Signs and wonders draw attention to Gospel message

Scripture reference

Acts 8:5–8 (ASV 1901)

5And Philip went down to the city of Samaria, and proclaimed unto them the Christ. 6And the multitudes gave heed with one accord unto the things that were spoken by Philip, when they heard, and saw the signs which he did. 7For from many of those that had unclean spirits, they came out, crying with a loud voice: and many that were palsied, and that were lame, were healed. 8And there was much joy in that city.


Mike Adkins felt that God was leading him to quit his job and go into full time ministry and music. Quickly he and his wife ran out of money, which made a bad impression on Mike's unbelieving father. One evening, after speaking and singing in a church, a man said God clearly told him to give Mike a gift of money. Not only did the gift cover his needs, but it led his own father to salvation in Christ.
Poon Siu Jeh prays for a man who was in great pain, to the astonishment of onlookers, the man is healed and they believe in Jesus due to the miracle.
Chen became a Christian after his mother was delivered from demonic oppression. He then left his business for a while to go learn more about the Gospel from Mr. Goforth, after which he returned to his home to teach others about Christ. He started a church and won souls into the Kingdom.
An Iranian woman, Mahin had advanced breast cancer. She traveled to Sweden to visit her son for the last time, as the doctors had given her six months to live. While there gave her life to Jesus and that night He visited her in a dream and healed her of disease. She was able to return to Iran and lead many to Jesus as a result.
After Doris fell very ill, Grace saw it as an opportunity to finally rouse the interest of her friend in God and hopefully have her drawn to Him, so she began to pray fervently that her friend be healed. And as Doris got healed she became curious to understand the message of God and His forgiveness.
When storm clouds and rain threatened to disperse a Gospel meeting, the preacher simply prayed: "clouds go away - in Jesus name". The instant disappearance of the clouds and the reappearance of the stars and moon, drew the attention of all present to listen to God's word.
Mrs. Lo had been paralyzed for eighteen years until Dr. Sung prayed for her and lay his hands on her in a prayer session; she was immediately healed, and her story sparked revival in another community.
Antonia Lukban narrates how he began attending an evangelistic meeting with great skepticism, only to witness the dramatic healing of a woman after the preacher prayed for those in need of healing. That night, he gave his life to Christ.
Different stories show how people come to accept Jesus by experiencing the power of God to heal sickness and diseases.
When Tesfai and Fitsum went for evangelism, they encountered a group of young people including Sam. Sam had an usual growth on his skin, he challenged the missionaries that if Jesus truly loved him and could heal then he should be healed. Tesfai and Fitsum prayed for Sam, believing in the promise of Jesus that "whenever two or three of His disciples are gathered in His name, He’s right there with them. And if we ask for anything in His name, God will grant it." The next day, Sam testified and showed everyone that he was healed.
An Asian man tried different local cures and witch doctors, in an attempt to get his sick daughter healed, but nothing happened until she was prayed for by a Christian doctor. The miracle of her healing drove him to seek Christ, and he became a great witness for the Gospel of Jesus.
The instant healing of a terminally ill boy, after he was prayed upon by a group of believers, leads his entire family to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Not only that, the influential father of the healed child ensured that the gospel was heard throughout the village.
To the disappointment of his family, an unbelieving man commits to renounce idolatry if Jesus heals his dying wife. Upon her healing, he went round his village declaring: “Jesus Christ, He is the only true God!”
A believer visits his unbelieving cancer ridden friend at the hospital to pray for him and was met with fierce resistance by his friend. But as he made to leave, an Arabian in the same ward who also had cancer, having over heard their conversation called out to the believer to pray for him and he did. On the believer's next visit to the hospital, both men were gone but only one survived and left him an amazing note.
Vanya Moiseyev was gravely injured when a truck rolled over his shoulder. But God had great plans to heal him completely for the Soviet atheist doctors and military personnel to see for themselves.
When no one will listen to Rob and his team share the gospel at a train station in Kuala Lumpur, the team resorted to singing and praising God. A pretty astounding thing happened when they uniformly began to shout: "Jesus Reigns" - it suddenly commanded the attention of many to the Gospel they were proclaiming.