Prayer of faith for the sick

Scripture reference

James 5:15 (ASV)

15and the prayer of faith shall save him that is sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, it shall be forgiven him.


A missionary in Jamaica was stricken with Yellow Fever and given up for lost. But the slaves to which he had lovingly preached the Good News of Jesus, reciprocated that love with hours of united prayer on their beloved missionary's behalf. God answered their prayer!
Convicted by the command in James 5:14-15, Mrs. Goforth got the elders to gather around a young boy who was suffering from tuberculosis. They knelt down and prayed for the sick boy and the Lord healed the boy.
A testimony about the fervent prayer life of Mr. Hsi.
Enguan's father passed away due to illness. His mother and brother were also sick, but the entire family couldn't afford to see a doctor. This taught him to have faith in God. He travels around healing people and releasing them from demon possession with this faith in Jesus, no schooling, no money, and no Bible.
During a gospel meeting an earnest request was made for a young woman who was dangerously ill with a fever. Dr. Whitehead prayed for her both before and after the preaching and the girl was healed. But remarkably, before she had fully recovered, she had a dream in which Dr. Whitehead—whom she had never met nor seen—was praying for her. Not only was she healed, but for the first time she had the assurance of her own salvation. Later she met Dr. Whitehead and fainted when she recognized the man from her dream!
R. A. Torrey prays for a man to recover, while the physician insisted that the man was beyond recovery. But God gave Torrey such strong confirmation that he argued with the unbelieving doctor. The man lived.
A woman who had been sick for a long time was prayed for by a Brother in Christ, she received her healing.