We Do Not Grieve As Those Who Have No Hope

In two separate replies to letters from his dear friends, Hudson Taylor writes beautifully about the death of his wife and the great comfort he's enjoyed from the Lord since her demise.

Following excerpt from 31% into Hudson Taylor and the China Inland Mission, The Growth of a Work of God by Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor
While still in Hang-chow — home of so many memories- Mr. Taylor replied to these beloved friends, seeking to reassure them with regard to his experiences. To Mr. Berger, November 18:

Many, many thanks for your loving sympathy in my bereavement—I cannot properly say loss. I feel it an inexpressible gain. She is not lost. She does not love me less now, nor do I love her less, or less rejoice in her. And I do from day to day and every day so delight in the love of Jesus, satisfy my thirsty heart when most desolate from His fullness, feed and rest in green pastures in the recognition that His will has been done and is being done, as no words can express. He only knows what her absence is to me. Twelve years and a half of such unbroken spiritual fellowship, united labour, mutual satisfaction and love, fall to the lot of very few...

And to Mrs. Berger the same day:

No language can express what He has been and is to me. Never does He leave me; constantly does He cheer me with His love. He who once wept at the grave of Lazarus often now weeps in and with me. He who once on earth rejoiced in spirit and said, "Even so. Father, for so it seemed good in Thy sight," daily, hourly, rejoices in spirit in me, and says so still. His own rest, His own peace. His own joy He gives me. He kisses me with the kisses of His love, which are better than wine. Often I find myself wondering whether it is possible for her, who is taken, to have more joy in His presence than He has given me, if He has taken her to heaven, He has also brought heaven here to me, for He is heaven. There is no night, no gloom, in His presence. In His presence there is "fullness of joy."

Hudson Taylor and the China Inland Mission, The Growth of a Work of God

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On two occasions, Hudson Taylor came close to not meeting a financial obligation. Yet the Lord provided just at the very moment the funds were needed. Hudson Taylor learned that it is in our weakness and need that the strength of Jesus is perfected.
Hudson Taylor's travel date was fast approaching, yet he neither had a ship nor the money for the ship. He refused to be worried; instead, he chose to trust that God would provide all his needs. When an opportunity to seek help during a speaking engagement, Hudson insisted on keeping to the principles of trusting God completely. The following day God provided both the money for the ship and the ship!
When Hudson Taylor understood the revelation that he was just a branch and the Lord was the Vine, his whole lifestyle changed for the better. He came upon a new experience of peaceful existence that shone brightly everywhere and in everything he did.
Given the challenge of a paucity of funds, Hudson Taylor wrote in December, to a colaborer of his to brace up and take austere measures, like he personally had, and pray to God to send supply for His work. On new year's eve, the Lord, through George Müller, reached them with a cheering and unexpected token.
In two separate replies to letters from his dear friends, Hudson Taylor writes beautifully about the death of his wife and the great comfort he's enjoyed from the Lord since her demise.
With amazing warmth and love, the Bergers wrote from England to comfort Hudson Taylor in China after news of his wife's sad demise reached them. And with great empathy, they shared in the sorrows of their brother, reminding him that, "Jehovah wounds and He heals... but never takes away to leave us poor".
A proclamation was issued stating that nothing should be sold to Hudson Taylor, a foreigner. He clung to prayer as his only hope when he was stranded and without support. He had a visitor one night while praying who gave him food without saying anything.
During a trip to Chefoo, Mrs. Taylor's ship encountered a fog that delayed their journey. She prayed in the night, at about 9:30, for God to clear it. The following day, the Captain confirmed that it was exactly the same time the fog cleared. But even more, she realized that God had used the fog to perfectly time their arrival.
Mr. and Mrs. Frost's obedience to God was tested when they were invited to join God's work with the China Inland Mission. Faithfulness triumphed over skepticism, and the work was blessed and amply provided for by God.
Hudson Taylor's countenance, calm and peaceful attitude touched others so much that he was asked how he came to such a life. He responded "I could not possibly get through the work I have to do without the peace of God ' which passeth all understanding ' keeping my heart and mind."
Prior to his conversion, Mr. Brunton was a miserable fellow; he lacked the peace of God and was fearful. Mr. Taylor and other believers continued; over several weeks, to cry to God for his salvation. Eventually, God answers them; bringing great joy and peace not only to Mr. Brunton, but to them also.