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Rev. T. E. Riddle who translated Sadhu Sundar Singh's books writes powerfully about the Sadhu's many struggles with health-related problems and of his joy and undiminished sense of duty to His Lord through it all.

Following excerpt from 74% into Sadhu Sundar Singh, A Personal Memoir by C. F. Andrews
One other friend, the Rev. T. E. Riddle, gave me valuable detailed information.

“I saw the Sadhu,” he wrote to me, “from time to time, and stayed with him while I was translating his books. He persistently spoke to me of the weakness of his Jungs and his frequent heart-attacks, whereas the root of all his trouble seems to have been gastric. After 1924 a considerable degree of heart discomfort followed almost all his public meetings. On several occasions the heart-attacks were so severe as to leave him unconscious for hours at a time. On his attempt to go to Tibet in 1927, a very severe hemorrhage from the stomach made his Tibetan fellow travellers take him back to the railway. During his last years his letters were full of references to his poor health, and I have seen him dazed with the pain of an attack that was mild compared with others.

“For him the indwelling of Christ was no mere intellectual conception. It was a reality to which his whole experience gave increasing witness. He put Christ in the centre of all his thinking, and ‘self’ receded more and more out of the picture. The sense of harmony between his surrendered life and the Indwelling Lord was an unending source of peace and joy to him. In hours of specially intense spiritual stress, when suffering deprivation for Christ’s sake, the joy that came to him used to wipe away all the pain. He would explain that it was not joy in suffering, but that the pain itself was transmuted into joy.

“There was no pride in him. He always marvelled that the Lord had chosen him for world fame. He seldom mentioned his ‘visions.’ There was nothing abnormal about him. He delighted in human joy and loved a joke, but he would leave the merriest party to go to his tryst with his Lord. He was a man who saw the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.”

Sadhu Sundar Singh, A Personal Memoir

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While praying one night, Sadhu Sundar Singh felt impressed to go to "someone from the valley below who was needing his immediate help." He left, despite the protestations of his friends, to go help this stranger and it was a few days before he was back. But he only returned after being of help to the one he had been summoned to help!
When Sundar Singh visited the Lepers' Home at Chandkuri, he spoke to them of the love of God and also demonstrated that by taking the time to speak individually and bring comfort to the sick there. Even before leaving, he left them with the comforting prayers of Apostle Paul; asking that God's peace remain with them!
The void created by the sad loss of his mother, whom he so dearly loved pushed Sundar Singh to rebel against God. And soon he became ring leader of a group dedicated to persecuting believers and setting Christian scriptures on fire.
Much like the Apostle Paul, Sundar Singh went from being a persecutor to a believer who devoted his life to evangelism, after Jesus appeared to him in a vision.
When all entreaties failed to persuade Sundar Singh to abandon his Christian faith or at least keep it secret, he was sent packing from home and excommunicated from the Sikh religion. But young Sundar Singh writes about the peace that filled his heart even he passed the first night out in the cold! God was with him!
Sundar's humble loving prayer for the ringleader of the group of students who despised him for no just cause, broke the barrier hatred had built in the latter's heart and the two moved from enemies to friends!
Samuel Stokes writes about the Sadhu, who though was just a boy, suffered a lot for his Master. When overcome with illness one day as the traveled through mountains, his amazing answer to Stoke's question about how he felt was, ‘I am very happy: how sweet it is to suffer for His sake!’
When Sadhu Sundar Singh was leaving Kiwar to go preach in the surrounding Tibetan villages, he was sternly warned about the people's addiction to violence and was urged to go with a sword. But for the Sadhu, the Word of God was his sword and he went, preached and came out safely and unharmed; to the glory of God!
For Sundar Singh, following daily in the footsteps of Jesus was the one overriding desire of his life and to achieve this, he made the Urdu Bible his one inseparable companion and studied it all his days!
Sadhu Sundar Singh was like His Savior, remarkably observant and employed parables vivid illustrations to drive his points home and make unforgettable; his teachings about the great love of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
When on a journey to Palestine, Sundar Singh became thirsty not long after drinking water and feeling refreshed. This experience made him grateful for the fountain of Living Waters he has been privileged to drink from since he surrendered his life to Jesus.
When the Sadhu Sundar Singh stepped out to watch the stars one beautiful night, a completely benumbed Shoran Singha watched from a window how a leopard that could have harmed the Sadhu that night become harmless as it got to where he stood. When he questioned the Sadhu about this incident the next day, his reply that he had no cause to tremble because he trusts in Christ was not surprising.
While Ishii was a free man, he lived recklessly and became even more hardened as he was urged to repent. It was when his ways led him to prison that he found the Savior and now he writes from prison, thankful to have found forgiveness from God and describing his joy and contentment even as he suffers in prison.
Rev. T. E. Riddle who translated Sadhu Sundar Singh's books writes powerfully about the Sadhu's many struggles with health-related problems and of his joy and undiminished sense of duty to His Lord through it all.