Jesus taught with authority

Scripture reference

Matthew 7:28–29 (ASV)

28And it came to pass, when Jesus had finished these words, the multitudes were astonished at his teaching: 29for he taught them as one having authority, and not as their scribes.


Upon his conversion, a farmer, well-known for his shyness, begins to proclaim the gospel with boldness to the amazement of his friends.
The Rev. Ting Li Mei follows in the stead of Christ; teaching with authority and power and thus bringing many (especially students) to the faith.
The story of Dr. Siong-ceh Sung, the brilliant Chemist whose desire to seek the secrets of God was ignited by the powerful preaching of a fifteen year old girl.
Pastor Jonas was a small businessman, with no seminary training and barely literate, who accepted God's call - proclaiming and teaching the Bible with an unmistakable power that showed he was "a man of the word."
Charles Finney testifies of the remarkable power and authority with which Mr. Patterson preached the gospel and the conviction and revival it brought about.
The Rev. J.W Stevenson testifies of the power and authority with which Pastor Hsi preached the gospel in Northern China, commanding the attention of Christians as well as the heathens.
Adolphe Monod, the pastor, professor, hymn-writer and author who gave his life to preaching the good news and trudged on even after becoming terminally ill.
The story of Walter Brealey (son of George Brealey), the fierce and effective preacher who proclaimed the gospel with much power an led many, both young and old to Christ.
Raymond Lull risks getting killed and yet proclaims the gospel with such an authority as Jesus did to a group of Islamic scholars. The result was that some of the Moslems dared death by forsaking Islam for the gospel he proclaimed!
Brother Yun shares the story of the Revival that broke through China in 1989 and how the Holy Spirit filled His people - including those with no seminary training who went on teaching the gospel with such an authority like Jesus, spreading His name and leaving all who listened amazed.
The story of John Sornberger, the lumberjack preacher whose amazing style captured the imaginations of the public of his day. And though his fame increasingly spread, he remained humble to the end.
Harry Rimmer shares a wonderful story that shows Frank Higgin's tireless drive to proclaim the gospel with an authority like Jesus did!
Kho-thah-byu, poor man and slave, who received Jesus and became an Evangelist to his people - the Karens, labouring tirelessly among them. "His preaching carried with it conviction, and compelled others to say, 'Truly this is the word of God.'"