God will provide for our daily needs

Scripture reference

Matthew 6:11 (ASV 1901)

11Give us this day our daily bread.


Hudson Taylor found great freedom and lightness of heart once he obeyed the words of Jesus to give to him who asks. At first, out of fear for his own needs, he resisted giving. But once he obeyed, he said that “the joy all came back in full flood tide to my heart.”
Henrietta Soltau, inspired by the examples of Hudson Taylor and George Müller, dared to trust God for the daily needs of a home for missionary children. God passed the test and provided all that she needed in ways that were unmistakably from Him.
Ann was sick and the doctor prescribed fresh eggs as part of what she needed for recovery. And while it was impossible to get fresh egg in her village at that time, Ann made it a subject of prayer to God. And miraculously, she was provided daily, for three weeks, with all the eggs she needed.
George Müller trusted God for his own daily needs and for the daily needs of a giant orphan institution, almost 200 missionaries, schools, students, evangelistic work, and more. But no matter how large the daily needs were, God always provided for them. God would allow the funds to be completely depleted so that His daily provision would be clearly seen.
Jackie Pullinger was still explaining to Goko's Canadian brother how they pray and have their money needs met by God when an old man walked in with $100 in an envelope addressed to Jackie Pullinger from a man he had never met nor heard of before.
"Don’t cry. This is just an opportunity to see what God can do", was a young girl's words to her anxious mother when they ran out of food supply. And just before it was time for them to cook, the good Lord did show up to show them what He alone can do!
When Rosalind's son came to her with an important need for a suit, her simple reply to him was, "My boy, there is no doubt it is a case of need. Let us stand on your father’s great promise, ‘My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.’ ’(Phil. 4:19.) I have not the money, but I believe God will give the money for a suit if we trust Him." And by a miracle only He could have worked, the young boy got the suit he needed!
A mother whose cupboard was bare knelt and prayed for her ”daily bread.” Meanwhile a young man in the city, a stranger to her, was impressed by God‘s gentle voice to go to a specific cottage with five loaves of bread.
George Müller shares two wonderful examples of God's timely provision in answer to his prayers for the breakfast needs of the orphan kids under his care.
So timely was a sister's gift of her priced jeweleries to the orphan work that after it was used to meet a week's expenses and pay salaries that were due, a grateful George Müller used a diamond ring from the gifts to inscribe upon his window-pane the words: "JEHOVAH JIREH" -- a constant reminder that God will always provide.
Two stories reveal God's faithfulness in rewarding—with precious harvests—the labor of love and sacrifice put into training the orphans at Ashley Down in the way of the Lord, and in trusting Him.
Having given her all for God, Rosalind stepped fully into the life of trusting for everything and enjoying God's supernatural and timely provision - her family's needs were all met, sometimes even before they became needs.
A woman and her children were completely out of food, but she prayed with her children and trusted God. The next morning the children caught a fish and then a stranger brought some corn meal to her house, with which they had a bountiful breakfast.
Charles Stanley was divinely led to a particular home in Brookhouse where he met Becky, a dying woman who was in dire need of the message of salvation. By the time Charles left Becky's home, she had become a totally new creature.
Old Li Pucheo tells the story of when God delivered his daily bread through ravens, and used the miracle to bring a temple priest to salvation in Christ.
God sustained Jackie Womack and her five children for a week by multiplying her meager supplies. When the cupboards were finally bare, God spoke to a friend of Jackie’s, through whom He supplied for the pantry.
Henry Moorhouse learned to trust God for his daily bread. from the day he stopped his work as an auctioneer and committed the rest of his life of evangelism, God provided for all his needs.
Henry Moorhouse was wholly devoted to the work of evangelism. While he greatly appreciated American innovations and could see how selling such things back in England would be profitable, he was, like Martin Luther, devoted to God's work alone, and could trust Him for his “daily bread.” He was content with the sufficient “food and raiment” God constantly provided.
A North Korean family of new believers learned that they no longer had to resort to lying and stealing to provide for their daily bread. Instead, they could follow God's ways and trust Him to provide.
Having moved from Pennsylvania to a seminary in Oregon with little or no money and no where to stay, Philip and Marcia Eyster had to depend fully on God to meet all of their needs and as each need arose the good God miraculously met it.
When food ran out at David Wilkerson's Teen Center, he challenged them to pray. Together they asked for their “daily bread.” A young boy interjected a prayer for God to provide food for the whole summer while He was at it. Even before they finished praying, God provided food through a stranger, and they did not lack any food all that summer.
One wintry night, an imprisoned pastor's family had run out of food supply and so prayed to God for provision before retiring to bed still hungry. That same night, from 30Km away, the Lord sent this family the much needed provision they had prayed for.
A poor man‘s family was completely out of food. In faith they prepared the table for a meal before their children, then went to their knees as a family. Their prayers were interrupted by a knock at the door and the literal provision of their daily bread.
A mother and her son learn that God answers prayer. When they were hungry and prayed for their daily bread, the very next morning He provided steady work for the mother.
A little girl with a sick mother and no food in the house, knelt to pray the Lord‘s Prayer. Later she wondered where God kept his bread, so we went out and found a bread shop. "Ah! There is God's bread shop," she said. She then asked for two loaves and turned to leave without paying. The shopkeeper spoke angrily, but when he heard her simple childlike faith, he softened and gave her the bread.
Tommie Titcombe and 11 native believers in Yagbaland, North of Nigeria, had to remain indoors for their safety from an unrelenting angry mob. After a week of feeding on a coarse diet of only corn and Tommie falling ill, they gathered and prayed the Lord's prayer - asking that their daily bread be provided. That same day, they had a new meal to eat.