Apostles sang hymns to God while in prison

Scripture reference

Acts 16:25 (ASV)

25But about midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns unto God, and the prisoners were listening to them;


Corrie ten Boom had the opportunity to speak in a prison, and one of the prisoners asked to sing a hymn. God moved mightily through that hymn, both in the prison and in a church the following day.
Maryam starts to lose the assurance that God was with her in prison, she asks that He shows Himself to her in "a special way". She sang hymns in her tiny cell, and the Lord flooded her soul with His peace that passes all understanding.
A school teacher, imprisoned for his faith, was discouraged and began to sing a hymn. Not only was he encouraged, but another believer heard and was encouraged. Shortly thereafter, other prisoners were converted.
The timeless hymn, "The Old Rugged Cross" was Yuan Xiangchen's companion throughout his over twenty-one years imprisonment for refusal to join the Three-Self Patriotic Movement. While other prisoners took smoking breaks, he comforted himself by singing the hymn.
Charles Noble was blessed with a Bible in solitary confinement. He read it through several times and also sang hymns to pass the time. This resulted in his being full of the Lord's inexplicable peace and joy, and of being a witness to his jailers.
Zhang Rongliang, along with several other pastors, was sentenced to three years hard labor. But they rejoiced greatly because they were imprisoned together, which caused them to sing and shout praises to the Lord.
Brother Yun's attitude of praising God in songs even while he suffered imprisonment at several times for no real crime, did not only give him strength in times of weakness but was also a witness to other inmates and even guards of the mighty Power that resided in him.
Singing the doxology brought peace and Kingdom perspective to prisoners to the infamous Libby Prison during the American Civil War.
Even though illegal, Stephen Cheung smuggled a hymn book to prison and himself and Father Yeh made it habit to sing hymns to the Lord together.
Brother Yun is filled with joy at being counted worthy to suffer for Jesus. He, along with eight others, were publicly shamed by being driven around in an open truck for all to see. Brother Yun loudly sang praises to God, in spite of threats from the guards, and his singing led a backslidden sister back to the Lord.
Brother Yun connected with a prison vendor through singing a hymn from her hymnbook. This led to great mutual blessing, including being able to get word out to Yun's family and co-workers.
When Brother Yun was imprisoned in Myanmar, he sang a simple song of praise while the other prisoners prayed to Buddha. God used that song to bring an atmosphere of peace to everyone, so much so that even a Buddhist monk began to follow Yun to his times of worship.
Once his fellow prisoners understood that Brother Yun was in prison for his faith in Jesus, they asked him to sing a song, which he used to preach the Good News to them.
Dmitri, a prisoner in Russia, had a daily morning habit of singing a song to Jesus and writing down Scripture and songs. He was punished each day for this by the prison guards. Finally they intended to execute him for his disobedience, but the entire prison sang Dmitri's song, striking fear into the guards such that they gave up their plan.
Sundar Singh was arrested for preaching in a forbidden Tibetan village. But his joy was so great--joy that he might suffer for Jesus' sake--that he sang and preached all night long from his tiny cell window. The enraged officials tried to silence him with torture, but he sang hymns of praise to Jesus all the more.
Richard Wurmbrand reflects on his years in prison, and how the believers would joyfully sing even though they were beaten for it.