Preach the word, in season and out of season

Scripture reference

2 Timothy 4:2 (ASV)

2preach the word; be urgent in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching.


Annie was overwhelmed and full of despair in prison, doubting that she could survive the prison experience. But when she bumped into Corrie ten Boom, she was led to Christ and in place of despair, she found peace.
Corrie ten Boom spent her last week in prison witnessing to and teaching Oelie, a lonely fifteen-year-old about Jesus Christ. On the final night, Corrie is pleased to find out that her dreadful last week in Barrack 9 was not in vain as Oelie had indeed learned about the Saviour.
At a great personal risk, Maryam and Marziyeh committed themselves and their resources to traveling all over Iran evangelizing and distributing New Testament Bibles to random strangers. Even after they were eventually arrested, they continued their evangelism for Christ behind the four walls of prison.
Bob Stokes had just survived what could have been a fatal motor accident, but even in that moment the one thing on his mind was to take every opportunity to witness for Jesus. And so when the truck driver who caused the accident came over to him, Bob delivered a gospel tract to the bewildered driver!
After Charles Whitcomb who was a traveling salesman, was shown his room by a 15 year old at a hotel in Michigan, he took the opportunity to witness Christ to the young boy, who readily accepted Jesus. Many years later, with Mr. Whitcomb already in heaven, that seed that was down in that hotel room was found to still be standing strong!
Even before her missionary journey to Calabar, Mary Slessor was already doing Kingdom work. Her persuasive approach to sharing the gospel influenced some of her friends to also become foreign missionaries.
Bob Stokes knew to preach the gospel at all times; in season and out of season! And while on a train one day, he grabbed with both hands, a most divine opportunity to share the gospel with two soldiers, who in answer to his prayers, came to join him in his compartment midway through their journey.
Brother Yeusung is challenged by a Christian sister's obedience of the Biblical injunction to preach in and out of seasons. He watched this sister on bus ride boldly declare the good news in John 3:16 (after her Bible was seized) to not just anyone but to an officer of the "Liberation Army"; a widely feared group.
Esther Chang risked treason by sharing the gospel with a dejected war veteran while still under investigation. That same day, her life changed completely - for the better!
For Dr. Stirret, no time was to be wasted, instead, his one preoccupation was "redeeming the time". And that was why he was a frequenter at the Jos market, where he would climb a rock and with the aid of his deep voice, proclaim the gospel of Jesus to the multitudes each day. Sin, righteousness and judgement were the vital issues he addressed each time.
John Hambleton witnesses to an old man at a bridge in Hereford, bringing hope to the once hopeless old man who departed the scene rejoicing in his newfound hope.
Even though Brother Yun was imprisoned in Myanmar, he was still eager to preach the gospel and was excited to learn about four fellow Chinese men also imprisoned there. When he finally met them, he took the risk to share the gospel with them, eventually leading them to salvation and baptizing them in the prison's bathroom.
Frank Higgins and Mr. Goodell encountered Gus as they strolled down the street. In that very place, Gus took the opportunity, brought out his Bible, and began preaching. That day, Gus encountered Christ.
Frank was on a tour of Willow Rivers camp when the boys asked him to preach to them. He hesitated initially because he had no notes and Bible, but he was reminded, "It’s a sorry preacher who doesn’t have at least ONE sermon in his heart!”. Preaching from the heart, the sermon led many to tears.
Geoffrey Bull led a man to Christ when the two of them arrived late for a program and could not go in.
In four days, with no single word uttered, Harlan Popov won the soul of a next door prisoner to Christ. This he did by taking advantage of the "Prison Telegraph" - an amazing wordless means of communication among prisoners.
One cold morning during roll call at Ravensbruck, Corrie took the entire three hours to witness Christ, His love and message to the young girl standing beside her. Despite the risks involved, Corrie won young Tiny for Christ as they both stood in the blistering cold.