Forgiving your persecutor

Scripture reference

Matthew 5:44 (ASV)

44but I say unto you, Love your enemies, and pray for them that persecute you;


Ahmad tried to kill Rashid for "trying to convert Muslims", but as Ahmad was sentenced to prison having failed in his attempt, Rashid to the shock of many declared that he held no bitterness towards Ahmad and that not only had he forgiven him but will also visit him in prison.
Mary and Abdul's oldest son was murdered in school by bloodthirsty jihadists. And at his funeral, with thousands gathered, Abdul declared forgiveness for the men who killed his son. He prayed that they too will find the forgiveness of Jesus Christ!
Based on an entirely false allegation, Ro became a marked man with several threats and actual attempts made to end his life. But through it all, Ro prayed for and forgave his enemies and when the dust settled, he went to prison to ask for the release of the very men who wanted to kill him.
Uong Nguyen was a soldier who got badly betrayed by Dung Map, and for a long time he harboured consuming hatred towards Dung. But by trusting in God's sufficient grace, Uong was able to forgive the unforgivable.
By replacing hate for one of his captors with love, Jake made a friend out of an enemy.
Sundar's humble loving prayer for the ringleader of the group of students who despised him for no just cause, broke the barrier hatred had built in the latter's heart and the two moved from enemies to friends!
After many hate-filled sleepless nights, Corrie ten Boom finally surrendered and forgave Jan Vogel, the man who had gotten her father, herself and her sister arrested by the Nazis. On the night Corrie let go, she was able to enjoy the first peaceful night rest in a while.
A few months after his release from prison, a Pastor is called upon to pray for a blind and diabetic man, on getting there, he is shocked to discover that the sick man was one of his fiercest tormentors in prison. “Oh, Lord! Do not let me fail you now!” - he prayed, and God heard him; for he found the grace to forgive his persecutor.
When a well-known murderer curiously joins a meeting of believers, he is finally asked to surrender to Christ and by so doing was able to forgive an enemy he thought impossible to forgive.