According to your faith be it done to you

Scripture reference

Matthew 9:27–31 (ASV)

27And as Jesus passed by from thence, two blind men followed him, crying out, and saying, Have mercy on us, thou son of David. 28And when he was come into the house, the blind men came to him: and Jesus saith unto them, Believe ye that I am able to do this? They say unto him, Yea, Lord. 29Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it done unto you. 30And their eyes were opened. And Jesus strictly charged them, saying, See that no man know it. 31But they went forth, and spread abroad his fame in all that land.


George Müller waited on the Lord for a specific need; he refused the temptation to interfere with God's process of provision and God honored his faith like the faith of the Centurion in Luke 7.
When an unbeliever makes jest of Liu for being blind and yet having his God unable to do anything about it, Liu's faith was stirred to believe God for a miracle. And according to his faith, it was done unto him.
Dr. Arthur Pierson felt led to trust God alone without resort to medicine when it was confirmed that he had an inflammation of the inner ear. Exactly one month after, another test conducted by the same physician showed that his ears were in perfect condition, for he had been healed according to his faith.
The Fernandus were traveling to Andhra Pradesh when their little child Alex suffered an asthma attack, it was late and even if they found a hospital that night, they had no money to pay for him to get treated. So turning to God, they poured out their hearts, and a beautiful miralcle occured on that train that night.
Encouraged by the healing of a baby in answer to prayer after the doctors had given up, Sung-ta-sao decided to also pray and trust God for the healing of her little nephew. Her faith in God was rewarded as the boy recovered completely from a fatal condition.
A few days after an otherwise successful eye surgery, a nurse fails to put a dark glass over Mrs. Goforth's eye while dressing it and as a consequence, both eyes became inflamed with an accompanying pain that only increased. Realizing that only God could help her given the doctor's absence and the time of the day, she turned to the Great Physician in faith and a most amazing miracle occurred as a result.
Heidi was on her way home when she was accosted by a group of boys who had a blind friend. They believed God would heal him and wanted Heidi to pray and as she did, God honoured their faith and her prayers; the young man's eyes were opened!
Dr. Baedeker had always been in delicate health. But after his conversion, he stepped out in faith, abandoned his medication, and trusted God for his wellbeing. For the next forty years, as he dedicated his life to serving Christ, he enjoyed good health and vigor.
Darlene Deibler, a prisoner of war was sick with cerebral malaria, beri-beri and dysentery and had to be on a medication she considered tortuous. Darlene soon abandoned her medication in faith that God, having seen her suffering would heal her. That same day, the tests from the prison's clinic confirmed Darlene's healing; it was done unto her, according to her faith.
Jonathan Goforth would not take any medication, despite being critically ill, insisting that his trust was in God alone. But after yielding at last to his wife’s persistent urging of him to take medication, he got well and learned a vital lesson; that medicine is a legitimate expression of God's healing power.
Jonathan Goforth refused to take any medication, despite being critically ill; choosing to 'trust in God' only. But after yielding at last to his wife's persistent urging of him to take medication, he learns the very vital lesson of balancing his faith in God for healing with the need to also see a physician as God's own minister.
When a nurse forgot to use the dark shield ordered by the doctor to cover Rosalind's eye while dressing it post-surgery, Rosalind's eyes became inflamed and painful that night. Realizing only God could help her, she turned turned to Him for help and surrendered to His will for her; for blindness or for sight and that very moment became completely healed.
The Goforth's oldest child came down with pneumonia after disobeying his mother and stepping out into the damp, cold air on the houseboat. His case was so severe that the doctor didn't think the boy will live through the night. Mrs. Goforth asked her son to commit himself to Jesus and ask for forgiveness for his disobedience. By the time the doctor returned again, the child had recovered.
With no hope left that a doctor could save her child, a poor woman and her husband decided to heed Jonathan Goforth's advice to trust God for their baby's healing. They committed the sick child into God's hands and believed the child would be well. The next time they took the child to the doctor, the child was perfectly well.
A father whose son had been given up to die by the doctor took the responsibility to cry earnestly to God for his son's life. He arose full of faith and declared that it was well with his son and the next morning it was just like he had declared!
Mary Reed vowed to accept no medical remedy to treat her leprosy. She believed that God who had permitted the disease to find her could take it away. And much to the surprise of those who knew about her condition, it was done to her according to her faith.
Oded was borderline rude in his request that God heals him of a recurring hip pain, but God, merciful as always, healed him regardless.
