Peaceful attitude of martyrs a powerful witness

Scripture reference

Acts 6:15 (ASV)

15And all that sat in the council, fastening their eyes on him, saw his face as it had been the face of an angel.


When Abdul Karin converted to Christianity, he was soon seized, cruelly beaten and given a chance to recant but he refused. His suffering was increased but he held his ground till he was beheaded. But his peaceful attitude through the ordeal witnessed powerfully to a bystander who became a Christian and was soon made to pay with his life too.
A Chinese scholar witnessed a massacre of Christians and was amazed at the fearlessness with which they faced brutal death. This led him on a search of God's word and the ultimate realization that there is salvation in no other but Jesus Christ.
When Emperor Diocletian ordered the beheading of his soldier George for defying him, little did he know that George's courageous; yet peaceful disposition throughout the ordeal would inspire many more, including his own wife; Empress Alexandria to ignore the consequence and openly confess Christ as Saviour.
The Christians in "Sin pin pu" were persecuted on every side, they suffered unimaginable toture and cruel death. Yet, they did not cower - some joyfully, but all calmly, went to meet their death.
Believers in Austria were being put to death for the faith in Jesus and yet, with a joy that had overcome the bitterness of death, they faced their death—with "more patience in their sufferings than their enemies in inflicting them." This boldness and peace, even in the face of death, brought many to Christ!