Turn the other cheek

Scripture reference

Matthew 5:39 (ASV)

39but I say unto you, Resist not him that is evil: but whosoever smiteth thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.


Ramon, a follower of Jesus in Columbia, was punched by an angry Roman Catholic priest. Ramon offered his other cheek and the priest complied, but lost the respect of the people who saw that Ramon was behaving like a true Christian.
An unbeliever said the teachings of Jesus are impracticable, and demanded to see a man who had actually turned the other cheek. A former rough fellow stood up and told his own story of turning the other cheek.
Evangelist Richard Weaver stood between a man and his would-be assailant, and was punched in the face. When Weaver offered the other cheek, the assailant refused. Weaver then knelt and prayed for the man's salvation. Some years later, Weaver met the assailant again, only now the man was a brother in Christ.
Nicky Cruz was attacked by a rival gang member and responded automatically and defensively. The fight turned in his favor, but before he could deal a blow against the boy, the voice of Jesus came to his mind with the words, "Turn the other cheek."
A Muslim background believer describes how Jesus' teaching to turn the other cheek spoke to him as truly heavenly teaching.
Brother Yun taught the people of Gao village various Scripture songs from Matthew chapter 5. So many people came to Christ that the authorities cracked down on them and beat them. But the believers were filled with joy to offer the other cheek and suffer persecution for Christ, to the extent that the authorities thought they were crazy and sent them home.