The righteous innately have God's heart toward those in need

Scripture reference

Matthew 25:31–46 (ASV)

31But when the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the angels with him, then shall he sit on the throne of his glory: 32and before him shall be gathered all the nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as the shepherd separateth the sheep from the goats; 33and he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left. 34Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: 35for I was hungry, and ye gave me to eat; I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink; I w...


When Ebola struck Africa in 2014, leaders of the New Harvest ministry selflessly volunteered to serve affected villages, many losing their lives as a result. This great display of sacrificial love made a Muslim chief embrace Christ.
In Sierra Leone, a community extremely hostile to Christianity received the Gospel after followers of Christ ministered to them during a health crisis.
Amy Carmichael's encounter with, and care for, a notorious criminal, whose acts resembled Robin Hood, led to his salvation and baptism.
Corrie ten Boom was still grieving her sister, when she gladly offered Bestie's now vacant bad space to a Russian woman who had no where to sleep in prison but was turned away unkindly by everyone else.
Jim and Betty were a young missionary couple in Ecuador. And even as they went about preaching the gospel at Jungle Stations, they were also committed to helping those in need with first-aid medical treatment, treating malaria, teaching sanitation amongst other things.
During the 1911 Chinese revolution, many people in Shensi lost their lives. But from far away Peking, J. C. Keyte who had just arrived from furlough led a rescue party at a great risk to Shensi so as to save fellow missionaries, while the doctors stayed back to help and save many who were sick and wounded including the daughter of a known archenemy of Christianity.
God leads Bruchko to administer medicine to a group of sick children. There was not enough medicine for everyone, so he gave half doses and prayed, trusting God to heal them. This led the tribal chief to see that Bruce had good intentions towards his people.
General Feng became a Christian after listening to Dr. Mott preach, but the seeds of the gospel he received that day had been sown. On two different occasions early in his military career, he encountered Christians who treated him when he was sick and refused any form of payment. Instead, they left him with the powerful words, “Remember there is a God in heaven Who loves you.”
Mr. Hunt, a medical missionary in China, shares the story of his intervention to help save the life of an opium addict who had been given up for dead by many, and how that very act of help and kindness attracted the brother of this saved man to a gospel meeting.
Rev. David Hill was visiting the town of Hwang Su Kang when a poor man rushed to him with handfuls of peaches. He had come to give thanks for the kindness and help shown him by Dr. Mackenzie and the Mission hospital at Hankow when he was very ill.
Driven by love for the people in Changte who were passing through a famine. Rosalind was desperate to be of help even though illness deprived her from being there physically. When she cried to God, "use your pen" was his answer. Quickly she obeyed and began writing about the situation calling for help from around the world and help did come as she was used by God to raise over $120, 000 as Famine Relief Fund.
Beatrice was an eight- or nine-year-old girl who was found dying under a tree from scabies, lice and a bloated belly. And as Heidi took her to the hospital and loved on the poor child, she heard God say to her, "Whatever you do for this little one, you do for Me."
Dr. Baedeker, filled with compassion, arranged to provide a proper, hearty meal for over five hundred emigrants and discharged soldiers—all poor and starving—who were aboard a ship with him. Dr. Baedeker found true joy as he watched the people enjoy the meal, looking to God in thanksgiving, and there were many opportunities to speak to them about spiritual matters.
A nobleman—now a wreck in piteous condition—had been banished and imprisoned in Siberia for some crime. When the poor man asked for help, Dr. Baedeker gave him money and clothes, which caused the grateful man to burst into a flood of tears.
”I was in prison and you came to me.” In the parable of the Sheep and the Goats in Matthew 25, Jesus provided examples of the kinds of things that a believer will do when his or her heart is aligned to the heart of God. In answer to prayer, Dr. Baedeker was given a permit to visit any prison in Russia, so that he could see those “who are kept out of sight, and are never thought of by others.”
When a cold beggar walked into a church—where Louis was pastoring—seeking for help, Louis was stirred to help the man, and he not only emptied his wallet and gave all he had to the poor beggar, but also gave the cold man a fur-lined overcoat that had been presented to him by a member of his church.
In the spring of 1855, four siblings sick with consumption were admitted into the orphanage in faith even though accepting them was not ideal for the institution. A few weeks on, these children who could have died became healthy again, to the glory of God.
