Counted Worthy Of Suffering Disgrace For The Name

When Stephen Cheung is arrested and treated like a dangerous criminal, he considers this to be a blessing, to suffer for the name of Christ.

Following excerpt from 27% into Refining Fire by Stephen Cheung

After the prayer meeting in the evening on September 14, 1955, because Brother Kwokhin did not feel well, he and I left early. When we left, some brothers and sisters were still there. However, we were summoned back to the church by "Brother" Pan. When we arrived at church with this "Brother" Pan, people from the public safety department also arrived. Amazingly, I met this "brother" later at a labor camp. I did not know what crime this "brother" had committed. Our God truly cannot be mocked (Gal 6:7).

More than a dozen people from the public safety department went into the church. Some wore uniforms and some did not. They ordered everyone to be silent. The brothers and sisters all were praying silently. They took Brothers Kwokhin, Xiangao, and me to a room, where they read aloud the arrest warrants. They claimed we were counter-revolutionists. They demanded us to sign the warrants, regardless of whether we agreed to the charge or not. Since there was no other alternative, we reluctantly signed our names. But my heart felt good. This signature would go to heaven. The Lord would remember this; and it was sufficient for me. Then, they handcuffed me with my hands in the back. I reminded myself, "Don't forget the little bag that you have carried for more than ten days!" I was taken to a small black vehicle parked in the street. On my left and my right were two people holding their guns. The car windows were covered with black curtains. They treated me like a dangerous criminal. The two people on my left and right were panting tensely. But thanks be to God for I was very calm inside. Heavenly peace filled my heart. My spirit praised God. The Lord considered us worthy to suffer for his name. The one concern in my heart that I had been waiting for day and night could now be laid down. Now I could really understand what Peter said, "If you are insulted because of the name of Christ, you are blessed, for the Spirit of glory and of God rests on you." (1 Peter 4:14) What is the Spirit of glory and of God? Now I could finally perceive this.

Refining Fire

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Brother Yeusung is challenged by a Christian sister's obedience of the Biblical injunction to preach in and out of seasons. He watched this sister on bus ride boldly declare the good news in John 3:16 (after her Bible was seized) to not just anyone but to an officer of the "Liberation Army"; a widely feared group.
When Stephen Cheung is arrested and treated like a dangerous criminal, he considers this to be a blessing, to suffer for the name of Christ.
Stephen Cheung counted as nothing his suffering in prison, but with the peace of God in his heart, he rejoiced at being an ambassador in chains for the gospel.
When Stephen Cheung was arrested for the second time, he knew he would be in prison for a long time and this time, he will be leaving his pregnant wife all alone. But yet again, he rejoiced at being worthy to suffer for Christ.
Even though illegal, Stephen Cheung smuggled a hymn book to prison and himself and Father Yeh made it habit to sing hymns to the Lord together.
A beautiful story of three believers who rejoiced at being counted worthy to suffer disgrace for Christ's sake - while one was imprisoned for twenty years, two gladly payed the ultimate price.