You Are The Salt Of The Earth

Nik Ripken and his co-labourers make a bold and conscious decision to be "salt and light" in Somalia; a region where abnormalities had become normal. And for over six years, they did that!

Following excerpt from 29% into The Insanity of God by Nik Ripkin, Gregg Lewis

Some days it wasn’t the humanity of the Somalis that I worried about, but my own humanity and that of my staff. It was nearly impossible for us to find the strength to get out of bed in the morning knowing that before the day was over, we would help bury twenty more children, and that there were many more starving people in this country than the fifty thousand who we would feed that day. If each soul is, indeed, a soul for whom Christ died, how would it be possible to endure the pain, the death, the inhumanity?. . .

One day I welcomed one of our first American staff couples to our Mogadishu headquarters. I gave Nathan and Leah a quick tour of the compound and then took them up to the roof for a look at Mogadishu.

As I showed Nathan the water tanks and the radio antennae, Leah walked toward the edge of the rooftop to get a better look at the compound below. “My goodness, listen to that!” she exclaimed. “The mosquitoes certainly are bad here!”

My heart clenched the instant her words registered in my mind. I realized that there would be no mosquitoes in the middle of the day. As I instinctively rushed toward Leah, I began to hear what she was hearing. As calmly as I could, I said, “Leah, those aren’t mosquitoes that you’re hearing. Those are bullets.” Before I could say more, Leah had already dropped flat and was belly-crawling back to the doorway. That was Leah’s welcome to Somalia; she had to adapt in a hurry and she did it well.

We struggled to remember what was normal. We realized that we were being forced to adapt to a situation that was impossible even to comprehend. We felt certain that we were exactly where we needed to be, exactly where God wanted us to be. But, almost daily, we wondered why God would allow such suffering and pain. The human element in that pain was clear: corruption and greed and sin were obvious answers to our question. What we couldn’t see quite so clearly, at the time, was the love and power of God. Was God in Somalia? Where? What was He doing? How bad would the situation have to get before He would dramatically intervene?

We made a conscious choice to be salt and light in a place gone mad. And we prayed that, somehow, the light would shine in the midst of this dark insanity.

The Insanity of God

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Nik Ripken and his co-labourers make a bold and conscious decision to be "salt and light" in Somalia; a region where abnormalities had become normal. And for over six years, they did that!
Dmitri, a prisoner in Russia, had a daily morning habit of singing a song to Jesus and writing down Scripture and songs. He was punished each day for this by the prison guards. Finally they intended to execute him for his disobedience, but the entire prison sang Dmitri's song, striking fear into the guards such that they gave up their plan.
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While Stoyan's father was imprisoned, the government exiled his wife and four children to an unknown place. On the train to exile, a stranger walks up to them; his Church was praying the previous night when the Holy Spirit specifically directed them to be on that train that day; with an offering for them.
An imprisoned pastor is tied to the stake and made an offer to deny Christ and be set free, or face execution. He turned down the offer, but instead of getting executed; that same day, ten years since his incarceration; he gets released. He got home and found his family and other believers, praying for him at the alter in church.
A few months after his release from prison, a Pastor is called upon to pray for a blind and diabetic man, on getting there, he is shocked to discover that the sick man was one of his fiercest tormentors in prison. “Oh, Lord! Do not let me fail you now!” - he prayed, and God heard him; for he found the grace to forgive his persecutor.
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When a Muslim-Militia soldier who found Christ and forsook Islam was caught by the killer squad he used to lead; death by beating was all they planned for him. But as they began to beat him, he was able to escape in the most unlikely, yet amazing way.