Believer as former persecutor of the church

Scripture references

Acts 8:3 (ASV)

3But Saul laid waste the church, entering into every house, and dragging men and women committed them to prison.

Philippians 3:6 (ASV)

6as touching zeal, persecuting the church; as touching the righteousness which is in the law, found blameless.


Taher persecuted his family for becoming Christians and they finally left for their own safety. In his despair, Taher sought relief in the Koran, but to no avail. Finally he said he would believe in the God who revealed Himself. Then he had the same dream about Jesus three times in a row.
Go Ek Ju, a painter in Tamsui, used to bother A. Hoa until he converted to Christianity. Despite facing opposition from his mother and sisters, Go Ek Ju's family eventually embraced Christianity, with the son becoming a preacher and the mother a Bible woman.
When a ex Jihadist finds Jesus Christ after a series of terrible dreams that reminded him of his evil past, he not only was free from the guilt of his past, but now like Paul, became a fearless worker for the gospel of Christ.
Sundar Singh went from being a fierce hater of the Gospel, who led a gang that persecuted Christians and publicly burnt a Bible, to one who boldly declared, "I am a Christian. I can serve no one else but Jesus!" Arising from an encounter with Jesus, a fierce persecutor was now a believer.