God's work will not lack God's supply

Scripture reference

Philippians 4:19 (ASV 1901)

19And my God shall supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.


Mike Adkins felt that God was leading him to quit his job and go into full time ministry and music. Quickly he and his wife ran out of money, which made a bad impression on Mike's unbelieving father. One evening, after speaking and singing in a church, a man said God clearly told him to give Mike a gift of money. Not only did the gift cover his needs, but it led his own father to salvation in Christ.
Hudson Taylor was given the care of a hospital with no funds for its operation. He and native helpers joined together in prayer until God provided the needed funds through a check from London.
God provided clothes desperately needed for Hudson Taylor after he had sacrificed his previous clothes to care for a sick brother.
Henrietta Soltau, inspired by the examples of Hudson Taylor and George Müller, dared to trust God for the daily needs of a home for missionary children. God passed the test and provided all that she needed in ways that were unmistakably from Him.
Ross Tooley told no one about his needs, but trusted his Heavenly Father to provide. God spoke to a man and told him to provide for Russ' needs.
George Müller trusted God for his own daily needs and for the daily needs of a giant orphan institution, almost 200 missionaries, schools, students, evangelistic work, and more. But no matter how large the daily needs were, God always provided for them. God would allow the funds to be completely depleted so that His daily provision would be clearly seen.
George Müller learns the invaluable lesson to trust not in man but in the Lord only, when a promise for financial support he was banking on failed to come through weeks after it was promised him. Realizing his error, Mr. Müller and his wife prayed for grace to trust God alone—and that same day while they were yet praying—the storehouse of heaven was opened for them.
When a measles epidemic struck the Miltones and Bruce Olson ran out of drugs to stop the epidemic; he had no funds in the bank, yet he didn't flinch but believed that God will somehow provide the drugs needed. And Bruce was right, as God supplied miraculously, more than enough funds to get the drugs and control the spread of the disease.
God sends CT Studd some new teeth through a dentist Doctor, Mr. Buck, who arrived at the very heart of Africa despite earlier rejections for his application to become a missionary.
Jackie Pullinger shares about God's faithfulness and constant provision despite the increasing needs of her ministry and her not teaching full-time. God ensured they had enough provisions for each day.
Jonathan Goforth was becoming overwhelmed with the load of work he had to bear alone and decided to trust God in prayers with his wife for a helper. Two days later, "like rain falling from a clear sky", God met their need.
Jonathan Goforth was on vacation in Peitaiho when he was invited to come preach in Tatungfu, North Shansi. But the journey was a long and expensive one and not wanting to burden their hosts with footing their bills, they asked God to supply all that they will need and shortly before they were to travel, the good Lord provided even more than they required for the journey.
During the Great depression, the home mission was unable to send support to Jonathan Goforth to meet the increased need for native evangelists/workers, he did not despair but turned to God and not only did God send workers, He also provided funds through unsolicited gifts from around the world.
After Fraulein Tony's conversion, she dedicated her life and resources to Kingdom service and even opened a mission centre, soon this centre became too small for her work. The need for a bigger space brought her friends and her to God in prayer and while they were still praying, God sent a total stranger to help meet their needs.
An unbelieving businessman doubts the report that George Müller and his orphans were sustained solely in answer to prayer. Curiously, he decides to test, and see for himself; if God really helps Mr. Müller and the result of his test only confirmed the story he found difficult to believe.
George Muller's prays for God to provide the funds to enlarge his work, God answers.
God provides bread and milk for George Muller and the children in the orphanage in a miraculous way.
Young George Müller was working as an itinerant evangelist when the congregation at Teignmouth asked him to be their minister. Some in the congregation supported him while others were wary of his religious zeal. The cautious ones won out and, while Müller was offered the position, it was without pay. George Müller was undaunted, trusting God to supply all his needs, which He did.
In 1874, over £44, 000 (now worth over £5million in 2022) was needed for the sustenance of the work under George Müller's care, but faced with this great challenge and the possibility of bankruptcy, he declared without wavering; "God, who has supported this work now for more than forty years, will still help and will not suffer me to be confounded, because I rely upon Him. I commit the whole work to Him, and He will provide me with what I need, in future also, though I know not whence the means are to come". And twenty four years since 1874, the work was still ongoing; even after Mr. Müller's demise.
Just after the launch of the orphan houses, the obvious need for suitable helpers to join the work became apparent and knowing that only God could supply the best hands for His work, George Müller decided to wait on God and was answered even before he called on the Lord; as a brother and sister not only offered themselves and their possessions but were willing to join the work without pay.
George Müller's resolve to follow God's leading against his father's best wishes and the fallout of that decision taught Müller the hard but important lesson of becoming independent of man by depending fully on God for his temporal needs.
Two stories show George Müller's insistence on vetting gifts before receiving them. However needy he or the work may have been, Müller trusted God to provide, and so was able to refuse gifts given improperly.
Brother Andrew and a group of young people trust God to provide for tea and cake. God provides in a miraculous way.