When Leonard Shaw was called upon to take in five children who had just become orphans having lost their mother, his orphanage was not in the best of places financially to do so. But moved by a heart full of compassion he prayed to God about it and by the next morning the means to take them in was provided.
Tenzin and his wife Mapu established a charity organization called the House of Hope where with the financial support from other Christians in China, they provide a place of refuge and an access to healthcare for sick Tibetans who are unable to properly access medicare in China. They not only provide shelter and temporal needs but also share with the people, the hope that is in Jesus Christ.
Miss Nyi met a woman who was suffering from opium addiction. Through gentle care and prayer, the woman accepted the Lord Jesus, was healed completely, and went on to live as a devoted follower of Jesus declaring her testimony to all.
Mary Slessor gave herself to caring for twin babies (then called bush babes) who were often abandoned to die or brought to her to nurse. With the dedication of a mother, “Ma” nursed these little gifts from God who were being abandoned with tender care.
With great bravery and love, Mary Slessor rescued Iye, a slave who had just birthed the then abominable twins and was cast out like a plague, alongside her newborn children.
While Sarah is committed to helping prostitutes turn a new leaf, her husband Joshua, is committed to helping victims of human trafficking regain their freedom. Together, they make a team, committed to helping these vulnerable groups of women.
For the Palestinian Bible Society, Christianity is summarized in the statement, "God is love". And so driven by this God and His love, they not only teach love to the people but show it practically by meeting the needs of the poor and vulnerable!
The touching story of his widowed begger with two children to cater for moved Mr. Ishii to adopt one of the children in a bid to relieve the struggling mother of her burden. And this he did so well, that the initially hesitant mother could scarcely believe her eyes when she reunited with her son fourteen months after his adoption.
Avis had a burden for the displaced women and children who fled the fighting of the drug Lords and ended up in Las Palmeras. She not only reached them with the Gospel, but helped to meet their temporal needs; she set up a feeding station to feed them, and eventually trained the women in craftsmaking and provided a home to destitute kids.
Heather and Dayna drove thirty minutes to go see Leena, a poor widow who had been thrown out of her former house. On reaching there, they not only prayed for Leena's sick mother and offered to get her drugs, but also, they ordered for clothes, brought groceries and handed them over to Leena's roommate; another poor woman with two children like Leena herself.
On the way to Blankenburg, Mother Eva came across a frail and unhappy looking old man, and sensing his need for help; she offered without being asked and at a great personal cost, to assist the old man in getting to his destination safe.
Sister Eva was moved by the dire needs of the people in the village she taught sewing, and committed to providing breakfast to the many hungry children in her class. She didn't stop there but took what was left round the village to bless the sick and the poor; sharing in their joys and their sorrows.
The chief Yetaman who was shot by a stray arrow while hunting was waiting for his death when Mrs. Laird came to see him, and upon seeing that she could help him recover, she nursed and treated his wounds until he recovered. When he came with gifts to thank her, she didn't want any; she only wanted to show him the love of God!
Brother Yun and other prisoners display a remarkable love for Huang, a man who was called a "devil" due to his vile nature and venomous rage. They loved him, shared their food with him, and blessed him. The love of God broke him, and this suicidal murderer tearfully surrendered his life to Christ!
When in 1877, a famine of unprecedented levels struck China, strenuous efforts were made by God's people across denominational lines to provide relief for the country's people; many of whom were dying daily in their hundreds. God's people put their life on the line, notwithstanding the initial opposition from the government with some paying the ultimate price.
For five years, Dr. Anna committed to deploying her skill, training and prayer in caring for the sick people in Bilanagar. Even when funds from the Home Mission was cut down, she gave up all she could spare from her own salary and went further to cut down on the little 'luxuries' in her own diet so as to help her ever increasing patients.
When Art Sanborn and his team went evangelizing in Baan Lankum, they found a terribly emaciated boy, suffering from malnutrition, they not only prayed for this boy but took him to the hospital, had him treated and fed him until the doctors declared him healthy enough to return home. After a month, an excited boy; now full of life, was reunited with his grateful parents.