There is healing in the name of Jesus

Scripture references

Acts 3:6 (ASV)

6But Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but what I have, that give I thee. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.

Acts 3:16 (ASV)

16And by faith in his name hath his name made this man strong, whom ye behold and know: yea, the faith which is through him hath given him this perfect soundness in the presence of you all.

Acts 4:10 (ASV)

10be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even in him doth this man stand here before you whole.

Acts 4:30 (ASV)

30while thou stretchest forth thy hand to heal; and that signs and wonders may be done through the name of thy holy Servant Jesus.


After much hesitation, Akef Layem gave in to his girlfriend's wish for him to attend a tent meeting with her. It was there that for the first time in his life, Akem, a Muslim from Pakistan, witnessed with his own eyes; the power in the Name of Jesus to heal the sick. That experience would eventually have a profound impact on his life.
When a bedridden Buddhist hears the testimony of healing from a believer, she says, "Yes, I want it! I want Jesus to heal me. Please pray for me." She was prayed for and, instantly, was no longer in pain. Three weeks afterwards, her freedom from kidney disease was complete and confirmed - she did not need dialysis anymore!
A very sick woman who was so ill she had been unable to eat for a long time was carried to a women's Bible camp by her husband seeking her healing. Uniting together, the women offered prayers to God and he answered them. And because of this miracle, many came to hear the Word.
In obedience to Christ, a woman refused to perform the evil cultural practices of worshiping idols. Her grandchild fell ill soon afterward and her neighbor's interpreted it as a punishment from the gods. They exhorted her to worship the gods. Instead, she prayed to Jesus with faith and her grandchild was healed.
While Enguan was completely ignorant of Jesus and of Christianity, he heard that there was healing in the name of Jesus, and so he prayed for his mother. Her healing was the event that sparked the Lixin revival.
After Bibi gave his life to Christ, he was invited by his dying father for final parting words. However, instead of dying, the father was healed and discharged after Bibi prayed for him.
When Miss Poon spoke to Daih So about giving up drugs and accepting Christ Jesus into his life, he was adamantly opposed and hopeless. He walked out on her and vowed to continue in his ways, but the seed she had sowed in his heart remained. When he returned to his cell, he prayed in the name of Jesus and was delivered!
Communist officials came to disperse a group of believers who were gathered to pray for a sick member of a Christian family, but one of the officials who was sick with cancer asked if they would pray for him. They did and he was miraculously healed. He became a Christian and then he himself was later arrested.
Evelyne lived a reckless and godless life, and eventually got stricken with a terminal disease; she spent weeks in coma, the doctors gave her up; for she was already at death's door. But as Rabi Maharaj led Evelyne to Christ on her sick bed, to the utter disbelief of doctors and everyone else, she also found total healing for her body.
A woman who had been crippled for several years read the Bible with childlike faith. She read the healings God had done in the Bible, with this inspiration she prayed to God asking for healing for her condition. Gradually she became completely healed. She praised God for this healing declaring that "Jesus is still alive today!"
Esther Ahmad's mother suddenly fell in the market, she prayed for her in the name of Jesus. Instantly, she is healed in what a doctor said "It's a miracle".
Dr. Baedeker had always been in delicate health. But after his conversion, he stepped out in faith, abandoned his medication, and trusted God for his wellbeing. For the next forty years, as he dedicated his life to serving Christ, he enjoyed good health and vigor.
Two terribly ill believers were determined to obey the Lord in baptism, risking their already fragile bodies in the process. The result of this obedience for both of them was total healing from their infirmities.
Yang Sih-yong was a gambler and an opium addict, but when his wife and brother fell ill, his desperation led him to two Christians who offered to pray for them and also urged him to repent of his evil ways. They prayed, and God answered. Yang, his wife, and brother all became Christians.
Tenzin acknowledged that it was the prayer of the doctor that healed him miraculously. He had spent many precious days in the hospital reading the Bible and hearing the doctor talk to him about Jesus. On his last day there, he gave his life to Christ, forsaking Buddhism.
During a prayer meeting, a nearby mental hospital brought several of their patients. All of them were completely healed when they had an encounter with Jesus Christ.
An evangelist is forced to quit preaching given his deteriorating health. Sick with tuberculosis, he attended a meeting where he became instantly healed in answer to prayers offered there. Having been made whole, he returned to preaching, pioneering and planting churches.
