God brings comfort and peace to the persecuted

Scripture reference

Acts 23:11 (ASV)

11And the night following the Lord stood by him, and said, Be of good cheer: for as thou hast testified concerning me at Jerusalem, so must thou bear witness also at Rome.


Bruce is comforted by the untimely singing of a bird during his captivity. Even his captors marveled at the event.
Rabi Maharaj's conversion to Christianity from Hinduism came with a lot of trouble for him. He was shamed, disgraced and became the butt of jokes and ridicule in class. Overcome with sorrow one night, Rabi cried to the Lord in his frustration. That very night, Jesus appeared to him in an experience that imbued him with courage and unending assurance.
Darlene Deibler was in a moment of grief and loneliness in prison comforted by the timely singing of a hymn. All her attempts at finding the singer was vain as there was no person, then it occured to her that God had sent an angel to bring her comfort.
For months she suffered persecution from her husband, but none of it was enough to deter her from following Jesus. With radiant joy even in the midst of her suffering, she will set out for church only to be punished afterwards. Eventually though, she got her reward; her husband confessed the Lord Jesus as Savior and Lord.
When all entreaties failed to persuade Sundar Singh to abandon his Christian faith or at least keep it secret, he was sent packing from home and excommunicated from the Sikh religion. But young Sundar Singh writes about the peace that filled his heart even he passed the first night out in the cold! God was with him!
Sundar Singh was preaching to hostile Buddhists in Tibet and was one day driven out of a village without food and left to bear the blistering call from 13, 000 feet. But as he prayed, the Lord spoke to him; bringing him peace and the assurance that he was not alone.
The inhumane conditions that characterized the Ravensbrück camp notwithstanding, Corrie Ten Boom and her Sister, Bestie Boom found in Christ and in His word, an anchor to hold unto. Not tribulation or persecution could separate them from His love; in Him they were more than conquerors.
Notwithstanding the suffering, accusations and humiliation he was made to go through in prison, Geoffrey Bull found grace to be patient and peaceful in suffering–he was helped of God!