Holy Spirit convicts people of their sin

Scripture reference

John 16:8 (ASV 1901)

8And he, when he is come, will convict the world in respect of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment:


In a prayer meeting, more than fifty clergymen confess to different sins including ambition.
After days of resistance, a schoolboy yields to the Spirit's conviction and leads the way to confess to the sin of adultery. More boys, broken by God, emulated him and also confessed their sins.
A church elder confessed his sin to Jonathan Goforth. That started a series of confessions and repentance that engulfedĀ the entire church, bringing about forgiveness and restoration in their lives.
A pastor called on his congregation to pray for those who had drifted away from the church. The congregation responded in unity and prayed as one man. Not long after that many of those who had backslid began to return confessing their sins and crying out for mercy.
Missionaries in Changtefu joined together for a special prayer with great expectation. God answered, poured the blessing of His Spirit upon them and several confessions were recorded. The most astonishing of all was that of a pastor who confessed that he never believed in the previous revival meetings organized by Jonathan Goforth, but now had himself been moved by the Spirit to repentance.
Bilquis Sheikh lied at a relative's funeral she attended and by so doing, grieved the Holy Spirit and thus lost His comforting Presence. Only by repenting did the warmth of His Presence return to her.
Under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, Dr. Sung confronted the church leaders about their sin of unforgiveness during a meeting. This led to confession and repentance. The meeting ended in unbounded joy.
A man who came to mock the sacred things of God was convicted by God. He converted the next day.
Rees Howells is rebuked by the Holy Spirit for allowing jealousy grow in his heart toward his friend whom the Lord used mightily to bless His people at an open air meeting. Rees learned detest jealousy and trust God more from this experience.