Imprisoned for preaching about Jesus

Scripture reference

Acts 5:18 (ASV)

18and laid hands on the apostles, and put them in public ward.


Jack was a former soldier who was behind bars for preaching the gospel in an Asian country that had not heard of Jesus. But filled with a sense of urgency to do his King's bidding, Jack snuck back into the county, yet again, in defiance of the instructions he was given before his release from prison.
After hours of gruelling interrogation, Maryam and Marziyeh were detained for "Advertising and promoting Christianity in Iran". Both happily they declared to their captors; "we are proud of these handcuffs because we’re wearing them on account of our faith in Jesus Christ."
When four leaders of the Cambodian church imprisoned for their faith, Chhirc Taing who was on the outside led the valiant effort, in addition to prayers, to get them released. Not minding the danger he was exposing himself to, he besieged the authorities daily until his brothers were released
Saw-Lee was arrested and imprisoned for proclaiming the love of God by a Buddhist priest. He prayed for grace to endure the great pain and suffering he was subjected to, resolving to die rather than betray his brethren.
For his boldness and active zeal in the service of Christ, Ko Sanlone was subjected to much cruelty; from imprisonment, to beatings, and the confiscation of all his property. Yet, "he never wavered under the storm of persecution', until he was finally called home to meet his Christ.
Sundar Singh was arrested for preaching in a forbidden Tibetan village. But his joy was so great--joy that he might suffer for Jesus' sake--that he sang and preached all night long from his tiny cell window. The enraged officials tried to silence him with torture, but he sang hymns of praise to Jesus all the more.
In 1974, a group of Christian Gypsies went into the largely Muslim Albania State to preach the gospel to the people and they did this for days until they were arrested. But even in prison, there was no stopping; for they continued to preach God's words there!