still thriving.

New Testament Fire In The Philippines

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Three days after suffering a heart attack, Evelyn Quema's dad was confirmed dead; after examination by a doctor. Upon hearing the news, her mother rushed to the hospital's chapel, and there she earnestly prayed that God to bring her husband back to life. To the utter amazement of everyone present at the hospital that night; Evelyn's dad was brought back to life.
New converts described how accepting Christ into their lives led to a change in lifestyle; some stop smoking, others stopped cockfights, and others stopped gambling. The change in their lives was clear that it led others to Christ.
An evangelist is forced to quit preaching given his deteriorating health. Sick with tuberculosis, he attended a meeting where he became instantly healed in answer to prayers offered there. Having been made whole, he returned to preaching, pioneering and planting churches.
Mrs. Europa attended a meeting where Mrs. Thompson was preaching and praying for the sick. She had been suffering from severe pains in the lungs for sometime. Her mother was also ill. Both of them were healed at the meeting after Mrs. Thompson led them to express faith in Jesus, laid hands on them and commanded the sickness to be cast out in Jesus. That led to a massive acceptance of Jesus within the family.
The deliverance of a demon possessed woman opened the way for the establishment of a church.
The deliverance of a demon possessed woman opened the way for the establishment of a church.
Francis Radoc Sambire was a young believer who wanted to be baptized with the Spirit. In a vivid vision one day, she saw the Lord about to exchange her "black heart" for a new one. That same night, she experienced the baptism she so desired.
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Different stories show how people come to accept Jesus by experiencing the power of God to heal sickness and diseases.