When the funds for mission work were running low, Jonathan Goforth's wife expressed her anxiety about the state of things. Goforth replied in faith "Is the Lord not able for this also? Wait and see. He is not going to fail us!” Soon thereafter, they received donations that would last for three months!
Armed with the promise in Philippians 4:19; "My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus", the Goforths took to their knees to ask God for a much needed helper for Mr. Goforth. Two days after their prayers, the Lord sent them the most amazing but unlikely helper.
Jonathan Goforth's blindness meant that he would need a proper companion if he was to carry on with God's work and the said companion will have to be paid. Together with his wife Rosalind, they asked God specifically for a help for Jonathan and for the funds to pay the help. God met these needs with a precision that only He could!
When Jonathan Goforth established a new mission station, the needs for funs to run it was dire as he was not getting support from the home mission, neither was his salary sufficient to foot the bills. But the good Lord soon proved Himself faithful when a complete stranger to the Goforths wrote them; committing to support their work and did so faithfully.
The home church of Jonathan Goforth decided they would not be sending any more missionary recruits. Although disappointed, Goforth prayed and believed that God will provide the workers needed for his work and the provision needed. Indeed, God provided both and the work expanded to a new level. This demonstrates God's work done God's way would never lack supply.
Jonathan and Rosalind were totally exhausted and needed an extra hand to help with the work of God. The unlikelihood of getting any help notwithstanding, they took to prayer; claiming the promise of God to; "supply all our needs". The very next day, God honoured His promise in answer to their prayer.
God provided for the needs of Arthur T. Upson and his wife for over 35 years on the mission field.
Though disappointed by the letter from their home church conveying news on the paucity of funds and the need for a downsizing of operations, the Goforths decided to continue with their work as planned, trusting that God will not fail them and He did not as they still had their needs met from unexpected sources.
The Goforths need for someone to help with preaching to the crowds was met when two days after their prayer, the most unlikely answer to their prayer - an ex opium addict, emerged at their doorstep.
A proclamation was issued stating that nothing should be sold to Hudson Taylor, a foreigner. He clung to prayer as his only hope when he was stranded and without support. He had a visitor one night while praying who gave him food without saying anything.
Just when Hudson Taylor ran out of money to use in continuing the provision of free breakfast to some widows and orphans, an amount of money due his colleague came in earlier than expected and was used to meet the very important need at hand.
Dr. Parker's return to Scotland created a new need for the missionaries in China as the expenses incurred to run the hospital and dispensary were until that time, borne by him. But holding unto the promise to seek God first and have 'all these things" added to them, they chose to trust and not close down the hospital. And their faith in God, was beautifully rewarded.
So solid was his faith in his Heavenly Father and the His living word that Hudson Taylor declared, "God's work done in God's way will never lack God's supplies". His faith in the scriptures were unshakable and His experience as a father only helped solidify his believe that His Heavenly Father never ditch him.
Dr. Sung wanted a confirmation that he should remain an itinerant evangelist. God provided the confirmation.
Margaret King was introduced to the practical living of depending on God for provision in times of need.
For Mary Slessor, money was nothing to covet. It was but a means to getting God’s projects done. Sacrificially, she used what she had to do the work of God, including her salary and personal gifts. And though her needs were many, she never lacked!
Believers prayed for £100 for a specific purpose, God precisely answers their prayers.
Mabel Francis was a missionary to Japan for more than 50 years, but before that, when she was still a young student in Boston, MA, the Lord told her to start a rescue mission for street girls. She listened to His voice and experienced His direct provision for the work.
Friedenshort - home for the less privileged which Sister Eva founded was in serious debts. But rather than beg any man, Eva and her colabourers began to pray to God in faith about their need and barely two weeks to the deadline they had set, the seemingly impossible became possible.
Billy Bray faced intense opposition to building a church that God had commanded him to build. When the church is complete, it became an important meeting place for believers. Some of those who had opposed him returned to ask for his forgiveness, and he forgave them.
George Muller lacked funds for the day's orphanage needs. God provided throughout the day, just in time for each need.
George Müller was decided in his heart about asking only God for help with all that will be needed to execute the work he was stewarding. He turned down a potentially great offer, choosing to rely on God alone in prayer and was greatly rewarded for his complete faith in God.
With less than three weeks to the expected departure date, the China Inland Mission still had not the funds needed to send out a batch of new missionaries to China from Marseilles. Gathering together in prayer one day, definite petition; with thanksgiving, was made to the Almighty and the very next day, He showed His hand!
After Anna Coope felt convinced to answer the call to missions in the West Indies, she decided to step out in faith; not knowing how much the fare was or how to afford it. But her faith in God was not in vain as all her needs were miraculously provided for.
In the early days of D. L. Moody‘s marriage, they were very poor. Often he wondered if he should quit full time ministry and return to shoe sales. But as he forgot about sublunary concerns and focused on the work of the Kingdom, God provided for their daily needs.
The Sanborn's had their plane tickets stolen. They only had $300, and needed an additional $600 for new tickets. But God commanded them to give that $300 to another needy family. After a little hesitation and more prayers, they obeyed God. The very next day, a total stranger sent them the largest individual donation they had ever received.