God is able to bring good from any circumstances

Scripture reference

Romans 8:28 (ASV)

28And we know that to them that love God all things work together for good, even to them that are called according to his purpose.


While his leprosy was a terrible enough disease, Pascol was grateful that by coming to the Mission Home, his eyes were opened to the more terrible sin-disease that plaques him and of his need for a Saviour. He was grateful that courtesy of a terrible disease like leprosy, he found and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ.
Having tried everything possible—yet without success—to purchase a piece of land for a church building, Merrell Vories and his friends were just about to give int to despair when God intervened to show them that He is able to bring greater good out of every circumstance!
A fourteen years old boy was attacked by a wolf and after months of trying in vain to help him themselves did the villagers let him be taken to a mission hospital. There he received so great a care that he and his mother opened themselves to the Lord and became Christians. So thankful was he to have found Jesus that he uttered one evening; "O Lord! I thank Thee for letting the wolf eat my face, for if he had not I might never have heard of this wonderful Saviour."
Wootsi lost an eye and was disfigured after an attack by a wolf, and yet was more grateful that if was through that attack he met His savior. His heart was opened to the Gospel message and he became a Christian because of the kindness shown him as he was nursed back to health by believers at a mission hospital.
It took many years, but George Müller finally could look back with certainty at the unfortunate loss of his beloved wife and say that indeed, “All things work together for good to them that love God”.
A Romanian Priest who had been in prison for smuggling Bibles was arrested a second time with Bibles in his cargo. Just then a businessman stopped by. He purchased all the Bibles intending to sell them on the Black Market. The Priest was released and the Bibles got to the believers even though not as intended. All things work together for good to those who are called by His name.
Pastor Basil was so notorious for working with the secret police, that they called him a puppet. However, when Brother Andrew visited Basil's church, the Holy Spirit did a strange work in the man, and Pastor Basil himself was surprised when he invited Brother Andrew to conduct evangelistic meetings for three days.
A shipwreck experience taught Dr. John Sung the truth in the passage "All things work together for good to them that love God.".
John Sung was frustrated to find himself in a sanatorium with violent mentally ill people. After he was caught trying to escape, Sung wanted to end his life but soon heard a message from the Lord that completely changed his outlook. And for a total of 193 days, Sung happily stayed in that asylum, which became his training ground for the work ahead of him.
Billy Bray needed a pulpit for his chapel and at an auction, he found a three-cornered cupboard, which he believed could be repurposed into a pulpit. Billy trusted God, even when someone else outbid him to claim the cupboard and the situation eventually turned in his favour, allowing him to acquire the same pulpit at the same price he bid, and with someone else carrying it for him.
With not enough money to pay his way home, the good Lord, in answer to Mr. Gribble's prayer, caused what was an initially disappointing circumstance to be used for his deliverance.
Jacob DeShazer was loathing his forgetfulness as he drove back home from Church to get his sermon and the tea kettle his wife also forgot. On reaching home, he found a situation that could have resulted in a fatal disaster had he not returned at the time he did.
Rev. Julio was murdered in cold blood as he led the church in Cali in a fast for unity. But God used this sad event to answer the church's prayer as right from his funeral the fruit of this fast was born.
The writer went to God in need of direction for the kingdom's sake, and his life was saved as a result of his prompt obedience to God's directives.
When a businessman who planned on going to Bristol suddenly fell sick and had to turn back home, it was only years later before he realized that his illness could have been providential as a group of robbers and murderers were waiting for him to get to Bristol so they rob and kill him.
When a heavy downpour ultimately saved him from death, a businessman learns that sometimes, 'a multitude of our afflictions; by causing us slight and short sufferings, they preserve us from others far greater, and of longer duration.'
When a sum of three thousand dollars was stolen from the Consumptive's Home, leaving them with not a penny, they turned to the Lord and pleaded His promise that "if ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will and it shall be done unto you." The promise of the amount was made to be paid out on a certain day, and before it arrived, the Lord had sent the three thousand dollars through unusual contributions, fulfilling His promise. And to the shame of the devil, sympathy for the institution after the robbery became known resulted in even more contributions than the stolen amount, turning the adversity into a blessing.
When Kathleen read in the Bible one morning that "All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to his purpose", she had great difficulty believing that verse of scripture. But as her day unravelled, she saw for herself that that amazing scripture is as true as every other part of the scriptures.