Gospel is the power of God for salvation

Scripture reference

Romans 1:16 (ASV 1901)

16For I am not ashamed of the gospel: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.


While traveling in Sweden, Dr. Baedeker gave a tract to an agnostic woman, lovingly challenging her to read and think about it. After more conversation, he gave her his card and asked her to promise to let him know when she had finally met Jesus. Eight years later, he got a letter. She had come to faith in Jesus!
In an innovative approach to evangelism, Dr. Baedeker presented a convicted murderer who could not read, with a "Wordless Book" and took the time to lovingly walk the fellow through its three leaves and their meanings. At the end of his visit, the grateful prisoner declared, "thank you, sir, a thousandfold, for bringing such a message to such an unworthy wretch as I am!"
A young man who was full of hate surrenders to God and on the pulpit, gives up the gun he was about to use to hurt someone, after listening to Jim Cymbala preach about the love of God.
Two stories reveal God's faithfulness in rewarding—with precious harvests—the labor of love and sacrifice put into training the orphans at Ashley Down in the way of the Lord, and in trusting Him.
When Jonathan Goforth arrived in China, he was warned by an old experienced missionary, “Do not attempt to speak of Jesus the first time when preaching to a heathen audience. The Chinese have a prejudice against the name of Jesus. Confine your efforts to demolishing the false gods and if you have a second opportunity you may bring in Jesus.” Goforth rejected this advice. Immediately, he began preaching Christ and Christ crucified. He saw several people respond to the message which was inspired by the Sword of the Spirit, the word of God.
Hudson Taylor had picked up a gospel tract to pass time one day, and without any concern or interest in whatever sermon or moral the tract had, he began to read. But as he read, his attention was soon arrested by a phrase and as he probes further, Light dawned on him and he surrendered to God and accepted Him as his Savior and Lord.
Lord Radstock's sister, Elzabeth Waldegrave, shared the Good News with a few sailors at a funeral. They begged her to have a meeting and tell them more, resulting in waves of revival amongst sailors for more than twenty years.
A hurting man was going to murder his cheating wife and her lover - his best friend. But as he came by a soccer field on his way to them, Dr Philip Eyster was preaching to a mob; proclaiming God's power to forgive anyone of anything. As he listened, the softer his heart became, until a dramatic change occured in him.
Yvone's overwhelming problems had led her to resolving to commit suicide. But on her way out of the market having purchased the rope with which she planned to kill herself, the greatest miracle in her life happened when the Holy Spirit drew her to Dr. Philip Eyster's preaching at the same market that night.
Rashid Abbas had long wanted to kill pastor Farid Assad. But during a crisis in their city, Rashid sought comfort in the Koran. Finding no comfort, he finally turned to the Bible pastor Farid had given him. The Word of God, combined with dreams of Jesus, wrought a saving transformation in Rashid.
Sabat was such a zealous Muslim that he handed over his close friend Abdallah to be put to death for becoming a Christian. But after witnessing his friend‘s courageous death, Sabat wandered far and wide hoping to find respite for his agonizing soul. But only by following in his martyred friend‘s example, after reading the New Testament for himself, did he find rest and true purpose.
It was Tom's practice to sow the seed of God's word in strangers by randomly handing them Bibles. And having shiped his grain across the sea, a great return came when one day, he was met a grateful stranger at a restaurant in the U.A.E., who had become a Christian by reading the Bible Tom handed him at a petrol station in Oman.
Geoffrey Bull prayed for every official and other Tibetans by name including his teacher, Gun Ga. Gun Ga later made a commitment to Christ after reading Mark's Gospel. He was deeply touched by the story of Christ's agony in Gethsemane that he wept bitterly.