Don't Be Anxious, Make Requests Known To God, And He Will Give Peace

Rather than allow anxiety get the best of him, a needy Pastor took his needs to the Lord and made specific demands of His Lord. And over the course of the following days, he watched with astonishment, as the Lord answered his prayer one day at a time.

Following excerpt from 8% into The Guiding Hand or Providential Direction Illustrated by Authentic Instances by H. L. Hastings
It was December. My quarter’s salary, the last for the year, had been paid me with the usual promptness. I don't wish to blame my people in the least —in many things they are very kind to their minister and family. But the plain fact is, that during no year of the five I have been with them, has my salary met necessary home expenses. We have tried to economize in every way; but as yet are unable to make the two ends of the year meet on the salary.

We were particularly tried during the month mentioned. The weather without was not more gloomy than the state of things within doors. My three eldest children were down with the whooping-cough; a little babe of only a few weeks was daily threatened; my wife lay prostrate on a lied of sickness: I myself was struggling with the severest cough that had-yet overtaken me; our hired help had left and we could obtain no one to take her place; and one of the worst features of the case was that I was entirely out of pocket, not two months of my quarter having passed before every cent of my salary was spent—a most unusual circumstance, for ordinarily it would last me till within a couple of weeks of the close of the quarter. Six weeks were before me, during which I would receive no remuneration by which to meet the expenses that would not stop.

...I resolved to lay the whole case before the Lord in prayer. With this end in view, I first carefully estimated how much I needed to carry me through the remaining weeks of the quarter, and clear me from all debt. It would take, I thought, about one hundred dollars. I next wrote out my prayer, that I might afterwards know just what I had asked for, what promises I had plead, and with what sort of a spirit I had prayed.


After prayer, I somehow became very calm. Things did not look quite so dark. I felt that in some way the Guiding Hand would appear. Now, note the result. It was that same evening I believe, at a very late hour, when my door bell was suddenly rung. In some surprise I responded to the summons. A stranger stood before me. He came, he said, to have me attend the wedding ceremony of his daughter. I inquired into the circumstances, and found that the parties were to have been married in Boston, but on account of the mother’s health, had unexpectedly changed their plans, and were to be married at home. Of course I consented to go. As he left me I said to myself, My first five toward the one hundred dollars. The Lord means that I shall work it out. Most willing am I, if he will only give me something to do."


I now felt more certain than ever that God was answering my prayer. In a few days, I had received from most unexpected quarters, twenty dollars toward the one hundred I had asked for. After this, twenty-two days elapsed; and one Monday evening, as I was sitting with my wife, talking about the matters of the day, but all the while inwardly wondering whether the Lord would suffer me to begin my new quarter, which was only six days off, in debt, we were startled by a nervous ring of the door bell. On opening the door the friend who had remembered me so pleasantly on Christmas eve, entered. He had been a frequent visitor before, and his presence now raised no expectations. After an hour’s chatty conversation he arose to leave. I accompanied him to the door with the light. As I extended my hand to shake good-night, he left a roll of bills in it. Before I had time to express my astonishment, he had gone. Not having given me the slightest intimation of what was coming, this almost midnight gift seemed like something dropped from the skies. We opened the roll and counted seventy-five dollars. “Within five dollars of my hundred!” I exclaimed. “This will suffice. My prayer is substantially answered.” What gratitude swelled in my heart that night. And the next day how laughingly I went to the stores, and left word at each to make out their respective bills! And with what joy I speedily cashed them all! Once more I was out of debt—and what to me was very strange, I had some money left...

The Guiding Hand or Providential Direction Illustrated by Authentic Instances

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Rather than allow anxiety get the best of him, a needy Pastor took his needs to the Lord and made specific demands of His Lord. And over the course of the following days, he watched with astonishment, as the Lord answered his prayer one day at a time.
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