Don't Be Anxious, Instead Make Requests Known To God

Left with only $20 even as the bills continued to mount, Rosalind became worried and afraid but soon committed the matter in God's hands. The very next day at breakfast, her decision to put the matter to rest in God's hands paid off.

Following excerpt from 48% into Climbing, Memories of a Missionary's Wife by Rosalind Goforth
... I had been six week in the Toronto General Hospital, during which time all mail had been brought to me by the children from home. One evening, a few days before I was to leave the hospital, my daughter came to me in evident distress. She said, “Mother, I hope you have plenty of money, for the bills have been mounting up terribly.” When she left, I went over my accounts and found I had only twenty dollars to carry us over two weeks till the monthly check from the Board came. Several moments of intense worrying caused such faintness I became afraid. Putting the accounts away, I just committed all into the Lord’s hands and fell asleep.

The following morning a letter lay on my breakfast tray. I expressed surprise to the nurse, and she said, ‘This letter came to the office last night as you were going to sleep, so we kept it till this morning.” I found the letter to be from a close friend of my husband, Mr. R. H. It enclosed a check for one hundred dollars and read, “Please accept the enclosed as a personal gift. It may help a little in view of the near return of your husband.” Truly at this moment the sense of the Lord’s presence was very real. In acknowledging the gift, I wrote in part, “You have been just God’s open channel; the gift is direct through you from my heavenly Father.”

Climbing, Memories of a Missionary’s Wife

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Eleven year old Rosalind was at a meeting where the preacher's teaching of God's love anchored on John 3:16 convicted her. While she lacked the courage to stand for Christ that very night, she did so the next day not minding what her siblings thought about the decision.
While on a walk with her fiancé Jonathan one New Year's Day, Rosalind felt strongly led in her spirit to go southward to a slum district and not northward as initially planned. She insisted despite her husband’s hesitation. On arriving at the slum district, they knocked on a particular door only to find that they were God’s timely answer to the prayer of a dying woman and her husband.
Rosalind Goforth's three children desperately needed clothes before embarking on the long journey home from Shanghai. Since she knew no one in the city who could help, Mrs. Goforth went to her knees in prayer. While she was still praying, the doorbell rang, and behind it were two women able and willing to make clothes. All provided for except the baby, the family embarked on their ocean journey. Mrs. Goforth asked the Lord to provide for the baby as He had done the others. By special delivery to the ship, from a previously unknown source, God provided exactly what was needed for the baby.
Rosalind’s struggles with the burden of sin came to an end when she found through Bible study, that when God forgives our sins, he blots them out and remembers them no more! Another woman in Mrs. Goforth’s Bible study was struggling with sin-guilt and was also glad to learn of this truth.
Even while keeping up appearances by preaching and praying, Rosalind Goforth had secretly given in to the sin of unforgiveness. Her refusal to yield to the Inner Voice of God, instructing her to forgive, eventually left her feeling hopeless, alone, and distant from Him. She remained miserable until, at the urging of a friend to whom she had confessed, she wrote a letter of apology. God’s peace and presence returned.
When Rosalind's son came to her with an important need for a suit, her simple reply to him was, "My boy, there is no doubt it is a case of need. Let us stand on your father’s great promise, ‘My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.’ ’(Phil. 4:19.) I have not the money, but I believe God will give the money for a suit if we trust Him." And by a miracle only He could have worked, the young boy got the suit he needed!
Left with only $20 even as the bills continued to mount, Rosalind became worried and afraid but soon committed the matter in God's hands. The very next day at breakfast, her decision to put the matter to rest in God's hands paid off.
A few days after an otherwise successful eye surgery, a nurse fails to put a dark glass over Mrs. Goforth's eye while dressing it and as a consequence, both eyes became inflamed with an accompanying pain that only increased. Realizing that only God could help her given the doctor's absence and the time of the day, she turned to the Great Physician in faith and a most amazing miracle occurred as a result.
Driven by love for the people in Changte who were passing through a famine. Rosalind was desperate to be of help even though illness deprived her from being there physically. When she cried to God, "use your pen" was his answer. Quickly she obeyed and began writing about the situation calling for help from around the world and help did come as she was used by God to raise over $120, 000 as Famine Relief Fund.
Thoughts about two missionary friends of Rosalind Goforth’s kept coming to her one morning. She felt led to send them gifts and went out of her way to do so. A few days later, she learned that her gift was a timely answer to their prayers.
Wootsi lost an eye and was disfigured after an attack by a wolf, and yet was more grateful that if was through that attack he met His savior. His heart was opened to the Gospel message and he became a Christian because of the kindness shown him as he was nursed back to health by believers at a mission hospital.
Jonathan Goforth was on vacation in Peitaiho when he was invited to come preach in Tatungfu, North Shansi. But the journey was a long and expensive one and not wanting to burden their hosts with footing their bills, they asked God to supply all that they will need and shortly before they were to travel, the good Lord provided even more than they required for the journey.
"Don’t cry. This is just an opportunity to see what God can do", was a young girl's words to her anxious mother when they ran out of food supply. And just before it was time for them to cook, the good Lord did show up to show them what He alone can do!
When Rosalind Goforth was asked to write a brief story on God's dealing with her, she wanted to be sure will be doing His will if she accepts the request, so she asked God for a sign. And just when she thought it wasn't happening God gave her the sign.
Rosalind's prayer to be enabled to bless someone was wonderfully answered when she was led to a random stranger who was hungry for an explanation of the “victorious Christian life,” which is only possible with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. The grateful stranger remarked, “surely God led you to me.”
An old woman gave three shillings out of her meagre pension, and a little boy gave the entire contents of his moneybox, both to support the Goforths in the all-important task of telling people about Jesus
After he had a dream about fighting Manchurian bandits, a little boy gave all his savings to support the mission work in Manchuria. The amazing story of this boy’s giving when told to an audience in Boston challenged the people to give enough money to support two evangelists in Manchuria for year.
The very damp and unfavourable conditions at the only room available to Rosalind and Mr. Goforth in Taonan mission home resulted in her contracting a number of illnesses from tonsillitis, lumbago and sciatica and eventually inflammatory rheumatism of the joints. Realizing that only by being in a dry and sunny place can her situation be salvaged, Rosalind took to prayer and just two days later, God answered her.
During the Great depression, the home mission was unable to send support to Jonathan Goforth to meet the increased need for native evangelists/workers, he did not despair but turned to God and not only did God send workers, He also provided funds through unsolicited gifts from around the world.