When Tesfai and Fitsum went for evangelism, they encountered a group of young people including Sam. Sam had an usual growth on his skin, he challenged the missionaries that if Jesus truly loved him and could heal then he should be healed. Tesfai and Fitsum prayed for Sam, believing in the promise of Jesus that "whenever two or three of His disciples are gathered in His name, He’s right there with them. And if we ask for anything in His name, God will grant it." The next day, Sam testified and showed everyone that he was healed.
After the miraculous healing of her sick daughter, Tamana—an Afghan woman—was curious to know the Jesus that Katherine Mason had prayed to. It took more than a year, but Tamana and her oldest children decided to become Christians despite the great risks making such a decision would expose them to.
While visiting an Afghan home, Dayna and Heather prayed in the name of Jesus, for a small girl who had a large side on the inside of her mouth. And as a result, her cheek was swollen and infected. God answered their prayer and on subsequent visits to that household, they were privileged to commit more sick people to God for healing.
Nazim had a stroke that paralyzed his right arm. He believed God for healing, and according to his faith, had his wish granted. After his healing, he returned home and began to teach children to read and write, primarily using the Bible.
Smith Wigglesworth tells story after story, the amazing healings wrought in the name of Jesus at a meeting he held. Many saw for themselves what God did and those who were healed went about witnessing what God had done for them.
After much hesitation, Esther's brother, a sick police officer in Dandong, agrees to follow her to an underground Christian meeting. He began to feel better that day after he was prayed for by the believers at the meeting, and five days afterwards, he was completely healed.
Bishal was a prominent Hindu priest who developed a virus and became blind and paralyzed, his quest for healing leads him to considering the reality of Jesus. A few days after this, he gets totally healed in an amazing manner.
Everyone but Hakim's friends had given up on him because of his deteriorating health. Fervently, the five of them, guided by David Babcock; petitioned God for his healing. And on the morning after they prayed in Jesus' Name for him at the hospital, Hakim, to the astonishment of his doctors, was well again.
Brother Yun's mother led her family in a simple prayer to Jesus for the healing of her husband. Not only was he healed, but a revival resulted in Yun's extended family and village.
Pastor Chen came from a family with a history of cancer and deafness - his grandfather and father both died deaf and with cancer. Before long, he too was going completely deaf and frequently falling ill. But on the very day he accepted Jesus, he became a new creature, not just in his spirit and soul but also in his body - completely, he was healed.
Kuwa was suffering from wounds after she was shot by arrows during an intertribal fight. She received instant healing after she was baptized. It was a miracle the Danis had never seen before.
Tamyri was suffering from what the doctor believed to be cancer of the thyroid. Knowing that only God's intervention could save her from death, Tamyri and her husband trusted God even as her case increasingly worsened. Eventually, Tamyri fully recovered to the astonishment of her doctor.
The miraculous healing of Tarin's wife and son from filariases, in spite of a prediction of doom by the Dekai people, drew their attention to the God of Tarin's. They declared, "...we can see that it is good news to have a God who is so powerful in the face of the diseases and troubles you have been passing through.”
Brother W.B Bailey and his wife suffered from different infirmities; while he dealt with cancer in his left breast, his wife had a paralysing pain that shrunk her left arm. Both of them found total healing in answer to prayers by the saints.
In 1870, James H. Blackman's wife was diagnosed with "Bright's disease of the kidney," an incurable disease. But holding onto Christ's promise; James, his wife and daughter, petitioned God to heal her. And on February 25, 1873, the medically impossible, miraculously became possible.
Mrs Susan Miller had been afflicted with rheumatism since childhood. Despite the monies spent seeking relief, nothing changed. But turning to God, she found instant and total healing; when Mrs. Griffin anointed and prayed for her.
Corrie ten Boom laid hands on a leprous woman and declared her healed, in Jesus' Name. Years pass by and the same woman meets Corrie ten Boom again, but this time, she was completely whole - fully free from leprosy.
Art Sanborn was about rushing his toddler David, who had just tumbled headfirst down a steep stairway and became unconscious to the hospital, but David's brother protested, asking that they pray to Jesus instead. When 4 year old Sean prayed for his little brother, an astonishing miracle occured.