Mimosa's lack of education did not limit her from developing a solid grasp of the things of God. Her understanding of faith led her to complete dependence on God so much that when she faced illness, she trusted that healing would come from the Lord. Indeed, it came.
When Rakmi suddenly went dumb, every sacrifice to various idols and gods; done to make her regain her ability to speak proved futile. But thinking to herself that there surely should be a God able to help her, she cried to the One True God, vowing to fast once a week for the rest of her days if He healed her. Rakmi's bold prayer was answered and she too honoured her vow.
" Mom, don't worry. God will take care of me just fine. You just have to have faith," this was the powerful response of a sick little girl to her panicking mother. And according to the faith of this little one and her mother, healing was granted.
Avis and her entire family were traveling up a twisty mountain road one night when a tire from their car blew. With no money in his pockets, their father rushed to get it fixed but was amazed to discover that the tire had fixed itself when he got to the second garage. Immediately he rushed back to his family to declaring; “I can’t believe it. I didn’t know what I was going to do,” he said, adding, “I didn’t have a cent. Only God could have healed that tire.”
After years of suffering from chronic rheumatism, Jane C. Miller resigned herself to a life of pain and disability. However, after attending a prayer meeting where a fellow Christian spoke with her about being healed through faith, Miller's faith was strengthened to trust God for her own healing. And after a prayer session that same day, the miraculous happened; she felt a sudden change and was able to walk without aid for the first time in seven years.
After suffering from sciatic rheumatism and hip disease that rendered her invalid for months, Nettie, an eight-year-old girl, was cured of her ailments by prayer and faith in Jesus, after being unable to afford medical treatment at a surgical institute in Indianapolis, much to the surprise of her doctor and family. Nettie has remained free from pain and illness ever since.
Clinging to the scriptures, 'Jesus the same yesterday, today and forever' and will 'withhold no good thing from them that walk uprightly', Father Harding petitioned God to heal him of a deafness that had persisted for twenty years. In a matter of hours, the seemingly impossible became possible!
After he was challenged by his wife and the guest at their home, Smith Wigglesworth decided to stand in faith, believing that he will be healed of the hemorrhoids that had suffered from since childhood. And according to his faith, it was done to him.
A woman in Winchester, Iowa lost her health and eyesight at the age of 20, spending five years in bed before feeling a liberty to pray for healing. Her prayers were answered with a gradual but miraculous healing, culminating in a moment of divine presence and the complete restoration of her health and strength. Her faith in God's healing power and the lesson of patience she learned through waiting on God's good time were the balm that made her whole.
A young lady who suffered from a permanent lameness due to a badly injured hip resulting from being run over, was miraculously healed after being prayed for by Dr. Cullis. Her leg was restored to the proper length, and she was able to walk, leap and run as well as any other person, to the glory of God.
To the disappointment of his family and the Hindu priests, a man commits to renounce idolatry if Jesus heals his dying wife. Upon her healing, he went round his village declaring, “Jesus Christ, He is the only true God!”
In a display of faith, a four-year-old girl took the telephone and called the post assuming it was Jesus. She had just one request- “Our baby is sick, and we want you to let it get well. Won’t you now?” The request was granted.
A twenty years old lady loses her health, including her sight. After some months of prayer, she had faith that she was healed. Abruptly, she stood up and began to partake in household chores; her healing was so complete that it stunned her friends and neighbors.
Sister K. J. Convers testified of how God healed her from a disease many doctors could not cure. By faith, she was healed.
Miss Carrie C. Webb's health had deteriorated rapidly. One day she read about faith healing in a book and decided to trust God. A preacher prayed for her, anointed her, and by the next week, she was healed completely.
Mrs. Sherman struggled with illness for a long time. For a year, she was bedridden and incapable of physical activity. One night after communion with the Lord, she stood up in faith, believing God had healed her. She was never sick again!
Rolin was sick to the point of death. A medical doctor had pronounced that the child was so ill he may be beyond treatment if nothing was done immediately. Shaw and his wife prayed to the Lord with faith, believing that Rolin would be healthy again. By the following day, he was playing around the house.
Brother J.S. Whiting struggled with rupture for some time; it affected his preaching and activities. One day, while preaching, the rupture began, and after much struggle, Brother Shaw led them in prayer. Even before they could get on their knees, Whiting heard the Lord saying his healing was done. He stood up and never worried again. His healing was complete.